The Difference Between Fascism and National Socialism


4 thoughts on “The Difference Between Fascism and National Socialism

  1. It’s been said that:

    Fascism treats the state itself as the ultimate goal and the citizens (notice I use “citizens” and not “natives”) are the means to that end.
    National-Socialism treats (the racial quality of) the people as the ultimate end and the state is simply the means to that.

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  2. The discussion on this topic is much more variegated then it can look like at the first glance.
    Fascism is socialism of the Nation. The state is an ethical state, gathering people, persons who become as one. Each following his own capabilities and skills. Each one working for the Nation and-together-for themselves, whilst the Nation works for its people.. The vid is not totally informative, though it is quite right on esotheric matters etc.
    Fascism is a Way of feeling linked with History, Traditions and Destiny.

    Franco was another matter. He cant be called a Fascist. In the same way as zio-Pinochet cannot be, either.

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    1. As you know, from our other discussions, I was raised National Socialist – so I am far more available to that than Fascism which does have a few problems that can lead to decline in future.


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