The Thought That Never Ends

Let us inquire more deeply into the Nature of the Parasite and its various forms of Vampirism. We have done so before from a metaphysical perspective where we have concluded and proven that the Jews themselves represent Viruses and Parasites in Human form – anyone who studied the eternal Jewish problem should be quite aware of that – if he isn’t yet, and has stumbled upon this article for the first time, I encourage you to go back into the archives of my articles and do some heavy reading.

We will go deeper into the Nature of that Parasite and Virus, which consequently finds itself embodied in the Jew as well. Therefore, we will further get to understand not only what is happening to our People and the Entire planet, but also how the Jewish propaganda and tools of destruction actually work. You must realize, Jews are a small population of the planet (at least that is what we are told) and they are physically incapable of fighting any enemy – they are disgusting wastes of cellular conglomeration, a waste of oxygen upon this planet – and their only way, only way, to conquer this planet is by deception, hypnosis, control and total mind manipulation.

However, there are still people who do not seem to comprehend that one of their most important hypnosis and deceptions upon this planet has been their organized religion, which we find in its various forms nowadays corrupting the minds of people all over the globe : Christianity, Islam, Judaism, New Age, Theosophy, Masonry it is everywhere. Therefore a single Jewish “prophet” can turn an entire population into mindless drones who are willing to do what he wants them to. This of course sounds much more powerful if he replaces himself with “what God wants them to do”, or as it is more often labeled, doing “God’s Will”. And, just so you know, the Jewish mental parasites won’t help you in the fight against the Jew :

Let us first look into a very standard tick. Ticks are parasitic animals who drain the blood of their hosts. They lack of course the humanoid consciousness to become really a deadly threat as the Jews are, but their example will work very well here. The tick searches for a particular spot on your body and more often than not tries to find a less visible spot. You don’t even realize that the parasite is on you, until it is generally speaking already – heavily embedded into you. It starts to go on your nerves, it starts to become problematic to focus as it constantly reminds you of its existence.

It takes over your focus, your thoughts and makes you worry about it. Now, when you try to remove the tick a very dangerous thing can happen – the tick can respond violently by dropping poison inside of you – there are many cases where people tried to remove the tick and the tick killed them with that poison. So, the parasite itself does not want to leave its host – it doesn’t want you to recognize it, identify it and finally – remove it. If you compare this, for example, with the Jewish tick being removed from Germany prior to WW2 – you will understand that the Jewish tick parasite declared War on Germany in 1933 for having been recognized and removed. The Jews afterwards created an entire World War in order to kill their former host with poison.

The nature of the Jew is beyond obvious to anyone who has awoken to their existence and reality. I say existence, because there are millions of people out there who still do not understand the Jewish issue and rarely ever recognize and identify them. Now, what would the tick parasite do, if it could, to improve its situation? It would try to bring about other issues, other problems, which would take away the focus of the host from the tick. The Jew, as the humanoid form of the parasitic tick, has the ability to do so : he brings about various ideologies which destroy the host (the Nation), other non-White people into White Nations, and similar other elements. By doing so, the Jew hopes that we will lose time with all these other new problems and avoid taking care of the Parasite itself.

As the Jews themselves have said many times before : They can only function and remain hidden within a multi-cultural society. They know their Viral nature very well – they do not deny it.

It is therefore important for the Jews to install an enormous number of elements within our lives and our societies which will keep us in a constant struggle of thoughts, memories, non-decisive actions and, hopefully, at a low state of energy – which, of courseincludes the destruction of both genders : the annihilation of the masculinity of the society as well as the femininity of the society. By destroying these Natural elements of the Female and the Male, the Jew immediately creates Chaos within the Society, which accompanied by his tool of Democracy, leads to a never ending struggle of supposed search for equality.

Why would you need to equalize something that Naturally was never meant to be equal? But, if you abandon Nature and attempt to Artificially change it – you will have chaos and trouble. It would be so much easier if we were to live again in a Natural order and by Natural Law – but, since we avoid to do so – we face now many “social problems”. The entire idea of “social studies, social justice, etc.” is artificial in itself. There is no such a thing – but, the Jew has managed to corrupt the minds of almost the entire planet – rarely are people capable anymore of simply looking with their own two eyes into a flower and labeling it as a flower. They have been brought to such a level of mindfuckery that the average modern “progressive” idiot is unable to look at a beautiful white woman and simply say that she is a woman. Think about that.

