Goyim Goddess Channel Shoahed For The 5th Time


6 thoughts on “Goyim Goddess Channel Shoahed For The 5th Time

  1. I totally agree with you.

    First: don’t be too upset. As you have said once, you get shoah’d because you are disturbing the ever scum. Ther efficacy/efficency ratio of your messages, of your wonderful musical parodies, of your interventions is tesing them. Because they know the awakening message of truth is going to have THEM shoah’d for real. Thus, your chan termination is ineluctable, as the rising of sun in the morning. Tuck their smile into their throat. Open again YT accounts, Vimeo or whatever. Advertise them under your vids!

    Second: the orange hatted dicks are in full swing parading in front of the msm cams of the whole ‘international community TM’. What a tragic muppet show is, the one we are witnessing. Anywhere in the west (and not only, check Russia also) the alt righters, conservative, edgy fashies, claim their ‘victory day’..

    What is worse, even many of the alternative nationalists do jump on the orange safari’s bandwagon. Zio Marie Le Pen, Salvini’s Lega, likely even Alternative für Deutschland (who rejected a few buddies labelling them as neo naZZis..) praise the gorillion. Hope at least Golden Dawn stays out of traouble, but I’m currently dubious.
    My gut is that the orange belly will crack on dissent openly. He doesn’t have to undergo the hypocrisy of the libtardish egg heads. Hence, the future doesn’t look bright for those who are currently buying the crap of the ‘election’. In the US there is NO free speech. But formally, you are allowed to express your opinion. Which doesn’t happen in Europe anymore.

    They need just a few targeted hoaxes and high pitched zio yells to crack on that formal liberties.

    let’s remember the entire Formal Legal System (Constitution, central & local Laws and Administrative Provisions) are just a legal hologram eager to be modified at zio-will as per ‘need’.
    More internet censorship, more implementation programs and agreement with the ((greatest ally))) await us. The sick system, temporary invigorated by the shitty Freak show, will die hard. But will die!


  2. Have you considered BitTube, I’m sure they would welcome your excellent videos. Love your website and videos. We need more courageous women like the Heathen Women. Seig heil!


    1. Jim, any suggestion is welcome from my PoV.

      We should spend a portion of our time to check any alternative out, so to counter-punch the overwhelming arrogance of the jewish controlled net-media.

      The idea is to keep alive many copies of the same account. They should be placed on different platforms, so to scrutinize which of them turns out to be more ‘reliable’. It takes time and personal application, but personally, I don’t see many alternatives.


  3. Absolutely agree! I have trouble falling asleep every night because I see our people falling deeper and deeper into this trap. Even those who understand white genocide to be a reality are unable to deviate from their programing to accept the source of the problem. They genuinely believe the way forward is through the Judeo-Masonic farce we call our political system.

    Since I have begun to learn the truth, I have lost any real connection with my family and former friends because they continue their attempts to shove Jew-centric programming down my throat.

    At this point, I am awake…but don’t know how to contribute to the fight. Any ideas are welcome.

    Lastly, I want you to know how grateful I am to you and the folks at renegade. You guys are risking everything to spread the truth. Thank you for your honesty and courage.


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