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    1. Before liking any further ‘Rudolf’ posts which have sadly come dominate the comments section of Heathen Women, the female followers of this blog may wish to acquaint themselves with his ‘therapy’ – also known on other sites as Rudolf’s Rampant Rape Manifesto.

      Calling himself ‘Professor Rud’ or ‘Mr Orgasm’ and titled something like ‘Awaking the bubba chick’ or ‘FUUC’, it was posted on his blog 3 July this year. In it, he describes how he would like to conduct gynaecological examinations of his ‘patients’, bounce them around ‘pelvis riding’, use bed knobs and bike saddles to ‘experiment’, ‘jackhammer’ anuses and ‘taste’ ‘below the belt cuisine’ or ‘sushi’ – presumably female genitals.

      Further he says ‘patients’ will ‘pole dance’ on his groin and enjoy it because he is the ‘the masked cock, the over-gifted, the crazy penetrator, the jackhammer, the olympic gush’. Additionally, he promises to teach woman about ‘human penis size, shape, technical features and power’ and discover the mysteries of your ‘black hole’ through the ‘caress of the Cane’ and ‘groin powered shock waves’.

      Finally, here’s his rules for women when participating in what he calls ‘heaven’:
      ‘No lose butts, no anti-cum filters and non-delivered groin blows. Create your personal profile and start receiving unlimited amount of butt-blows from Therapists’.

      This vulgar pervert has recently tried to claim that his disgusting fantasy is a ‘parody’ – but parody requires a source upon which it is based. Rudolf’s imagination is the only source for this trash. It’s hard to fathom how any woman would be impressed by it or find it entertaining. Ask your husbands/partners what they think. Mine is appalled.

      Not that it should be important, but if he tries to tell you that this is only about ‘zio chicks’, remember that in a comments thread on Heathen Women a few months ago, he defined a ‘zio chick’ as any woman who was simply not up to his ‘stamfords’. Ie women in bars and clubs with whom he was not unable to engage (read: women who think he’s weird).

      This individual is not only a spine-chilling creep but quite possibly a sexual psychopath and (IMO) has no place on a website that actively eschews sexual violence against women.

      Sinead, if you would like to see the screenshots I have where this monster has threatened to digitally and anally rape as well as murder both men and women, I can provide, but will need some assurance about any personal details being released, due to concerns for my family.

      Observing him for nearly two years now, there is so much more I could tell you about this a/hole (and no, I’m not a Jew, just a white heathen woman who stands up to crackpots when I see them).

      Leaving you with his quote here which typifies him but hopefully not this site:

      rudolfalbertblog says:
      September 5, 2016 at 4:46 am

      A couple, powerful open hand slaps in those sluts’ face and a broken bottle in the ape’s arse would make the job done.

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      1. Finally you have had the courage to enter the blog. I will soon check if you you have enjoyed your reading experience more directly. From your triggered reaction it looks like you’ adore’ the thing.

        The depraved, mentally dead pervert spamming his ineducated, usual comment is a pervert & notorious shill who has been polluting threads all around the net. It (my take it is a zionist dyke, for which I have engineered a SSonder treatment, already available in the indicated Therapy) has been spamming vulgar, offensive messages on many threads, threatening truthers on many message platforms. Also , stealing messages and reposting them meanwhist abusing real posters’ nicks. Stealing and robbing pics from accessible, posters’ G+ accounts and spamming them on various sites, sometimes pushing its violent, impotent rage to the point where it gets the pics modified and re-spammed again & again. It has posted homosexual, deviant messages on some online markets too, using the known email of posters.

        It is an active zionist joo and a proven, deviant shill. It has been busted several times in any possible way. In Nodisinfo board, it is renown as ‘gabriel’ (cabbie, gaybee, gaybob, gaybort, zio-kebab. More recently: ‘Borty’). It used a kaleidoscope of fake nicks, when not abusing the very posters’ nicknames, typing as Cyndi, Cute and now ‘celeste’. This is no woman: I will repost the known IPs and fake Gmail accounts it used to spit his venomous lies and homopathic comments. It has been pinned, busted and screwed on many arch zionist platforms too where I had the pleasure to act as an anti-trolling poster: being among all. I have been able to temporarily have it banned from there too where he used to type as ‘sharksurfer’ and ‘zerg’.