You have no special rights when you are born into this World. You have no way of surviving on your own. You have no self-sustaining systems of water, food, even oxygen depending on your environment. As a baby your are destined to die if it were not for your parents. So, there are no “societal” elements which the Jews have brainwashed our people with. However, the White Race understood the challenge of life and the challenge of Nature – it learned to live alongside it and learned to recognize and seek Truth in it.

Just and only because we have managed to find a harmonious way of living alongside Nature and Life itself, does not mean that every other creature, species and humanoid is immediately supposed to be granted this very same thing by us. We can show them, but they have to develop their Racial understanding for it on their own.

We were not given this for free or for a price – we learned it as we evolved as an entire Race. We progressed, we developed – mentally, spiritually, consciously, racially – we developed as a Tribe and did so only because we are Aryan by Nature and seek the Truth – we analyze life, label it, construct around it, reject the Evil and do the Good – we walked upon this path for thousands of years – until we finally met the worst Creature on this Planet, one that we – as it seems – were not ready to face : the Jew. Perhaps, all the dangers we faced were very direct ones, so that we had forgotten to look for Evil in disguise.

In our tribal and racial struggle we conquered pretty much all the obstacles which Life attempted to throw at us – we survived attacks, invasions, plagues, ice ages, sicknesses of various kinds, the harsh seasons – and it is now time to prove ourselves worthy by surviving yet another such struggle : the Jew. From my perspective, the Jews are just another pest, another parasite which we have to overcome – their existence is meaningless to me – their Parasitic and Viral Nature is not worthy of any emotion or empathy of mine – when you see a mosquito, you smack him with a shoe and continue with your daily procedures.

Problem is, that these Ticks and Parasites have convinced us that they are not Ticks and Parasites – that they are really just like us – even worse!they are God’s Chosen People and we are supposed to be their never ending, ever lasting slaves. Imagine that – a Tick telling you that you should let it feed off of you because it is God’s Chosen creature and you are its slave. What does that tell you about their God? What does that tell you about their Bible? It is all made up bullshit, folks, and you better start understanding that already.

There is this fantastic Japanese guy with his famous quote : The Jew fears the Samurai.

Now, why is that so? Well, because the Samurai has a sharp and decisive mind – he is established. He knows his place, his nationality, his loyalty – he is a wise warrior who cannot be corrupted. He charges at his enemies without any fear or thought – when he identifies the parasitehe kills it. Such is the Aryan Warrior as well, or at least was always and should be once again. I have said already before that the “Word” truly is the Jewish God and Magic – because – if he can convince you through his words to let down your guard – he wins.

This is where strong Will-powered Masculinity comes into place in order to reject those words and protect its people. Without the “sound of the Jew”, that is to say his propaganda, books, media, even genetics through race-mixing – he is nothing. A small, pathetic, ugly creature unable of doing anything on this planet. He is even below the African Negro in that case. But, the Jew has found yet another way to influence his Hosts and their Society : Money. As the Jew succeeded in destroying the entire Aristocracy of Europe, he managed to lead revolutions such as the French revolution, in order to create Democratic, Free Market Republics where“everyone is equal”, or the 1700’s tablets of Moses called the Human rights.

While this separated the tribal unity of all European people, it offered the Jewish parasite a chance to remain hidden while playing just another “individual” within this Democratic system. However, little did the people know that the Jewish parasites were working together – all the time – until they finally managed to take over entire Nations through their financial schemes. For them this reset of Society and its turn into a Free Democracy was truly the “Order out of Chaos” they needed.

So, while they were busy corrupting, stealing, murdering, they had to make sure to keep the rest of the people in a constant state of paralysis.

Let us now inquire into the Nature of a Thought. This will be a very enlightening thing for many of you and you should try to make others around you understand the same thing : the more people become aware of this, the more they will begin to avoid it. People do not wish to self-inflict themselves with poison and harm when they are truly told that something is poisonous. That is, unless they have fallen into the complete darkness of the Jewish abyss.

