Sinead on Int’l Jews, Blacks, Whites, Banking Scams, Pedophilia & Being Banned from YouTube


8 thoughts on “Sinead on Int’l Jews, Blacks, Whites, Banking Scams, Pedophilia & Being Banned from YouTube

  1. When the very appreciable Ruhe introduced Sinead as an alt right’ model, Ive frozen..

    Interesting interview. She’s exposing a summary of zionist crimes and telated issues in a vivid, intriguing way. I’ll enjoy listening to the whole of it in the very next days.


      1. Obviously Ruhe intended the neologysm in the Canadian way.

        Yet, I agree with the interviewed girl.

        And this for a couple reasons:

        – this new-wave neologysm stinks zio from miles

        -the term ‘right’ tself is a political scam. When you accept to be labelled as a P&G sanitary napkins, you accept their terminology. Which brings us even further: We are what we Talk.
        The language is important because it shapes the categories of Thought & Action.

        You will all have noticed how the European languages get heavily polluted by mongrelled English. The imposed & imported terms are: ‘Wow, gay, Cool, halloween partying, fast food’ and many more. These words reflect the global zionist occupation.

        British & American English get polluted too, with heavy doses of Latino words or groids’ jargon.

        I have been able to post invented terms on Jewrban dictionary (urban dictionary) , and at least one of them has been accepted and published. Dub-Oy!

        You will never see cultured englush being exported. Be sure about. Not by the Msm, at least. Nor by the consumeristic, globo-social engineers!

        There is an agenda behind this. This is obvious for anyone, except for those who believe the BS of the ‘evolving, living language’ (another word for misgenetion and multiculturalism). Evolution-evolutionism…hmm. Let me stop here. You would have understood where I’m pointing at.
        Although the transformation of language does happen, it doesn’t require the zio puppetters to be implemented..

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  2. I think you need to step back & view your position in the society “you support” by your work you do in it . I think you see yourself differently than the Rich people that control everything see you in relation to your “true VALUE to humanity” . TRY , to view yourself as just a goyslave that is just supposed to work all the time to support the rich controllers & not question anything or be proactive . I look at your position (from an outside objective observer), like a goyslave in the Jeff Jeffers crazy Morman compound , Remember that guy, the pedi-filer in control of that area with his enforcers . For example ; You would be like one of the women that lived in there that is trying to get more currency / wealth -Whatever they used in there as currency , Lets just say grain for an example so she would have enough stuff / grain , to leave the area & start another area not connected with Jeffers controlled area in any way . The way she would be doing that would be standing in the street yelling out to the other goyslaves look at / listen to me saying give me your grain so I separate from Jeffers controlled area . Jeffers & his minion enforcers is going to hear you and give other goyslaves slightly more grain to give to you and of course -_( instruct them not to tell you where or who they got it from). This way , he gives you just enough grain to encourage you to continue yelling in the street so he & his enforcers can determine secretly who the other malcontents are that come out and listen & support you . That way he will have a list of people that he can permanently keep at the lowest economic levels of his utopian society as the lowest goyslave workers . You are being used by the Rich controllers enforcers minions to get data on who the future lowest economic goyslaves will be for the rest of their & your life . The people that run things when they graduated HS had at least $200,000. in the bank before you even started working . They never had to worry about a getting a job or paying bills , this was 33% of the HS grads believe it or not . THINK about it you have been bred to be their goyslave forever & categorized to NEVER be successful .


  3. There are linguists who fight to keep the language traditional. You wont find renown ‘academics’ among them, though. Foreigner terms are somehow necessary in specific fields: information technology, aviation. All the rest is not only redundant but lethal. Check the infamous oxford dictionary and enjoy the ‘diversity’ of your tongue. None of you, nor me have asked for that linguistic enrichment, though.


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