Jewish Political Lesbian Feminist

By: Axe of Perun of The Renegade Tribune

Yes, you read the title correct – we are talking about a Female Parasite in the Humanoid form – a Jewess, who has enchanted herself with the terms Political Lesbian Feminist. Her name is Julie Bindel and the international element within her has hidden itself behind the British Nationality – she claims to be an English writer and has also founded a group called “Justice for Women”, which opposes violence against women and helps women who have been prosecuted for killing violent male partners. I wonder why she chose Britain as her center of operations – why not go to the Middle East or Africa, miss Jewess? Or are we to believe that you will do something to stop non-Whites from attacking White women in London and its surrounded occupied regions? Of course not.

In addition to the obvious, she also writes about gender inequality in general, as well as stalking, religious fundamentalism, lesbian rights, LGBT issues, transsexualism, gender reassign surgery, and is in opposition to the sex industry and human trafficking. She spouts the usual “equality bullshit” while meanwhile women in Judaism are regarded as cursed by God basically – which is of course the founding idea behind all Abrahamic religions. How fitting therefore that she is against religious fundamentalism and against the sex industry – which, ironically – her tribe is owning and operating throughout the entire planet. She is against human trafficking yet the Jewish invasion of non-Whites into all White Nations doesn’t seem to bother her.

In an interview with Radfem Collective, Bindel advocated for the internment of all males, as well as the abolition of heterosexuality. Abolition of heterosexuality. These Jews are the eternal enemy of Life itself, perhaps they are not only parasites in human form, but also Death itself incarnated. Perhaps there doesn’t flow blood through their veins either, it must be some kind of chaotic energy driven by their hatred towards the entire world of Nature and Beauty. Let us also inquire into the definition behind internment : The imprisonment or confinement of people, commonly in large groups, without trial. The term is especially used for the confinement “of enemy citizens in wartime or of terrorism suspects”. The Jewish mind, right? She woke up one day and simply said :

Anyways, why am I writing about this creature? Well, recently there was an article that featured her in a video : link. So, you may look at the video if you like at this point and then return back in order to analyze her words in a more precise way. We shall afterwards give a more conclusive analysis of the Jewish worldview as well. You will notice that in all scenes she is using White beautiful families and women – never does it enter her mind to show a non-White family. Who would have guessed, aye? So, here goes :

“As a family” is one of the most smug and irritating phrases ever. I strongly object to the ideas that all women are naturally maternal. Thinking that being a mother should be top priority for all females goes against everything feminists claim to stand for. There is a common assumption that those of us who make a positive choice to not reproduce are selfish, rootless, and have no concern about future generations.

Now, remember the description of this entire article says : The idea that all women want to be mothers is outdated and sexist. The article itself should be only about women. Keep that in mind. She claims that the phrase “as a family” is irritating – picture that – it is irritating to do anything as a family. Why, who would have guessed that a Jewish woman would be a natural Communist who is working towards the accomplishment of the abolishment of the family unit? Surely this must be a miracle, even a natural wonder that we are witnessing here! She objects to the idea that women are naturally designed to be mothers – yet again – the Jew is against everything Natural and sane. Once you know what the Jew is, all their words just make you laugh – this is, basically, their biggest fear – for the World to realize that nothing that the Jew says is to ever be taken seriously again.

Imagine a planet where we disregard immediately everything these pests say : there would be no Abrahamic religions, no Feminism, no Liberalism, no Democracy, no Faggotry, etc. The planet would be a much nicer place, you know. But, of course, thinking about that is already anti-Semitism. The World, after all, is so beautiful as it is right now with Jews dictating everything. So, feminists are against the idea that women should be mothers – of course – for the Jew having a pre-defined Natural role is a prison. He doesn’t seem to have a choice in it, so he is against it. If you wish to believe that a Creator or God is to be found in Nature alongside all the other wonders of life, then of course we can realize that the Jew protests against all such Natural Orders – again, it is fitting to say that Jews worship “Lucifer” – that is to say, from their perspective, someone who protests against these Natural Orders and Laws.

If you don’t reproduce there won’t be any future generation. If you reproduce you will have to sacrifice part of your time to make sure your child grows up properly and healthy – if you do not wish to do so because you think that you’d waste your time – then you are, indeed, selfish. Since you find no joy in the family or wish to be associated with it or even create your own – then you are, indeed, rootless. I mean, these Jews are so retarded we must once and for all end their power already. We cannot, I repeat, we cannot continue to exist with these idiots leading any kind of a narrative. Everything they think, say, hell even imagine, is a protest against reason, intelligence, wisdom, knowledge and nature. The more you know about them, the more you hate them – it doesn’t go any other way. We continue :

But those who do have their own children often forget about the world and just worry about their own ever shrinking one. In 2013 historian and author Nile Ferguson suggested that John Maynard Keynes could not have cared about future generations because he did not have children and was probably gay. Ferguson had apologized unreservedly, so fair enough. But, it is interesting that the kerfuffle was mainly about the anti-gay sentiments and not about the childless remark.