First there are main 2 differences in thought : there is the thought which arises from a certain task and then there is thought which lingers around in your mind as an ever suggesting voice. The first type of thought is under your control, it is very analytical, logical and cannot proceed without further instruction – it may attempt to solve itself through various ways – but it is under your control. It is for example the type of thought I use while writing these articles. This is also an important thing to note here : it wants to solve itself. This thought has an end or at least wishes to achieve one.

Then you have those suggestive thoughts which are primarily based upon various conscious and unconscious places from your memory. They may be things you have definitely labelled as certain elements, such as “good” or “bad”, and they arise whenever it is necessary to analyze something in the now. They are, so to say, brought into life from your past in order to help you make a certain decision. However, there are many such unconscious elements which will attempt to disrupt you. Notice here, this is very important, that if you can define the memory of an individual then you can control also his present and future. In case of educating our children, that would mean that we’d have to control the present in order for them to afterwards have a sound and quality memory that will represent their past.


In the project I’m working on this entire subject of Evil influence will come to light as well – but – it is important to understand here the difference between your Thoughts and those which were implanted into your Memory, into your Past, in order to control your Present and Future. It is very mathematical in its essence, but if you go around your whole life believing that 2+2=5, no equation you try to solve will ever work out for you.

Therefore, in order to avoid this self-realizing awakening that 2+2 actually is 4, the Jew had to make sure to keep your thoughts in a never-ending state of Mind. There must not exist a conclusion, only the medium must be important. In other words, people are not supposed to look at the ” = ” and what comes after it, but be constantly worried about the 2+2 and –  to make it even more ridiculous – they are now allowed to change the 2 and 2 and make up a never ending bombardment of suggestions, changes, choices and ideas.

It is the thought that never ends which is corrupting our Minds. It is this “Evil”, embodied in the Jew, that keeps on suggesting to us these narratives of thought – that keeps on changing our Minds – that keeps on preventing us from having a Natural look on life and having a final decision upon various thoughts. They do not allow us to reach a conclusion of any kind – and when you look at modern social bullshit studies – they are doing exactly that. Their entire propaganda is about “changing” something without looking at its end result – such a population is hellbent on destruction and will self-suicide on its way as well. We must stop this nonsense before it is too late. They also do not allow you to look at Nature in order to begin an analysis : all evidence and facts are disregarded – what matters are emotions, opinions and suggestions.


However, the modern People accept everything the Parasites tell them, especially because usually the Parasite also offers them some kind of “an easy way out” of all troubles he created in the first place. Follow our system, Goyim, and you will be wealthy! So, they tempt us to finish this burden of thought, but control it and know that they will never allow it to happen. The donkey and the carrot. The Wise man is not influenced by these evil and strange thoughts and suggestions. He is not corruptible and does not allow himself to get charmed, so to speak, by these idiocies which the Jew provides. The Jew drugs you and makes you addicted with everything he does and says : drugs, casinos, money, ideologies, religions – these are all never-ending processes of thought which the Jew has sold to you.

Think about it very deeply. In terms of religion, the Jew has sold you the idea that you are guilty since your birth – immediately attempting to disconnect your Mind from the Natural – we already said that you come into this World without any clue and that you have to learn to live – but, the Jew immediately tells you that you have sinned. So, you need Salvation which only the Jews, and especially the Jew Jesus, can provide. If you do not follow this, you’ll end up in Hell. Now, imagine this thought which the Jew has sold to you – it is a Parasitic thought which feeds off you all day long, all the time, it is ever present in your daily life and decisions – and will drain your energy 24 hours a day.

But, what would a parasite do, if he managed to really convert you and make out of you the perfect Religious slave who fears nothing anymore? He would eventually have nothing to feed upon – because – whenever the thought of Hell arises, you create this energy of “fear” that he feeds from. So, they added the final stepping stone into their story : you will have eternal Life after Death as long as you remain Religious and become a very careful and thought-observant slave. In other words, this parasite can now live off of you until you die.You are locked inside a thought prison and the parasite found its perfect host. But, remember – the Jew is the real organic parasite who created this sub-mental parasite in order to parasite off of you in real life. Their Religion is a distraction and a hypnosis to keep you in line.

