Jim Condit Jr gets roasted by Kyle Hunt


3 thoughts on “Jim Condit Jr gets roasted by Kyle Hunt

  1. This is another topic which would take chapters to be discussed.
    A few points:
    Napoleon was defeated by the jewish banksters
    The Church is mere secular power. Religious fables are the spine of the religious system. This os valid until today, in AMY religion, holoHoax included. Now I wont into dogmatic issues. But be aware the jews were the only ones allowed in Europe to Lend Money. From the Middle Ages onwards, the usurers had to be provided with a special licence released by the pope, in order to perform their favourite sport freely.
    How did they obtain it?
    By asking the Church’s appointment and paying the pope with pure gold.


  2. The churches are ‘states in the state’.
    Kind of i$raeĀ£ in the Middle East.

    Lets Keep it in mind.
    Sometimes the secular agenda of these christian churches can conflict with judaism. But indeed we see no discontinuity between the two entities, expecially today.


  3. WOW , sorry you had to go through that Kyle , But , it was a GOOD reminder of the type of people that run things as well as a average? JC or Christ. type White race person that is NOT awake that promotes race mixing & thereby promotes White race genocide through their adherence to their Mediterranean race based C. religions that condone mixed race marriages & mixed race procreation . The history he was talking about was just theory -( guesses ) , basically fiction . There would most likely be some basic truths in what he said , for example ; There most likely was a wealthy family with the name Rothchild / s but specifics of what they were like & thought are just theories / guesses . Most of what he stated was meaningless gibberish especially about his C. religion . The exchange of views proves that ANY JC . or C. adherent should not be allowed into future ALL White race communities that are non-religious or that have Pre-Christian religions -(that evolved North of the Alps ) adherents that live in them . IMO those J.s JC’s & C.s are the cause of White race genocide & MUST be kept OUT of ALL White race communities in the future EVEN IF they RENOUNCE their Christ. religions today. They can’t be trusted .


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