A Renegade Response to Shaun Surplus


4 thoughts on “A Renegade Response to Shaun Surplus

  1. Your channel was just taken down, however I managed to complete the video fully. The ending scene of the video is all anyone needs to encompass how asnine Shaun is and how much of a nuisance this of these dramas are becoming. If it’s any consolation to you both, you have my full unconditional backing.


  2. Instead what I have seen is the following note:

    Dieses Video ist nicht mehr verfügbar, weil das mit diesem Video verknüpfte YouTube-Konto gekündigt wurde.


  3. Nice, pleasant talk the one presented.

    Let me report a couple rants of mine. Just flying thoughts going through

    T. Frame 13:30 circa. You will have heard the following tale: ‘Girls are nowadays sexually aggressive and the males are getting intimitaded’. Let’s immediately point out it’s a zio tale in most cases. The rest of them, dont make statistic reference.

    Min 22:00. Music: Go On with the Parodies. They are a great Plus: Irony & Truth, remember.

    Min 30-31 women & jews: good, sharerable points, both of you.

    Min 35:40. Great points about the man-woman interaction.

    Min 42. Shareable comments about the Unions.

    Min 43. So you are a feminist..? …))

    Min 48:50. I dont know the subject you addressing the current reply. Never read or seen anything about him but from what you say It sounds like we have two options:

    a. It’s a psycho

    b. it’s a traitor who sold his butt to the (((enemy))),


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