How Women Are Paid to Make Other Women Look Bad


10 thoughts on “How Women Are Paid to Make Other Women Look Bad

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    A clear, powerful example of the big zio kaleidoscope of mental & social programming widly used and abused for the dis-engineering agenda of peoples, nations, communities, families, sexes. The mechanism is the same one used for the hoaxes.

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  2. It’s all entertainment, deceptive industry.
    Both parts of the game are zio characters.

    You wont find anything genuine in this system. Even a beauty context turns out to be a tool of distraction, deception and misinformation, sadly.
    Nothing we witness has human dignity in this imposed, decadent, criminal society. Until people are happy to play the whores of the golden calf, they do not deserve any piety, since they are our enemies.

    Oct, 22- 1922. The March on Rome represented the rise of Fascism.
    My thoughts and vicinity to that historic event, representing the counter-chant to modern decadence.

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      1. What I can say is, I see no Eternal Feminine being present in most of those chicks.
        Just a boring reproduction of what the global entertaining industry has been spreading around..
        Empty brains & lives modeled in pretty bodies which can just fit a two-hours’ private aerobic class in a motel. Or more…depending on the depth of your pockets.
        On the other side we have the fash-looking zios, degenerate calf riders, moral murderers of those whitewashed gals. Who’s more guilty?


  3. Obviously is Oct, 28 – 1922 the date I was referring to.

    I have had to chance to watch the zio system’s news and a couple tv programs, in these days. It was not my choice, since the only subjects I follow are motorsport and animals. And even there I need to make an adequate selection of programs.
    Well I can say I have seen desperate lies, degeneration and super-charged Tittainment. Overall, quite an obscene stuff.

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  4. Nonetheless, despite what the entire zionist system has been planning, I find that many average girls do behave absolutely Normal, meaning, acting the way you would expect from normal, feminine gals.
    On the other hand the more they get involved in the system, they more they want to look ‘modern’ & ‘cool’, the more they stick to the fake, filthy models imposed by the tittainment zio-industry, then, the more bogus they are.
    For some reasons I have met and dated the two kinds. The latter is pretty un-attendable. It’s totally belonging to that sick system.
    Now check the production of the media:
    The isle of the famous, amerika’s got talent, x factor and such shit.
    Not only you’ll face the above described, braiwashed prototype of human hologram, but you’ll directly witness how the zio entertaining hoax has been polluting the mind of the ‘males’. It is called ‘feminization’ of society. But the term is misleading. It doesnt mean that women lead our society. On the contrary: its an attack to women and men, females and males, the one the globo zios have engineered. The triumph of the genderistic, morbid non- binary, lascivious creature.


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