Donald Trump: The Soros Connection

Aryan Skynet

“Any day now, Donald Trump is finally going to confess,” writes Steve Sebelius in the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Any day now, Trump is going to admit what savvy observers have long suspected, that his bid for the presidency is actually the most elaborate pilot episode of a brand-new reality series loosely modeled on “Punk’d.” But, oh, so much bigger.

Any day now, Trump is going to reveal he’s really running for Punkmaster General of the United States.

Any day now. […]

SteveSebelius Steve Sebelius

At one point, long ago, it seemed possible the Trump candidacy was a favor to the Clintons, a way to clear the GOP field with a scenery-chewing ringmaster no media person could resist. But the joke has been so long-running and well-executed, even the Clinton machine couldn’t have thought it up.

There will be many people who will be disappointed and even angry when they realize…

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump: The Soros Connection

  1. From Nodisinfo message board, a post of a researcher:

    Seattle Hoax Shooting- Dummies & Massive Staging @ AntiTrump Staged Rent-A-Mob Protests!

    Blow it up & check out the people (Dummies) on strechers.

    So like some of the Universities of California Campuses UCLA (the Big One), UC Riverside, UC Berkeley & another one or two, this was a staged antiTrump wins Election protest as well & DHS THROW IN A Hoax Shooting PsyOp (under usual Drill disguise for $$$ & for deniability in case of need to abort).


  2. There is much more going on under the belly of the Orange Gorillion.

    The arch-rigged and long-planned Freak Show has been totally engineered by the zio-jews. The Kabal has chosen the Gorillion. Let’s ask ourselves why.

    Authoritarianism: that is the exercise of force without any Authority. No moral or ethic stance is involved in the process. No real political agenda is involved either. We can look at the ‘alt right’ movt. It has been clearly built from scratch at the highest floor of the zio skyscraper. A bunch of cucks, reactionary fags who hate White women and those who fight against the globo-jewry. A kaleidoscope of deviancy at its best. A pile of disgusting fashies, mongrels and kikes too. What do they have in common?

    Let’s hear zio-Lana about this matter: ‘no program, no leaders, no ideas’. How can you build something if you have lost the connection between your brain and your butt? If you have no heritage, no culture, no loyalty, no honour? You are a manipulated puppet. A hip-hop, red-hatted naZZi, eager to party on the red carpet and to roll on it at the end of the soirèe.

    At the end, they are no different from the Black Butts Matter activists. Make no mistake.

    So, don’t count on them to fight the Enemy and to oppose the illegal, illegitimate and aberrant tyranny the Gorillion is about to unleash. I consider trump to be representing a further step into the new jewish order, now that the brainwashed masses devoted to political consumerism have been blessed on the way to Damascus (Russia docet…!) and are down on their knees, slightly bending forward, as per Milo suggestion.

    Read: How the Trump Presidency Will Turn Anti-Establishment Sentiment Into a New Authoritarianism

    (My note: let’s skip the Libtardish, leftist, heinous, politically correct, lethal crap and concentrate on the ‘real meat’. Authoritarianism without any Moral Authority. This is the clue).


  3. And here, a tool often used by the jewish scum to further their talmudic agenda.

    (Poster ‘Cowboy’ ‘s last messages on Nodisinfo mex board. Caution: the threads are currently polluted by active shill)

    “Trump Hoax Protest Seattle Shooting Is:
    A Mall Shooting Too!! & It’s Mall built By Zionist Baltimore Jew James Rouse & Now owned By Zionist GPP!!!! GeneralGrowthProperties! 100 percent Ziotrash Treason Gun Confiscation Agenda PsyOp!

    General Growth Properties Is OutGunning All the other Zionist Jew Owned Mall Companies At DHS Treasonous Hoax Mall Shootings!

    (This below is my from own knowledge about Rouse & blockbusting jews.)

    James Rouse & Co. was one of the first enclosed mall builders & built the entire preplanned town of Columbia Maryland after 1967. It was designed to be a city between Baltimore & DC- District of Columbia sort of connecting the Metropolises together. He also got rich running FHA government loans. And he helped like a good zionist Jew ziotrash at wrecking havoc on white homeowners by helping blockbusters destroy white homeowners & low crime neighborhoods’ home values by bribing a certain white homeowner to sell at an inflated price to a black buyer (on a certain street) who was also bribed by paying part of his mortgage or all of the down payment or the whole price sometimes…Then more neighbors, fearing crime, would rapidly sell their homes & Zio Mob Jews would then pay them basement bargain prices or nothing at all maybe since there house suddenly would be worth half or less what it formerly was & they would lose a the equity & the Zio Jews would make massive profits by upping the prices back up & selling the homes to black with government subsidized loans!

    Basely these almost exactly how ZioJews Crash the stock & rob the hated goyim & get ownership the companies for dirt nothing. They call it harvesting the wealth if the goyim…or atlleast I call it that.. But they do have a term for it, like harvesting or something! The Babylonian Talmud evil book promotes, over & over again, cheating the goyim. Like it says: “all the goyim’s wealth belongs to the jew..”..& “To take property from the goyim is not stealing since animals cannot own property.”


  4. My final take on the subject is that the increasing physical and mental control, crack on dissent, construction of a wider & stronger international jewish alliance, destruction of liberties and historic, natural rights can be accomplished in many a way. Hoaxes are one of those. We can expect them rising on the brink.


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