Oy vey, Goyim! Having children makes you forget about the world! You should be international like we are – you should try to parasite all other people, to spread idiocy and create a Jew World Order with us – if you have a family and a Nation, then you won’t have time nor will you want to create a JWO. That is anti-Semitic, of course. If you have a family, your world becomes an ever shrinking one – picture that. Instead of understanding that you children are the extension of your life, the continuation of your Spirit, Soul and very essence of Life – no – you are to see them as a burden and an element that doesn’t allow you to be drunk and drugged every day for the rest of your life.

Now comes the thing I mentioned before – she suddenly jumps from the Mother to a random guy who attacks a random faggot – this has absolutely nothing to do with the primary objective of this entire discussion. Sure, the faggot didn’t want to have kids – that can somewhat relate to this – but he isn’t a god damn fucking woman. Besides, I assume that Keynes guy was also a Jew – after all, he started the entire IMF operation.

And indeed he didn’t care about the future with all the nonsense he planned for and did – for if he did – he would have taken more concern about his movements, knowing to look at the world from the perspective of a hopeless and defenseless child. That is what parenting basically will give you – it opens the world to many new views, perceptions and a lot of wisdom. There are cases where certainly people are not able to have children, but they wanted them so much that they adopted many of these views along the way – they saw their own child in every other child.

To accuse child-free people of having less stake in the future is absurd. I’m a feminist and what is feminism if not an attempt to make things better for coming generations? I’ve witnessed friends of mine give up on trying to change the world in favor of having children and then focusing on little other than their own family unit.

Yes indeed, feminism is trying real hard to make the world a better place – what generations are we talking about here, you dumb ass motherfucking Jew – if you are basically trying to convince women that they should not have children? What percentage of them then should have them? I can imagine her already, if she ever were to be placed in some kind of position with power, asking women “do you want to have children?” – and if they say yes, she’d send them to a feminist camp to change their mind. Meanwhile, the “new generations” are supposed to come from non-White immigrants, hm? These fucking Devils.

If you make sure that your children grow up as healthy and sane humans – isn’t that making sure that things will be better for the coming generation? Isn’t that going to change the world? Are they not the continuation of your blood, essence, spirit and soul? Isn’t your family unit the basis of this continuation of life, civilization, existence itself? Imagine these Jews talking to animals – they would convince all fucking species upon this planet to stop reproducing – they would convince birds to give up flying because it is Racist and Supremacist. But, they never seem to care when non-Whites breed like fucking rabbits all over the place – we know their mission very well by now, don’t we?

Also, I hardly doubt that this bitch has any friends who have families. Why, she wants to abolish heterosexual people – how could she then even have two god damn heterosexual friends who ended up marrying – who ended up having a family and children? She hates them, she hates everything about them. But, she is a Jew who just can’t stop lying and imagining bullshit – it is real in her mind. Anything else would be anti-Semitic.

Feminism is supposed to and used to critique the idea that a woman’s value lies solely in her womb. In today’s age of legal equality for lesbians and gay men I can honestly say I feel more stigmatized for having positively chosen not to have children than I am for being a lesbian.

No one said that a woman’s value solely lies in her womb – but is her Natural fucking role. The more feminine, the more motherly she is –  the more beautiful, reasonable, creative and wise she herself becomes. The more will she trust her husband and the more responsibility will he have to share – you see, feminism has destroyed the Unity between the Male and Female – we no longer seek to represent our Roles and therefore become One Unit in Love.

Jews have managed to create a world in which no one trusts anyone anymore, because no one wishes to entirely take responsibility for anything anymore. We have lost our way, lost our senses, lost our roles, we don’t really trust anymore – and, trying to find purpose – we find ourselves lost in the sea of Choices, Change and Equality which the Jew has implanted into our Minds.

Notice also the ending note she chose not to have children – and then immediately tells you she’s a lesbian. You are a lesbian. You will not have children – you didn’t choose to not have children – you cannot have them if you are a female faggot. But, she has to emphasize the idea of choice here yet again – she cho-oooooooo-senot to have children and that choice makes her powerful, a rebel, a force of resistance.

In the 1970’s, lesbians were stigmatized because of their inability to have children, but today childless lesbians are being stigmatized because the option is there. There’s nothing to suggest that living in a family unit is in any way superior to less conventional arrangements.

Oh so now that they can artificially impregnate themselves, they should get children even though they chose to be lesbians, which by their definition means they chose a path of life that cannot have children. Notice – the Jew has taken a position – and is constantly making himself and the position he represents look like a victim. Oh vey! Oh my feminism! Oh my lesbianism! We are being stigmatized! Jews are obsessed with golden stars and marks it would seem. Every time something unnatural is created by the Jew, they immediately seek special rights and privileges – they seek to be legalized since they are – unnatural. They love the artificial.

