COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE DATABASE: Will The Real “Jack Donovan” Please Stand up?

Exposed Magazine

There’s been some sort of agent provocateur making the rounds recently in alternative media.
He’s currently going by the name Jack Donovan. He’s a published author now trying to redefine
homosexuality in “Far Right” political activist circles.


He just made an appearance at this gathering:  (sorry for the links to the SPLC, but they are used here for descriptive purposes only).

“Youth Turn Out in Large Numbers for NPI’s Rainbow Racist Gathering”

Jack Donovan writes some interesting stuff, to be sure. But who is he really? I don’t want to burst
anyone’s bubble, but appears that Mr. Donovan is working as some kind of Agent Provocateur. You can be sure at a gathering where he spoke; such as this, Obama’s Thought Police were out in full force:

“White supremacist conference proposes whites-only states: We’ll ‘give the blacks Manhattan’”

Interestingly, this item was in the news today:

“Race War Plot Leads…

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