Southern Seamstress Responds to Lana Lokteff’s Hatred of White Women


6 thoughts on “Southern Seamstress Responds to Lana Lokteff’s Hatred of White Women

  1. Well done SS! I couldn’t believe it when that mystery meat on Lana’s show was praising $3,000 purses. What a high maintenance bitch. That’s IF she is a woman. And Lana can just fuck off at this point. Anyone, especially any white woman, who spouts MGTOW talking points that white women actually want to be raped by non-whites is just a giant piece of shit. Like you said, she doesn’t deserve good girlfriends.

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    1. Maybe she’s not even a woman? I mean, who the fuck puts their own down like that so much? These two don’t have a maternal bone in their fugly bodies.

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  2. Its a couple of hating, envious, sexually dubious creatures spitting venom.
    But its not only a matter of personal deficiency here.

    They are there for another reason also.
    And that is, to ride the zio golden calf on the groin’s side.
    A Hedonistic, illiterate zio-slut and a possible cross-dressed deviant in high heels, starring in a zionist owned recording studio.
    The outfit is below expectations, though. Even for themselves.

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  3. Let’s talk about diversity.
    We have the chance to pertain to a race offering the widest grade of diversity in its own: light brown, dark brown, black haired girls. Red, blonde, beach blonde. And all the related shades of white women’s eyes. Same goes for the skin.

    Which people on earth can enjoy this beautiful variety?
    Being a perfect, neo-classic beauty is not compulsorily requested.
    A good looking, average girl taking care of herself in a proper & natural way can be much more hot than a supposed zio Milf in micro-skirt and perizoma.

    The message sent by SS is totally shareable.

    How about the fundamental role of women in the world? Let’s forget about the zio narrative about sex war and the rotten scam of feminism. Let’s move to yank the chain in the crapper of the alt right divisive deception and look at it:
    the different role of females and males is obvious & undeniable. They yearn each other, and not only for reproduction purposes.
    Let me barbarically summarize the matter: women have a prominent and difficult role & task to be accomplished: they need to be warm, tender and sexy lovers. They need to be advisers to their man, sometimes impersonating the gf, other a sister. Even a mother, if needed. Or a friend. And it may happen, at times..

    It may seem a miracle for a human being to gather all those different qualities & more..
    Yet, this is what real Females can provide.
    This is the women we wish.

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  4. Pls, lets have a look at the environment and the production level of the vids: professional mixer, proper lights, editing of the voices. Is it something a counter-info site can afford? An anti-zionist platform can manage on its own? Or something the subscribers can provide?
    Rethoric inquiries the two wont answer directly. Ever
    Its no detail, make no mistake. As it is not for a jones et al.

    How ’bout the make up, dress and jewelry of the sexually unknowable guest, then? A desperate attempt to look feminine and hook sympathy from the local cattle. Can you dress as you were attending a dating experience?
    More: can you manage to appear as an ‘attractive’ woman when viewers keep discussing about your sex? Can you do all this meanwhile attacking women?
    There’s enough to call the whole op as a zio scam. And, possibly, to namecall our lockteff a frigid dyke, meanwhile comfortably relying on a good margin of impunity.


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