Trojan Trump

By a pro White, Anti-Trump Millennial (via Wolf Wall Street)

“We did it! We won!” my friends exclaimed on election night. It was no different than drunks at some bar cheering on “their team”.

One thing I have learned in my young life is that perception is everything. Maintaining a positive attitude is something I strive for, but not at the cost of ignoring reality. It would be racial treason for me to say, or even to think, that the Trump victory is anything less than a potential disaster for the White race.

I was never on the “Trump train” and stayed low key (as any lone wolf should) but followed the online, main stream, and real life reactions. Those giddy Trump memes and the growth of the “Alt-Right” was interesting, to say the least. The many websites and online radio shows using that idea is extraordinary, and I agree with much the Alt-Right promotes, except one: Donald Trump! Many pro-White millennials are new to White race reality and the Jewish Question. They consider the Alt-Right their new home, but they are mislead there.

The Merry Trumpster

I have been a White nationalist for years now, well before Donald Trump and his Alt-Right emerged. My own personal evolution did not stem from playing the Jew game of democracy. My goal from the start was for the White race to survive and thrive. I clearly recall that many of us back then claimed that there was NO POLITICAL SOLUTION to this evil anti-White system – and until this “blue-collar billionaire” came along, it was common knowledge that “Voting changes nothing!”

His lemmings say “Trump will buy us time.” They never explain how, but he will buy THEM (the Jews!) time. Who could miss his strong Jewish connections – 4 out of his 5 children miscegenating with Jews, and that he became the ‘success’ he is today not just by getting along with Jews but by SERVING them to the hilt.

And those promises! Trump said repeatedly that he would lock Hillary up after winning, but now brushes it off as campaign rhetoric and calls her “good people”. About the wall and deporting ALL illegal aliens? He will now “work something out” with aliens brought in as ‘children’ – the “dreamers” – and deport only illegals involved with ‘actual’ crime, not the mass of illegal aliens sucking our country dry. Worst of all is his “drain the swamp” crap. Remember his campaign ad targeting Goldman Sachs? He has tapped 3 Goldman Sachs scumbags (2 Jews) for his administration! With the inauguration still a month away, his broken promises are becoming as common as beaners crossing the Rio Grande.

He may do some good things – crumbs for deluded fools who believe they have voted their way to nirvana. The economy may improve some, but social decay will trump that. Even if illegal immigration is quelled, non-white legal immigration will continue unabated, per Donald: “The wall will have a BIG door!” Non-white legal immigration is already a greater menace than the illegal kind. The anti-White agenda accelerates.

They do not fear Trump because they still run the show. They own him. ZOG needs millions of whites to believe that democracy is theirs, so they let him win this one, knowing that if it had been Hillary, Whites could have gone “full Nazi”. We were getting to that point before Trump. How convenient that he showed up “just in time”. He breathes life into the monster destroying our people!

Despite breaking promises, Trump is revered as “better” than Hillary. Jews see the same: “Better for us and worse for them!” He is their pressure relief valve, for the moment. Blind sheeple bleat: “Well at least Hillary didn’t win!” They relegate millions of awakening Whites to the back-burner. Some say Trump makes it easier to spread our truth. During his campaign this made sense, but his winning was always going to be a loss for the world, and we Whites in particular. Many Trump supporters are no longer angry now that their “White Savior” is crowned. It’s back to “Snooze and Lose!”

I do not know the future, but I do know that Donald Trump, now victorious, has vacated our White revolution. In my personal life I will avoid or simply cut off anyone caught in the Trump dreamscape. There is no patience left in me for such.

We are in a war for existence. The system now destroying us MUST be destroyed first! White people must stop lying to themselves for mere immediate creature comfort. They must face the cold hard facts requisite for survival. Average Joe and Jane may kid themselves, for now, but supposedly race-wise Whites who support anything ZOG related are an embarrassment and pathetic. They dream their way through this nightmare of reality, whistling as they go, possibly through their own graveyard.



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