Then she randomly claims that nothing at all suggests that living in a family is superior to less “conventional arrangements”. What the hell does that even mean? Living with 6 cats? Living with 3 lesbians? Living with random people? Inviting non-White immigrants into your home? What the hell is a less conventional arrangement – you god damn Jewish imbecile. Having someone who shares the rent with you, but meanwhile fucks around with other people? The Jew never ever gives a damn about his words or their meaning – he simply hopes that people are stupid enough to suck in everything he says and get charmed or bamboozled by it.

I too have a family, it just happens not to include kids. I have always been clear about children. Some are fabulous once they grow into adults.

Let us inquire into the word family : a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household, all the descendants of a common ancestor, a race or group of peoples from a common stock. No wonder, you say, that Jews are against the family unit – as long as it exists as an idea – the White race can and will survive. A Race or Group of people of a common stock – this must be the Jewish nightmare when it comes to the White Race. She has a “family”, it just happens not to include kids – I guess she never saw the first basic definition of the words itself. But, rest assured, leave it to Jews to slowly – but surely – change the meaning of everything.

Finally, she ends by saying that some children are fabulous once they grow into adults. She is primarily referring to herself here, now isn’t she? This fucking ego-maniacal Jewish creature. After all, she was a child herself and she grew into such a “fabulous adult” – why, she is so fabulous, so beautiful, so wonderful that she simply has no desire to pass on these traits. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care if this Jew isn’t going to have a family – hell – even better, less of them to worry about. All we have to make sure is that she has no influence on anything and voila – all her Evil dies with her.

Before we end I wish to explain the obvious Jewish patterns once more. Here we have a Jew who starts out with a topic, immediately jumps away from it, plays the victim card, tries to re-define words and finally says that there is, after all, something positive in actually having children – which is the opposite of the entire topic. Don’t you see how retarded and corrupted their mind is? Can’t you notice these elements within the Bible, their very first idiocy ever written?

Can’t you recognize the very Basis of their Archetype God Yahweh when he said – I make peace and create evil? Isn’t it always the same shit with these people? And always, always – equality, equality, equality. I don’t really think they know the definition of that word either. But do understand – if you realize that something is wrong and rotten – learn also to abandon it entirely. You cannot be a Christian after you read the Bible properly and learn everything about the Jews and their Scriptures. You cannot be “pro-Jesus” and “anti-Yahweh” – you cannot be “pro-Jesus” and “anti-Moses”. You cannot be an “Abrahamist through faith in Jesus” and anti-Jewish, anti-Muslim. You have to learn to make a final decision again – one that is based on the Truth – you have to stop living in the realm of Choices which the Jews provide for you.

For even once the Christian learns that he has been duped, he still clings to the idea of “I still choose Jesus as my Savior” and they somehow do not understand that this includes everything related to him. This therefore means that you cannot “like” or “choose” anything from Feminism once you learn that it is a Jewish ideology meant to destroy the entire Western Society and its Female and Male relations. You cannot identify as a “1st wave, 2nd wave or XY wave” feminist – you have to drop the entire fucking thing. Do what is right, search for the Truth and abandon all the shit the Jews suggest. If you do not manage to do thisyou will remain forever stuck in the Jewish realm of choices and voices – thinking that there is something to salvage, there is something to fix, there might even be a good Jew in the story, someway, somehow.


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    A fair example of zio-jewish filth. To be read at least a couple times.

    The wigged zio crapper playing as ‘woman’ is so horrid, slanderous and lurid, it has been declared unfit for the renown ‘Rud’s Therapy for zio-chicks’. Under no circumstances, shall I accept any claim about my final decision…:)


  2. Do you know what disgusts me even more than a Jewess doing feminism?

    A bunch of disgusting, deceiving, compulsive lying men lying traps to Women, writing a blog posing as Women and comenting in a blog supposed to be for Women. Appropiating Women’s spaces! Just like trannies and faggots do. Tell me dear males who occupied and kidnapped this space (as you always do), do you support trannies? Because you do imitate them very well.

    This is why your stupid race is going down, faggots. The day you stop treating your Mothers and the Mothers of your children like cattle and retards who can’t stand nor think by themselves after they fed you and whiped shit from your anuses before you could even formulate thought, that day may be the day you stand a chance of surviving the eternal jew. But in the meanwhile niggers are going to have tons of fun raping you in every hole, quite literally, I’m afraid. Sucks to be you.

    (If this way of putting things doesn’t make something in your lazy brains click, I’m not sure what the hell is going to do it. Hell I’m not even sure you are capable of awaking at all if even).


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