The same is true for the Money system which the Jew has created over the centuries.

We live now in a state of Existence where the average European has no money to finance himself, let alone a family. The non-White immigrant is granted 3000 Euros for free, while – for example – the average East European monthly salary is 500 Euros, with the average rent being 200 Euros. White privilege? Yeah, sure. But, as said – it is important for the Jews to keep their host busy with everything else that is possible – just and only to make sure that the host never truly raises against the very parasite who is causing all these problems.

It is therefore of utter most importance to return to our Aryan way of life where we control our thought processes – and not the other way around. This can only be established through Nationalism, through a healthy Aryan society which will nurture and cherish its roots and inheritance – a society in which our children will grow up with a Natural and Healthy Memory, Thoughts, Past, Present and Future. A society in which figuring out what 2+2 equals to is important, and not if 2+2 is sexist or racist. A society in which there is no inheritance, in which there are no roots, is a Society that has been entirely reset – and in terms of the organic, Racial level – it is a society in which the people, the Race, has gone extinct.

Therefore, the Aryans seek the Truth and evolve with it every generation, which is entirely impossible without roots and inheritance. Jews are creatures of Chaos, Parasites and Viruses – their Nature defines their Existence, they do not seek the Truth, they seek Hosts – they inherit only this “will for blood” which tells them to rule over everything and destroy everything.

They figured out that it takes too much effort to keep the White people under their parasitic enslavement and that it will be far easier to annihilate us and afterwards rule over the remaining Races without any real effort.

Another example is the modern New Age “Positive thinking” bullshit, most often referred to as “The Secret” – also written by Jews and based almost entirely on the Bible, especially the New Testament. The whole idea behind the Secret is to create Fear and a Distraction within your Mind. You are told to just and only think positively about something and that something will just randomly show up. “Ask and you will receive”. I guess Nikola Tesla imagined Electricity and just waited in his room until all the technology randomly showed up around him.

Absolutely no creativity was required, no tools, no analyzing, no real logical conclusive thinking. Realize also, the more logical your thinking is, the less can it wander around and present to you nonsense. This is also why the New Age propaganda aims to destroy logic and create out of people “emotional, loving humans”. They are selling the idea that Logic totally ignores Nature and is this plain, gray, simplistic, dark way of thinking. So, this positive idiocy is pretty much the same shit as Christianity. You are to “believe” in this “positivism” just the same as in “Jesus”. You are to “seek and find, ask and receive” just as Jesus told you. Nothing may distract you from it, or you’ll end up in hell = not succeed in what you want.

Therefore, they created a population of people who are self-indoctrinating themselves and who never ever wish to hear anything “negative” as it would drop them out of their “positive” lifestyle. Everything that goes against them is heresy, so to speak. And if they do not succeed in this “positivity” – they are to blame – they didn’t believe enough, think about it enough, they weren’t positive enough – just as the Christian wasn’t faithful enough, praying enough, believing enough. The Universe is probably “testing them”, just as God is testing their “faith”.

I told you – once you identify the Virus – look for its patterns and nothing else. It is always the same bullshit with these Jewish idiotic stories, narratives and belief systems.

And again – this entire process creates Fear and Wastes your Time and allows the Parasite to remain hidden and suck out the very life of you. Let us notice one more thing – when the tick releases its poison – you finally feel it. The same happens with all these various mental parasites which the Jew has given you – if there ever comes a time where you start to realize that you have been duped and were the victim of such vampirism –you will literally feel a strange, alien flow of energy going through you. You will have voices suggesting you to keep on doing the same thing, but try it from a different angle, that you weren’t really wasting time – you just didn’t try all the proper choices.

This is the parasite trying to make you submit again to it – this is the “backlash” which drug addicts feel. The parasite cries out for more, more and more and it punishes you, its slave, for suddenly stopping this process of vampirism. Therefore, when you get to this point of feeling exhausted, having experiences of energetical flows which should not exist – you should analyze very well what you have done and you will probably come to the conclusion that you have stopped feeding a certain mental or emotional parasite – or at least tried to do so.

