Modern Women Need To Be Lied To?


25 thoughts on “Modern Women Need To Be Lied To?

  1. What the bleep? Women are not attracted to the truth? What are the IQs of Lana and “Melissa”? Like other women, I have been politically active since I was a teenager. High fashion? Who the bleep cares? Is that more important than eradicating usury?

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  2. Good takedown of these 2 moronic bitches. That’s right, Cuckteff – there’s a growing contingent of smart, hot, pro-white women who are seeing through your bullshit, and you will be called out for it.

    p.s White Russians most certainly are European! They’ve just been (((brainwashed))) by the Cold War/Eurasianism tactics into feeling detached from the rest of the white world. The Kievan Rus are related to the Vikings.

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    1. They havn’t been controlled by a demoktatic system imposed in the XIX century.
      A question arises: is the communism better than ‘democrapcy’..?
      The reply is negative: they are the 2 parts of the same medal.
      Men have probably learnt better how to escape a evil, self declared murderous, zionist regime.
      In the west, we have been braiwashed about the ‘value of our elections and freedom’.
      Check around: you’ll still find someone ready to ride Drump’s ballsack…against all odds.
      Caution: We’d make a great mistake buying the lie of a pure, traditionalist Russia.


      1. Russians are more liberals than msm and alt righters say.
        That said, sticking to commie ‘patriottic war’ and holo$cam, is not a great way to be traditionalist.
        I can concede they are slightly more politically incorrect than the masses in the west. But thats all.
        If you manage to travel to a big russian town, then you’ll see the difference between ‘them & us’ is pretty irrelevant, at this time.


  3. Currently the vid has been taken down by the author.
    Shame, I was interested in the topic.

    Should anyone have different info, pls alert me.


  4. The video doesn’t seem to play embedded in this wordpress. Try clearing all your cookies and going straight to
    Thank you Sinead.
    Lama probably is an agent. 3-14 wtf? – Pi – keeping the listener going around in circles huh? and what happened to Henrik? he used to be cool..

    The following is the most valuable interview that I ever heard on redice -about four years ago. I don’t have time for erroneous bs from redice any more.

    This is an interview Henrik did with John Lamb Lash on The Riddle of Violence.

    If you care or dare, listen to the other videos on that channel

    John Lash speaks of the Goddess that /is/ the planet you and I are on.
    The recognition that the planetary mother is the local source of your existence and that her body is the setting for your experience is what all “heathen” peoples knew.
    You can get to know Her empathically by learning Her story:

    I’m enjoying your critique of the “all right”
    Stay sane


    1. “….masculine as the true creator and feminine as the support”
      Good luck with the dominant/submissive jewphilosophy

      If anyone reading this is inclined to understand and heal the gender divide:
      [audio src="" /]
      [audio src="" /]
      [audio src="" /]
      [audio src="" /]

      “John means well” -awww that’s quaint, bookooball. I can assure you than John –and the Aeon Sophia– care less about you than you care about yourself. And I couldn’t care less about you either.
      The Sophianic Narrative is out in the open – take it or leave it. Neither John nor I am trying to convince you of anything- “service” is not in Her syntax.


  5. Much stuff on the grill here, Sinead.
    It would take a book to express a part of the compulsory comments & reaction to the massified amount of pervasive lies those individuals do get on air.

    So lokteff says gals just want to have sex when young and a miracolous family protecting them when old?
    See the vulgarization of the zio brainwashing mantra here: is it not what they are imposing via their msm and entertainment poison? Oi..!

    The hosted sweet cheeks says she went thru libertarianism to finally land into reactionarism? Well, the latter stays on the opposite pole, with respect to Traditionalism and Fascism!
    This time we get some twisted truth from her deep throat. Being reactionary means to be stuck to the system. Always! Its matter of fkn power here, make no mistake.
    Miss Deep Throat is reading a script for the alt right zio brothel.
    She talks about things she ignores: reinassance, aristocracy..she’s catching at straws.
    Mysoginism from supposed women, is what I see. And its not made to please a beta male in a trendy pub for alt right hipsters: its made to fulfill an agenda, by stigmatizing Women (white ones) who reject the filthy mantra of modernism: feminism & reactionarism.

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  6. Now, given the alt right is pure reactionarism in the sense I have depicted above, we can begin to read the entire, filthy tale of modernism and its trends with a different perspective.
    Its zio reactionarism the one imposed back to the new Weimar republik der Reue.
    Its reactionarism the one re-established in Rome, after WWII.
    The whole matter deals with power and control over people. That’s why they hate the girls who are awake and bash the system!

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    1. Reminds me the story of a deviant dance club in i$rae£..
      Over there, Mrs Velvet Rope was leading the booty-dancing team.
      Uh, a great intl, success! It helped them trading an image of a modern & demokratic strip…


      1. Hmm..we are a bunch of ungrateful racist & homophobic naZZIs.
        In demokracy those drops of wiseness are named ..schooling system.


  7. Oh, what a bombastic scam our lana is sowing.
    Women have humoral nature? Where’s the problem, then?
    Men have testosterone, generally
    Women want just to do shopping and rely to the msm?
    Bah, that’s the perfect picture of our two zio tools in skirt, avidly enjoying their ten mins’ notoriety.


  8. There are many more things to discuss.
    But there is one now, which is capable to stand over the much as michael obongo’s groin in a democratic- party’s appointed dance-club:

    Which is the difference between the infamous msm’ production and zio ice-radio’s one? I spot none.
    They never run short of zio story tellers.


  9. Their vid on YT advertise the following blog. Enclosed, the latest article.

    I didn’t read a word against the jewry’s continuous crimes. Only a constant bashing of white men.

    Here’s one of her pearls:

    “No one is forcing whites to become addicted to porn and stop having sex with their wives and husbands (if white people are even getting married at all), they are basking in decadence”.
    Same kind of hatred and disinfo we have seen forwarded to white women.

    Now check the alleged ‘wife, mother & blogger’ praising a deviant, via a specific, devoted topic:

    “5 Reasons Donald Trump is Hot and Sexy”……


      1. Now they are inventing ‘women’s blogs’ in a desperate attempt to counter-argue real women’s blogs.
        Despite their effort, I dont see much moral support coming from them.

        Is the one indicated above, the same blog where the raped girl of your latest vid was supposed to work? It could be. That site is a tool for division.


  10. Lets double check the name of that site:

    ‘New Fem’.

    New Female. It covers a possible aim to whitewash the culture of White women, by the means of great injections of modernism. Then, they say they hail to Traditionalism. What a zio banter!

    Shame they type Females in a contracted form or we could have spotted the extended & unplugged version of their blog’s name: new femen…Which would take us straight to their master…


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