        I could go on and type back the type of rants and the old, zio cucked, fried narrative about rape, this vile, disgusting Peeso (check: uses in the vain attempt to maime the efficency of my butt bashing on its back. In its rants it admittedly resorted to promote cross dressing agenda and pedophily.
        I have formally reported to net authorities its hacking attempts. In fact it has reproduced an old WP site of mine, had it mirrored it back using a fake account and used it for its deviant agenda, along with the alleged pics.

        As the zionist deviant shill is a jew, it doesn’t go very far. It reposts the same messages over and over everywhere until it get’s banned. The mex above is quite the same it has typed in his zio crapper (with no appreciable results, btw).

        Here’s the archetype of the message this pervert is able to produce: check the king of Cowardice’s words:

        Gabriel on August 9, 2014 at 7:17 am
        I must admit though not a believer in Hate, I would enjoy ripping your fucking neck off and pissing down your throat. You are a coward and liar. If given the chance I would gladly stomp your hate driven face into the earth.
        Sooner or later Cow baby your turn will present.
        If you turn out to be Doc you have gone too far and no hope for you at all.
        You really want a fight dimwit? and you worry about Mossad – worry about your best friend buddy.

        Moreover I invite you to visit the link about my hilarious Therapy. Do it with your husband or alone. Big laughs assured!

        As you see, the effects my kicks induce on the shill’s back bottom are great.

        Gaybob, I will repost my full blown therapy ANYWHERE I smell your stink. You know I don’t joke. You have learnt it by heart, the Hard lesson.


  1. You had to go back two and a half years to find that comment from ‘Gabriel’? As you’ve been told, ‘Gabriel’ is actually multiple people (including women) but you are unable to cognitize that.

    As usual your ranting makes little sense but the threatening overtones are clear. Nobody thinks your ‘therapy’ is ‘hilarious’ Rudolf. Sane people see it for what it is – a psychotic rape fantasy seething with sexual frustration and hatred against women.

    You are a psychopath, a pervert, a bully and a creepy cyberstalker.

    Thanks Sinead.

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    1. I just noticed that the 3 y o threat you posted from ‘Gabriel’ isn’t addressed to you at all – but to Cow baby – someone about whom you’ve made many threats yourself. That comment I think is yours.

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      1. Cowboy is a great, honest truther you Hate more than me, your personal butt kicker. Ive bickered with him at the beginning and that was when you were trying to hook my symphaty, degenerate gaybob.
        Its years since Ive been appreciating Cowboy’s committment.
        What about the other posters you keep harassing, fake woman, zio dyke…?
        You are trying to pollute this board, but u wont succeed. U know I wont give up with you.


  2. You dare to come here, lurid pervert, after you have been stalking and harassing any Poster on Nodisinfo? You have attacked multiple posters on many platforms in Europe, US, Australia etc.
    You have used ghost gmail, yahoo and yandex accounts. You have posted on Fstdt and then re-posted the same tedious crap on other patforms. You have faked to be a boy, a man, a girl, an elder man and an old woman too. You have claimed your uncle is a jewish Kommando and you are a ‘jewish boy’. Then, you have switched to posters names or womenìs name. You have posted rants in which you have claimed you were a holoHoax survivor, a WWII bomber pilot, a survivor to a Hoax etc. You have grossly attacked any real woman posting on NDI and threatened any known poster. You have stolen pics, hacked accounts, posted as the site moderator and spammed an immense quantity of genderistic crap & homosexual, albeit explicit and disgusting pics.
    When other posters have busted your zionist butt-buddies predating organs, you have thretened them of death.
    You have tried also to grab my solidarity, posting as a guy but telling in your twisted zionist way it was ‘your feminine side’ speaking.

    Your last chance, now: to Lie without discretion. To deceive as usual. My posts are there. My Blog is there for your rotten eyes to see. All the world, average women included, find that piece albeit hilarious, apart from maybe a section which is slightly gross (and I bet is the one you like more, instead).
    Your yells of zionist libtardish cuck don’t move anybody. You are the vilest enemy a site can get.

    What is amazing is that the original piece has been made out of different parts. Each one representing a bashing mex for you, abominable, depraved troll . A mex that has been sent to you as a reply, back in the days. You’ll surely remember that. It’s just a juxtaposition of messages I consider a sound kick to the rotten zionist liers and feminitard psychopaths like you. And it worKs well with you, I see.
    No one believes your rant about the rape, women hater. And it only needs five mins of time for anyone to go and see.
    What about you? Could you do something different for me, gaybob?
    Do something new! Amaze me, for one time! Get out of the track for one time, psychotic Lier!

