How I Survived a Brainwashing Facility


7 thoughts on “How I Survived a Brainwashing Facility

  1. 😥 make it! It needs making and you need to make it. How brave you are, then and now. Much love to you Sinead, there are no words for your experience and no words to describe your will, they are opposite ends of overwhelming.

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  2. That would make a great movie documentary. I don’t understand why somebody (parents) would have their kids institutionalized. My thinking would be something’s wrong with the parents. Blame the kid . . . Huh ! I feel sorry for you. Your a great person and much more aware for your age. I thought you where older like 35 or something. You have more experience than 24 yr old. I’m on your side fight on.

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    1. Institutions, medicine, schooling system, “science”…
      A murderous, heinous trap for kids, families, communities, nations.
      The compulsory subject you must be proficient in, is always the same: lose your identity and become a QR code.

      “Zios lo vult!” ( zionist do want it).

      Deus lo vult is the motto of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem…..omissis…


  3. Absolutely powerful and brave confession of a girl who not only made it out, but is capable to turn the blade who tormented her mind inside the stinking belly of the enemy.
    Congrats from an elder brother, Sinead, and from any man & woman of good will.


  4. Moreover, the arguments touched in this vid give the cue to develop many issues.
    How many people do undergo psychiatric and/or psychologic treatment for no reason? How many of these ‘professionals’ are in plain bad faith when administering their therapy?
    What are actually representing institutions such as the celebrated centers for the ‘recovery’ of drug/alcohol addicts? Which methods do they apply in those communities?
    Isnt it a violent & hypocritical way to unleash war against the unaware individual? Isnt it a way to build the brainwashed, modern liquid man?


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