Misogyny in the Media

By: Veronica (Evalion)

So it’s supposed to be the current year right? It’s almost 2017 and I can’t believe how much right wing women are being unjustly attacked! I have witnessed so much misogyny in the mainstream media in 2016, it’s absolutely horrendous! Don’t we live in the age of women’s liberation? Leftist women are treated respectfully in the media, they have a hollywood red carpet rolled out for them! However, women who hold unpopular opinions that go against the media’s narrative get treated like complete shit.

Recently, the mainstream media has been writing a bunch of articles about me. The National Post one by Joseph Brean was particularly sexist and disturbing.

Brean parrots the ridiculous assumption (made by another male named Christian Picciolini) that “neo-nazis” are using me to further their agenda. God forbid a millennial 19 year old girl goes against the politically correct narrative! She must be controlled and coddled somehow! It’s the classic case of an older egotistical man assuming young women do not belong in politics and are not capable of research and independent logical thought.

What I found particularly infuriating was the fact that he denies the interracial rape crisis by stating:

Lurid stories of rape by black men — some true, some invented — are also strong motivators

INVENTED? Rape statistics are NOT invented. It’s a well known fact that over 35,000 white women are raped by black men in the US every year [Source: Check US department of Crime Stats]. I specifically emphasize this fact because leftists are too afraid/refuse to bring it up because it brings into question their “equality: race is a social construct” doctrine. It also suggests that popular black culture may encourage the mistreatment of women. It’s hard to ignore all of the popular rap songs calling women “bitches” and “hos”. I remember seeing a Lil Wayne music video that featured females in literal cages! Interracial rape statistics are pure FACT and should not be ignored. However, the psychopathic mainstream media journalists will relentlessly DENY them as if their little precious life depends on it!

I can write a full article, in fact, I can probably write a book specifically on the topic of interracial rape and talk about numerous cases such as the Cologne Attacks and The Rotherham Sex Scandal. However, this information is extremely easy to come across with a few quick Google searches. A lot of pro-female and pro-European activists have been pointing out these critical facts independently for your education.

Going back to the National Post article about me, Brean repeatedly sexualizes me, which is extremely creepy considering the fact that I get told daily that I look and sound 12–14 years old. I felt extremely weirded out by the way he described me, it was almost like he was writing erotic fan fiction. He’s basically stating that the “neo-nazis” are only using me and I’m only popular for my looks and not my intellect.

Veronica Bouchard slouches before the camera in a low-cut dress and a choker

Petite and pretty, she speaks variously in an over-acted breathy whisper, or a treacly, girlish singsong

This is not to say young women cannot be racist, just that they have a particular and precious propaganda value to neo-Nazis

the flyer had a picture of her lying on a bed, in a Lolita-ish pose, showing more skin than clothes.

Oddly, after being so blatantly misogynistic, this hypocritical male has the audacity to call “White Supremacists” sexist!!!! (As most people who watched my videos know, my friends and I DON’T parade around saying Europeans are the most supreme and the other races are below us. We simply LOVE and care about our European culture & country and want to ensure that our people have a fair future. We are NATIONALISTS. The media whores love to point at us and call us supremacists without even listening to what we have to say, because that’s what they’re told to do to get a promotion)

Sex and sexism have long been a part of white supremacy. Women are seen primarily as babymakers, key players in the struggle to “outbreed” the other races.

First of all (the men that this fool is calling “white supremacists” who are really just Nationalists) have treated me WAY more respectfully than leftist men. Please look at how Brean talks about me in his article. It’s absolutely disrespectful but unfortunately, I’m used to leftist men treating women shitty. The most douchey, degenerate and rude boys in High school happened to be the most liberal/leftist.

Nationalist men do not see women primarily as baby makers. They love and respect their women as we pass our culture down to the next generation. Our goal was NEVER to outbreed the other races, that would be absolutely ridiculous. Children are expensive and time consuming. However, we bring awareness to the dropping European birthrates. (right now we are under replacement level) More young and middle aged white folks are choosing NOT to have kids. Thanks to the rise of feminism, both parents are forced to work to support a family and propaganda specifically targets white women and makes raising children seem impossible, painful, and unnecessary.