    Nonetheless, you have been sticking to my groin since the first mex on the topic, has appeared on the info platforms. More, you have posted pics of me which you have modified to fit your perverse needs. Is it not a sick fantasy of a pervert? Isn’t it fantasy of a pervert too, trading a parody for ‘rape’, women hater..? Isnt it a terminal deviant sikko the one who’s been stalking Truthers for more than 3 years.

    Isn’t it a fantasy getting aroused for a parody? Tell the truth, or I’ll repost all the messages of other posters about it.

    This is frustration, hate and cowardice. Deviance too

    You are one of the most vile cowards people can meet on the net. A coward playing the fake mate. Do you remember when you called me ‘Rudi’ on the site, praising me on any mex, ‘non binary’ being, ‘gabriel’?

    Your sick fantasy of pervert won’t prevail here and nowhere else.

    You are desperate, gaybob. That’s why you try your last chance. Guess you’ll regret it as you always do.


  3. This is my last post about you – I suspect that your ultimate aim is to disrupt and destroy this website just as you did NDI. (The escalating attempts to dominate, the tell-tale signs of threats and bullying are familiar).

    1. I am not ‘Gabriel’. You know this. Gabriel is just a product of your paranoid mind.
    2. I would never claim to be a Jew.
    3. I do not make threats. I make fun of you because you’re a bully and a perve. The claim that I harass people across continents is simply bizarre – and there’s no proof of course.
    4. Provide testimonials for your rape ‘therapy’, if you can, but I’m sure that ALL women would find the idea of you dressing up in a white coat and conducting sexual ‘experiments’ upon them with objects like bed knobs and canes to be grossly offensive.
    5. I’ve never called you ‘Rudi’. My name for you is Poo.
    6. The only photos I have seen of you are those that YOU provided links to (Lord knows why, but you’re clearly crazy). BTW why is your blog avatar about 25+ years old? Do you not want the Heathen Women to know that the only hair you have left now is gray?

    You should stick with Rosario and other bald old Italian guys rather than trying to stalk the women of this site (and elsewhere).

    Peace Heathen Women.

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  4. You dont amaze me gaybriel. Your moral illness doesnt allow you to surprise me nor anybody else.
    You type the SAME repetitive shit on any post you go littering.
    Ive known you for more than two years already and I know you are a predictable lier. You always show to lack wit, but your sick fantasy is always at work.
    Nonetheless anybody here can go to Nodisinfo and check the same lack of style & character pertaining to your many zionist characters. Its old story, gaybee, fake woman. You are a jew and a terminal psychotic shill. I could post hundred of your rants here and dozens answers to you by real posters who prove what I say.
    A couple notes: you are not a normal woman, nor a normal man. You have asked me if I want to see your pics only 2 days ago. Go imagine!
    My avatar shows a pic which is 4 y.o.
    Greedy and envious derailed homopath! This alone proves what u are. Why dont you offer to Sinead the pics you have stolen & modified (and probably parked on your bed side table). I dont have grey hair, gaybob. Show the truth to our readers, troota! Im dark blond and light eyed as a guy in his early 40s can be.
    And report the last post about Prof Rud here for the people to read. Unveil your own lies, gaybort. Which sexual experiments are u blabbering about, zio kebab, given you type mex claiming u love when kids put their hands in your pocket. Could u go more ludicrious than this?
    Also my post has ALWAYS been there. I have nothing to hide here. Its you the fake woman exploiting old, false mantra. My post is there to see!. I can show what I am with NO SHAME. You cannot!

    Tell us what you meant when calling me RUDI. What did it stand for, failed boy hooker?

    Last but not least, your stupidity doesnt let you hide, you have been harassing and stalking me for months. You hate those who fight the geo engineering, as well as truthers, nationalists and anti zionists. Rosario as u call him, is a committed researcher and publisher about chemtrails
    Readers here must know the stinking, rotten pervert you are. Dont worry. I’ll be kicking you everywhere I see your disgusting presence.


  5. Sinead I can provide clues to what I say.
    Remember that the attempt of this degenerate ‘celeste’ is not only to get its revenge on me, but to maime this very board. Sneaking technique, they name it.

    Now, either you tell me you dislike my presence and tell me the reason, and I wont post again, or you kick the degenerate zio troll down the volcano.
    Telrtium non datur
    Its up to you now.