Recognize its pattern – recognize that you had to feed it every day – whether that be watching the TV, watching TV on the Internet, playing the same god damn video game over and over again – you will notice this the moment you attempt to let go of it. When you sit in front of the Jew-tube you are willingly paralyzing yourself and allowing the Jewish thoughts to replace your own – instead of meditating and clearing your Mind, you enter into a semi-meditative state and drown

into Judaism. It is as if you were a battery that fills itself up with Jew-Juice and afterwards operates on it.Now, if you attempt to break this cycle , there is another thing you will notice – you won’t be able to sleep that day – the mental and emotional parasite will attempt to drain your energy in another way; ergo he will attempt to deplete you and rob you of your sleep pattern in hopes of lowering your Willpower so that you may return to the same bullshit pattern the very next day.

Notice these things, do not ignore them. This is an instruction on how to clean yourself, how to medicate yourself, how to fight against these Parasitic elements.

By that very same Nature, we have Jews telling us that “Europe will cease to Exist” if we kick the Jews out of it.And they then remind us all the time of the Holocaust and various other Jewish lies and bullshit in order to keep us down, to drain us from our willpower, to have artificial thoughts question our decisions and actions – our own Minds and our very own thoughts. The Jewish thoughts are artificial replicas of our own thoughts, which try to present themselves as genuine and eventually hope to replace our own thoughts with themselves – this is the very nature of the Cuckoo bird – it is just happening within your own Mind.

Just as these thoughts are then feeding off of your Mind and Body, so are the Jews and their biological weapons of mass destruction, the non-Whites, feeding off of our Nations (Bodies) through our work, our taxes and our creativity. And to turn us into willing slaves of such a system, the Jews then immediately start planting artificial thoughts which are suggesting to us that this is absolutely, perfectly normal and even Natural – and if that isn’t enough – it is God’s will and we are, after all, all One under the Jew Jesus. You are being constantly put under hypnosis – from one level to the next – you are constantly being manipulated : and it has to end and stop.

The Jew, as all the other parasites, must maintain their host – they must find a way to keep you “feeling good” while they drain the very essence of life out of you. The Vampire charms, pleasures his victim before he finally just snaps the life out of it – and the more he managed to calm its victim down – the higher will the sudden Fear that appears be – and to them this Fear is some kind of miraculous energy. It is my theory that they suck out more energy out of Fear because the person experiences Fear just and only as it faces the Unknown – which means that only a Nation, a People, a Race that has no Knowledge of the Vampire and its Intentions can become its victim – and that very last second of realization where defense is impossible – is what grants them this highest satisfaction.

The control of Emotions and Will is imperative to the Jew.

Awakening from these parasitical nightmares is therefore a very difficult and problematic process. The energetical drain and exhaustion one experiences can be sometimes beyond our capabilities to handle –some people experience such a shock that they can even die. Perhaps, the body, mind and soul – once it realizes it had been used for so long – figures that killing itself is the best punishment for the Parasite. Of course, we must avoid such an idea and properly fight against the Jews.

In order to keep their Victims in line, the parasite uses Choice, Change and Randomness – all these elements make the Host miserable and hoping for the better. This artificial hope replaces certain energy losses that come from the constant drainage of the Parasite and again serve the basic purpose of making sure that the Host believes how his exhaustion comes from some other Source – and not from the Parasite that sits on his back. Or as Christianity would tell you – suffering is wonderful.

The thing is that the thought itself, if it is parasitic in nature and has overtaken its host, does not wish to reach a conclusion. It must keep on going, it must keep on existing, or at the very least, it must be somehow reset to a certain different variation of it and then proceed building itself up until – yet again – it repeats the pattern.The mental parasite must never have a conclusion, an end – for it would mean the death of it.

The Religious parasite ends only with your death.

Most of the stuff that is poisoning our youth is therefore “free” – now, why would the Jews give so many free things to the Goyim? Well, they are designed to drain them of Time – Time which they will then reshape through these parasitic thought systems – and finally create their perfect Golem victims. Porn is Free – do we need any more to explain here? Video games are mostly free nowadays – and those that are – are entirely based on these never ending thought parasites. The more “time” you invest into them – the “quicker your progress” – in other words, the more you think about this game, the more it rewards you.