For example, the movie Neighbors starts off with (((Seth Rogen))) and his young white wife having sex in front of their infant child. They were so horny and the child just happened to be in the same room, when they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Young frat boys move in next door who enjoy to host house parties, Seth Rogen and his wife feel adventurous and decide to plan to attend one of these parties but, they spend hours getting the baby stroller prepared. It takes so long to get the baby supplies into the stroller that they all fall asleep and miss the party! (Apparently in this movie stuffing diapers, baby food, milk bottles, and spare baby clothes into a little stroller is a very difficult time consuming task) During the entirety of the movie their baby is a burden, she keeps crying and getting in the way of their youthful fun. Eventually, they do get to attend the party to consume drugs and alcohol while Seth Rogen makes dry, unfunny jokes that he wrote himself. Propaganda like this tells young people to just be hedonistic, do drugs, have fun, and screw parenting!

Anyways, we do not specifically aim to outbreed and outnumber the other races. We want the white birthrate above the replacement number so our people don’t go extinct in 2050 like this article predicts and like this disgusting racist CANADIAN song “beige power” predicts.

Funny how nobody bats an eye GOVERNMENT FUNDED anti-white propaganda can say “Beige Power” and when other groups say “Black Power” or “Asian Power”, but if you say “White Power” as a white person YOU WILL BE LABELED THE EVIL RACIST. Not that I support going into the streets shouting “White Power” to ruffle peoples feathers, just pointing out the hypocrisy.

Now, let’s see what interesting things Brean has to say about white genocide:

sometimes (Evalion is) blatantly trying to force tears about the supposed genocide of white people

If white genocide is NOT going on, why is the Canadian government supported CBC and National Geographic rubbing into our face that the future population will be brownish beige mystery meat and the white race will be GONE. This right here fits the exact definition of GENOCIDE.

Brean claims that my tears are “forced”. I’m not sure if he is trying to convince the audience that I’m dishonest or if he is such an emotionally dead robot that he genuinely believes this.

I’m NOT afraid to cry and show people how I feel. In the saddest rambling video ever I teared up a lot because that was the day that I heard about The Rotherham Sex Scandal. 1400 YOUNG WHITE GIRLS some as young as 11 were tortured, abused, and raped continuously for YEARS.

The worst part about that case is the fact that the police were too afraid of being called racist to arrest these criminals. They allowed the rape and torture to go on for YEARS until enough victims spoke out and they had do to something about it or else they would look worse. The rapists targeted WHITE GIRLS specifically. Why do you think they did that? These psychopaths absolutely HATED women, they completely dehumanized them. Instead of talking about real patriarchic monsters like the Rotherman rapists who literally only see white women as holes to plough through, he attacks nationalist white men who have NEVER sexually assaulted a female before calling them “sexist”. Brean has absolutely no idea what the word sexist means, yet he throws it around so loosely.

I’m not the only female who has to face provocative articles. Many women who have the guts to say similar rhetoric have been relentlessly attacked as well. Marine Le Pen, Ann Coulter, Emily Youcis, Melania Trump, (although I haven’t seen her say much anti-pc stuff, her husband certainly does and they directly associate her with him), and many more. I suggest you Google their names and you will see what I mean.

If the media said the stuff that they said about these right-wing ladies to a leftist feminist, the sensitive feminist community would be outraged! They would yell “SEXIST PIG” at the “cis white” male who had the audacity to spout such despicable misogyny and he would be pressured into doing a public apology to keep his job.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media hypocritically believes that right-wing women are not to be taken seriously or treated respectfully. The media creates an echo chamber that silences all opinions that they deem “wrong”, they poison the minds of the masses with their blatant lies and fear mongering tactics. The purpose of Brean writing that article was to discourage other young white women in Canada from speaking out against white genocide and to discourage the public from taking in the information that I present to them in my videos. They have a political agenda, it clearly does NOT benefit us as whites. These are our enemies. They hate us, our culture, and want to ensure that we DO NOT have a healthy, prosperous future.


4 thoughts on “Misogyny in the Media

  1. Great article. Love how you White Nationalist ladies are aware of the Semitic anti-woman hatred that’s been injected by design into the movement. They truly fear when young white women become conscious of what’s going on and will do anything to try and stop it. They will ALWAYS try to blame white women for our problems – always. There most definitely is a form of ‘rape culture’ – and the Alt Kike is doing its part to promote it. Shoot it down anytime you see it. They’ve been programmed to call you a “feminist” – same tactics used when people shout “racist” – but hold your head high and keep defending yourselves and all our white women. The good men will stand beside you.


  2. From the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races;
    from the confusion of races, the loss of memory;
    from the loss of memory, all understanding;
    and from this – all evil.
    (ancient Aryan proverb)

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