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      1. That post is a obvious, hilarious, and caustic parody on the modernistic, genderistic individuals they call themselves ‘women’. The same one supporting the jewish agenda. The same one spouting their lies, degeneration. The very same acting as tools of the current, illegitimate power, which is killing Nations, People and most of all, Whites. The same ”androgynist” crappers attacking men in any possible way, yelling rape when they got touched they hand or invited for a coffee.

        Again: you may dislike it. It’s your choice and I wont argue. But that post is albeit readable and enjoyable, despite the fact it is a collage of different posts, slightly repetitive, although, I concede, in some, limited cases, it might sound close to the border line of vulgarity.
        But our society is like this, unfortunately.

        Or somebody here thinks the latest series of ‘desperate house-wives’ is more politically correct?

        In any case, to avoid further misunderstandings, here’s the heading of my Blog:

        “The Blog is mainly aimed at reblogging news of interest we harvest on counter-info platforms on the net and friendly sites. We don’t necessarily share the whole content of each of the published posts, although they may look consistently linked, in a way or another, to the Vision of the authors. We also consider Irony, Parodies and caustic Banters as a great weapon against the ever Liers and a potent, targeted kick in the back-bottom of politically correct boobusses and deviant supporters of the democratic regime, any color should they show. Don’t get outraged if you happen to stumble in them”.
        Jedem das Seine

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      2. Gaybort, why don’t you recurr to your ol’ nick, pervert?

        You have been pinned, Indonesian pedo. Again. Who’s the old, deviant asexual faggot here?

        Be honest, for one time!

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      3. I’m not Gabriel and as far as I’m aware he hasn’t published a gross rape manifesto. False allegations of pedophilia won’t hide the fact that you are the real deviant.

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      4. Deflective deviant, your vain attempts to steer the shame away from you won’t work, gaybob (gabriel). Your filthy messages, your ‘style’, your hate, your attacks are here and there, available for all to see. No flimsy try will ever save you, psychotic banter.
        You get drilled anywhere like the bottom side of a fracking station.

        Only your lack of gut & shame and your desperate wit starvation compell you to remain, despite your former claim to leave. Show me more, joo. Daddy Cool wants to see what you have learnt from him.

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    1. UNfortunately, Sinead is NOT listening. Her head is far too far up… well you get the idea Rudolf. Any healthy Aryan woman, wife and mother would not be spending so much time on the internet conducting her various things. So time consuming. A good Aryan wife and mom would leave these pursuits where they belong, in the masculine realm under politics, and allow Kyle to handle these affairs.

      Her greatest and most important project on behalf of WN is her child. Raise a healthy, based Aryan child and send him out into the world fully awakened, well the fullfillment found in that and the gift to us, her fellow White People, who are ostensibly, her race is of incalcuable value. And shows true dedicated love for our race as well.


      1. What an assertion ionwhite! Suggesting that Sinead is not competent to raise a beautiful child while managing an important website is equivalent to telling me that I cannot make a significant contribution to my local school’s parent committee (which I do), while properly raising my four kids – and OMG, enjoying the benefits of the internet. Despite your effeminate avatar, I suspect that you are male. Perhaps your first name is Shaun, or at least you are closely associated with him? Did you even read Rudolf’s rape manifesto? You think it’s ok? Hmm

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  6. Stick to your fnk jahvè, gaybob. In the meantime, let’s rebrush some of your latest comments on NDI:

    November 14, 2016 at 2:41 am
    It’s disturbing when dirty old men like Cowboy and Rudolf fawn over me.

    November 13, 2016 at 10:37 pm
    Exhibit 7) Christinne Fat 300 lb Gypsy crone feels excluded and inadequate now that Cowboy and Rudolf lust after Nazi teenies.

    Strakkino (my note—->the fag attacks Tanker-Enemy bloggers using an epithet only govt zio shill use)
    November 14, 2016 at 6:34 am

    …omissis..HELP FOR TANKER ENEMY – The Committee “Tanker enemy” since 2006 and is engaged in the dissemination of the thorny issue defaming and libel of the innocent party through of various initiatives….omissis (my note——->it’s a modified translation of a message from Tanker-Enemy board)

    fake message of :

    Rudolf Friedrich 01 (Senior Smegma Sniffer)
    November 12, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    I put comment after comment on the heathen blog and still no one does the like. I very much wish Sinhead to put her thumbs up Rudi

    November 11, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    It is agreed that this website is in its death throes due to the noxious presence of Rudolf Friedrich.

