#JeSuisChabloz – British Jews falter over a song


5 thoughts on “#JeSuisChabloz – British Jews falter over a song

  1. It is a crazy world we live in. What if I genuinely do not like these people?? What if I genuinely believe they are lying about things?? If any attorney asks if you ‘understand’, say ‘no I don’t understand’. If they ask,’ what don’t you understand?’. Say, ‘How would I know’?? And don’t sign anything. If they can charge her with ‘antisemitism’, can we turn around and charge them with Antiaryanism?? Turn-about is fair play. If they are communicating in Legalese, then you literally do not and can not understand anything that goes on. Whether you have an attorney or not. One idea is to let them know that your not anti-Semetic, ie. you don’t hate Palestinians or Syrians, but rather your distain is more specific to the Tribe that love to hate.. This one bothers me. I followed this lady on Twitter and she is very sharp. Good luck.


  2. I’d remind this lady that only a witness can Affirm of Deny an event. “I neither affirm nor deny this event, as this event is, and can only be hearsay with respect to me.” Something like that.. “Do you admit.. ..??’. “I neither admit, nor do I deny.. .. “. Stop giving them the rocks to throw at you. Of course, as an artist, they are attacking the ‘Freedom of Art and free expression’.


  3. If we are expected to believe, it’s a religion.

    I can’t understand what we’re expected to believe in : the Six Millions, among the fourty millions European people who died during WWII ? The Gas Chamber – an epiphenomenon according to some antirevisionists. The Extermination Planning – which never existed according to some antirevisionists.

    They don’t care. They don’t know what they want us to believe, they just know they’re entitled to give us orders.


    1. Remember, if you are charged with ‘Hate’, then they are not concerned if the statement you made is true or not. But rather, was your motive for expressing the fact(s) hate or not. So, we need to make sure there isn’t any hateful motive for sharing this truth. One might try and point out that someone expressing such an exaggeration and falsehood must be motivated by hate themselves, and this is part of your own motivation. That is, to expose, not only the falsehood of the issue, but that those expressing these falsehoods, must be moved by a terrible hatred! i.e, we are not the hates, they are! If the court tries to protect these hateful people, you need to explain that at the time, you were not aware that the court was protecting this terrible hatred of the tribe.. Or something like this..


  4. Ok, one more. Civil courts are won by the “proponderance of evidence”. Not by correctness or by truth. You don’t want one strong point where you are correct, but many little points that add up to give your side more evidence than the opposing side..


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