The Control System Collapsing Through Exposing Institutional Pedophilia


8 thoughts on “The Control System Collapsing Through Exposing Institutional Pedophilia

  1. I dont argue honest cops and officials do exist.

    But assange & Jewki-licks are one of the biggest zionist scam we have been offered by the cabal. Dont get fooled.


      1. The points he makes are fully shareable. Yet, before buying the whole wiki-weaky leaks’ novel, Id take a big breath.
        No question about the whole matter he describes.
        If the are attacking their whore (killary), then a reason must exist.


      2. Yes. I cannot but agree with you.
        That said, let me spend a word which might just have a drop of significance for a limited amount of critical thinkers: the system puts on the throne the worst scam. Doesnt matter their color, race religion or deviant sexual behaviour. These individuals are nothing but the first slaves, the celebrated zio-sluts of the demokratic regime.
        The pact is simple: “Go & get your seat. Tell boobuses what they want to hear work for us. In exchange, you can steal and pile binches of bucks. But be ready to comply.”
        All the different opinions about the described mechanism are just boiled crap.


      3. Check our zio-saviour: mixing lies with truth is old habit of the jewish-zio scum.

        ‘Trump won’t be permitted to win’ – (Oi…!!) Assange interview with John Pilger (Courtesy Darthmouth Films)


  2. Let’s always remember the ‘african springs’ and the war on Lybia have been propitiated by his ‘licks’ via the destitution of the Italian PM Berlusconi.

    Not to mention the samaritan snowden. The same saviour who loves wandering around in Duty Free Shops at Sheremetyevo airport.
    Have you ever heard something said by the happy couple against the zionist jews, recently? Oy..!


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