    Note how this same Zionist infiltrator is attempting to do the same to the website Heathen Women. It begins with a few innocuous comments which increase in frequency, becoming more opinionated as they go. It gets to the point where his is the dominant voice in every thread and escalates to the point where he pollutes the comments with irrelevant blogs of interest only to himself. This probably reflects the fact that no one bothers to go to his blog, so he invents comments and contributors.

    His reposting of Cowboy’s ‘work’ shows how truly pathetic he is. He probably hasn’t even noticed that the regulars there stopped liking his comments weeks ago.

    November 11, 2016 at 8:11 pm

    You’d give anything to know where I live wouldn’t you? Would you like a photo of me?

    Why don’t you start by visiting my blog. Your images are about to make an appearance in the Cass category.

    fake mex from:
    Rudolf Friedrich (Belchin Bitch)
    November 6, 2016 at 10:20 pm

    Cowboy – sinhead is agreed to do John Denver cover you ask ‘leaking from a jet plane’. She so talent. I wish I were promoted to be brown stain in her toiletbowl.

    fake mex of:
    Rudolf Friedrich 01 (!Rapist)
    November 6, 2016 at 5:20 pm

    Here is my submission and admission.

    Sharksurfer (the psycho lier—>my note)
    November 6, 2016 at 9:44 pm

    Just remind me what the FSTDT moderator said about me again? I can’t recall but do remember that he called you a prick, told you to stop making threats and along with a dozen or so other posters advised you to seek much-needed psychiatric help.

    BTW – it looks like your blatantly desperate attention seeking doesn’t seem to be going down well at HW. Talking unintelligible nonsense is not likely to elevate you to alpha male among the fascist bitches – especially when every one of them makes you look like a driveling little schoolgirl.

    November 5, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    You’d argue that the “Protocols” is a genuine text..based on its time stamps.

    Gabriel (check how it copies my terms and spams then back)
    November 5, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    Have never felt better, Surf. Quite the contrast to this decayed place subjected to the diseased mind of Poodolf & Co.
    I do enjoy watching the trio of dickheads chasing their tails in their fruitless quest for my identity.
    The FSTDT fiasco was a demonstrated gem of Rudolf incompetence and impotence.
    See you around, and keep up the good work riling and exposing these nutcases. They deserve every ounce of derision coming to them.

    October 25, 2016 at 5:19 pm
    Now, now, cowgoy- Not all goyim are hated. Just the really stupid and hateful ones- Like yourself.
    The rest are good people.

    There are many more: it calls Heathen women as ‘nazi sluts’ and Kyle Hunt as K(H)unt

    Kyle Hunt (Khunt)
    October 23, 2016 at 7:49 pm

    Ur a stupid fucken cuck Rudolf. You’ll never get a seat at our round table you faggot. And stop creeping my wife out pervert.

    Note: there are nearly 1300 comments on NDI board. 60% of them are gibbrish or homophilic comments of our ‘celeste’.

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      1. Yes, the deviant shill has been suffering a lot around the net. Can you picture the mole sitting online for days and having a break just to have its rented kids molested? Nasty vision indeed.


  7. As a side note, let me just add I was confirmed that ‘celeste’ is a masculine name meaning ‘light blue’ in Italian.

    Gaybob, you’re gonna go Dark Blue here, listen to daddy.

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  8. I don’t know why but I wasted part of my life speed reading these exchanges and of course will go with Sineadmcarthy because after a long time of following all her good work, I trust her 110%. I am so pleased that she is a very involved moderator and does an excellent job of speaking the truth, eliminating morons and protecting us from false/phony discourse. Thank you so much for all you do Sinead because good people here really appreciate you.

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  9. Pls explain how you conciliate this site’s handler views i.e. on D. Trump with the idea on voting you have expressed previously. You are ”straight on the right way” as you say. Time to show it up. But where’s the truth?


    1. Truth Darts, I don’t recall you posting here before not that matters. I always try to give a fair and truthful answer but I honestly could not understand your question/post here. Perhaps your first language is not English and I would be happy to refer you to free translation sites that are very good. Please let me know if I can help and wish you all the best.

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      1. “Truth Darts” is Rudolf Friedrich the creep.

        His inarticulate writing style is quite readily identified.

        He persists in posting here under pseudonyms despite being banned multiple times and promising to desist. Not surprising considering he is a compulsive liar afflicted with a pathological obsessive disorder.

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  10. Catching at straws or beating around the bush is hardly a way to show intelligence and knowledge. If not else, your age should suggest a different approach to critical inquiries.
    Try to answer, instead.


