Diary of Teenage Evalion Taken by Border Authorities


8 thoughts on “Diary of Teenage Evalion Taken by Border Authorities

    1. I know. It’s a joke. That’s why shitbags like him go after the most innocent who can’t protect themselves. Let’s see this Jew faggot agent piss off a true skinhead and see what happens.

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  1. The more they push, the harder they’ll get pushed back. I feel awful for her and her bf, but this is the kind of negative thing that may have positive effects for our community/movement as a whole. I certainly wish this didn’t happen, but since it did and we can’t change that, we have to seize the opportunity. I know I am “preaching to the choir” but the more fired up and angry I get, the better the reception is to whatever message I am putting out there. Those who criticize Sinead (or anyone) for having an angry rant, saying that it “drives people away”, are fucking retarded and dead wrong. The exact opposite is true. People flock to us when we are screaming about things they’re angry about too, but don’t yet have an outlet to purge their thoughts. It also motivates them to get active as well. It worked for me anyway.

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  2. The bell is ringing for the zionist, democratic system.
    Its ringing loud and mean. We are rapidly reaching the turning point when the illegitimate, brutal, inane global demokracy falls in tatters.
    Debunk their lies, unveil their crimes, boycott their demokratic outfit. Reject their elections. Refuse to pay TAXES as much as you can. If only 1/3 of the robbed and genocised populace refused to feed the system, the latter would rapidly cease to exist, without a single bullet flying.

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    1. Check your possibilities and let’s get informed.
      Today’s celebrated & demokratic legal system can offer us some instrument we can use to bash the same regime which has forged & rigged the plethora of laws, administrative measures and filthy jurisprudence used to get us genocised.

      A non-ritual request by the govt agencies, a formally incorrect notification of an act, a legally expired claim or illegitimate request can lead us to trick the zio regime using his own weapons.
      Yes, the farce of their demokracy compells them not to completely loose their face. Thus they leave the legal grid open for our latch to unhinge their stinking regime. They need people to believe the law is above the parts whether govt agencies or private individuals. And this can be lethal for them.
      Remember again that all the successful revolts and revolutions have been operated through a ferocious boycott of the taxation system. Take the food away from the zio-beast’s jaws!


      1. Correction

        They need people to believe the law is above the parts whichever part is involved, be they govt agencies or private individuals.


  3. The young ones are tough. Especially Evalion. Push and attack ! Who follows girls around and takes pictures of where they live. Faggots !


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