Finally, all of these games, usually “strategy browser games” or “free to play games”, have no end – and even if they reach some kind of seasonal ending – they are immediately reset. People get addicted to this, you cannot even imagine it – but – it really doesn’t differ that much from your average Sports game on the TV. However, these games have taken over the life of children and finally embodied themselves on a new television platform called – thousands of “channels” for you to waste your time on – watching other people how they play games, donating money to them, listening to idiotic music, making idiots out of themselves to gain more money, and women are basically whoring themselves into degeneracy.

Before games were virtual books mostly, nowadays they are mostly Jewish propaganda. One of the most popular “free” games is “League of Legends” – which, surprise, surprise – is owned by Jews. Within it, and within the entire Twitch system, they brainwash these children into Social Justice warriors – they have entire Communist systems against any form of racism, sexism, negative thinking and talking, offending anyone with anything, and so on – the children oblige – because they cannot let go of their free mental addiction.


The situation this entire planet, but especially the White Aryan Race finds itself in is : crucial. It cannot continue any further – the processes of multi-culturalism, diversity, free this free that, free social welfare, porn, legalization of every possible degeneracy, life in choice, change and randomness, democracy – it must come to an end. We must bring it to an end before it destroys the entire planet.

We must return Natural Order to this Planet, to our Societies – we must protect our People, our Race, our Children – we are responsible for it, you must feel responsible to do so because you have awoken – you have managed to fight through the various mental parasites that you had been implanted with and now it is time to take that final step and decision – to make that final willful decision to end this misery we find ourselves in.How much longer must we suffer? How much longer can we last? Why should we even wonder about such questions? We must end this sickness and disease now – you must feel this urge to end the Jewish parasite within our Lands – nothing else is as important as this mission in your Life right now. We cannot run away from it any longer. We must not.

If there was life on Mars, then there were Jews on it who destroyed it.

When we present to people that Jews are the Source of all problems and therefore all problems could be solved by dealing with them properly – their parasitic thought pattern dismisses this entirely and tries to keep their hosts busy by feeding somewhere else. For the mental parasite which the Jews have given you knows also that it can only exist as long as the Jews as Parasites exist within our Societies as well. But, I shall give you here another notice as well – Jews made sure that our Societies have been bombarded many times with these “we can solve all your problems” advertisements that the average person rejects them nowadays. To them it seems like fake propaganda when you tell them that expelling the Parasite will heal them entirely.

It is therefore important to explain the pattern of these parasites to them – their behavior, their strategies, their ways of hiding themselves – their Nature, their Endgame, their Purpose. This is the only way to make our People understand that we are not making this shit up anymore. Once they finally comprehend the nature of the Virus and Parasite, no matter what shape or form it exists in, they will realize that the Jews have taken over and are controlling every asset of their Life. Talk doesn’t work with Evil, it can be defeated only through one final act : Force. We better get ready for the final Battle – mentally and physically – in the end the Will of the few remaining true Aryans will decide the outcome of this Eternal battle. Fast forward the video to 0:22 :


2 thoughts on “The Thought That Never Ends

  1. This article is wonderful, so much very good and very insightful information, i am amazed and a little bit enlightened or at least it seems so at the moment.
    I want to thank you, it is a great work!

    however, the ending is against the fundamental laws of nature
    final act and in using brute Force?- it is stupid, sorry

    you must be much much much smarter than that, if you want to have any success. True success in any field is achieved step by step slowly over the generations and usually in silence and hard work. Please understand, the highest tree in a forest is cut and the biggest victories are invisible and are won before

    i might as well tell somebody higher about your racial hatred, because i like jews, they are creative and intelligent, but i will never do so, because i like you too, you are creative and intelligent also, i so much like

    Once again, big thanks for your great great great work!


  2. Apart from the Stockholm Syndrome you are sadly experiencing, you have some clue…
    Dont give it up! Its not compulsory to be a genious to see the truth.

    Where did you read about the jooz being “smart”…….?


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