  11. Truth Darts, I stand behind what I said in my reply to you. Your current comment is easy to understand but what do you mean by “your age” and you ask me to answer but what is the question. Ask me a clear question and I will happily give you an honest answer.

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  12. The inquiry is quite clear. You say you stand by everything the blogger might have expressed. Yet, by reading your past comments, it is obvious your attitude towards certain topics doesnt match the one of the author. I don’t question this, but the mental dichotomy appearing from the commenting words ‘I trust her 110%’. Which leaves room enough for further discussions on a few hot topics discussed previously on this thread.
    The comment about your age was simply meant to indicate you are not a youngster anymore. Out of teeth, it means, experience should be driving you to furtherly meditate your comments, before expressing them.


      1. There is no need for me to stay more.

        Many days ago I have posed an inquiry to you, sinead. You had to prove, you were able to justify your idiotic comments on the post of mine the shill you praise has reposted here. Also you had to reply to the inquiries you have been asked (from a poster above and by me).
        You fufilled none. You have deleted the questions.

        I’ll discover why elsewhere. But I bet, my take is no far from reality! This is how you ‘care for WN’?

        Well, it’s not enough indeed, ask gaybee.


      2. Are you making veiled threats to Sinead? Who the hell are you to demand answers to your silly questions? You are an interloper and your aim here as elsewhere is always to disrupt. Her comments about your rape manifesto were not ‘idiotic’. You alone cannot see that only a revolting sleazebag would create something so disgusting – for no purpose other than to amuse your sick self.

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    1. Truth Darts, my answer is very simple, I know exactly what I write and I stand behind what I say as absolutely the truth to the best of my ability. I don’t know what more I can do than speak the truth as clearly as possible in my posts. I thank you for your comments and wish you well.

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  13. Thank you so much to Sinead and Wotan because it is comforting to know they are protecting us from all these screwballs and zionist infiltrators. We all have strong but educated opinions and it is wonderful to share our thoughts with others without the distraction of moron assholes posting here. Thanks again.

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  14. Cheers to Staffordmotion for classily refusing to take the bait to subvert the conversation here.

    ‘Truth Darts’ has created a new word press blog specifically to defame HW and its administrator. It is clearly the work of a deranged shill.

    **Do not make comments on any of his blogs as they are used as phishing holes to capture IPs which are then published to accompany threats of violence.

    Sinead hang onto his IPs because they could link him to a place of employment and / or be used to report him for cyberstalking (which is a crime where he lives).

    Publishing them (like he does) could be a severe deterrent to further abuse. While I normally don’t condone doxing, I’d be happy to conduct further investigations to uncover the real identity of this creepy coward. My email is in the details box.

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      1. As if to prove he’s both insane and stupid in equal measure, he’s just posted Part 3 – a long list of IPs and emails from all over the world claiming that they all belong to the imaginary ‘Gabriel’ who Sinead is allegedly working with.

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    1. Thank you so much Celeste, I always feel good at Heathen Women because while everyone expresses their opinions it is done in a civil and educated way with a wonderful sense of community. I congratulate you and others who stand together to protect our special community from nut jobs and Zionists who are afraid of us discussing the truth. To you Celeste and all the wonderful people here I just want to say how much I appreciate this excellent forum where we can speak the truth and feel a sense of brother/sisterhood. Thank you all.

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    1. You can keep threatening and trying to intimidate but the data you’ve collected is meaningless. Your disorganized psychosis coupled with abject stupidity will only work in my favor. PS – ‘Gabriel’ is a figment of your imagination.

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  15. A note to members: I was just rereading my last post and the bastards slipped one by me by capitalizing zionist. I have stated before that as a matter of personal choice I refuse to use capitals for zion or jew and I think that is my personal right in a free society but it must be a jew who developed the spell check system used by WordPress. So I will continue to go back and force the lower case but I have to chuckle because they got one by me this time. Just an interesting bit of trivia.

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  16. Dear Staffordmotion. Lol! And thank you for your lovely words. There is a special congeniality about Heathen Women which helps set it apart and fly in the face of the negative stereotypes propagated by the alt-right. The vibe here is a credit to Sinead – and it’s a valuable forum for both men and women. Such a pity, the need to remain ever vigilant to usurping by (((z)))ionists and (((nutjobs)))!

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    1. Celeste, you state it perfectly and I completely agree with you that most of the credit definitely goes to Sinead. Also I love the way you spelled (((z)))ionists LOL!

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