Hilarious Video Parody of a Ted Talk


3 thoughts on “Hilarious Video Parody of a Ted Talk

    1. I like when he starts laughing and the audience does too. I actually did an experiment back in HS drama class where I proved I could make the whole audience start giggling about something not even remotely funny (actually depressing) just by doing the same thing he did. It’s SO easy to control people it’s really disturbing. Even though most people stopping after a few seconds, they initially followed my lead, before even knowing what I was starting to say, wasn’t funny.


  1. You have all certainly noticed how the zio engineered tell-a-vision’s (Tv) jurnos and ‘think-tankers’ of the criminal system use to express themselves by using & abusing what they have learnt.
    That is, tactics of linguistic programming & misinformation. The body language, the lurid mannerism, the pitch of the tone, the semi-hidden gestured, the winks, the serious masques, the tricks we have seen above are now a normal & redundant part of our diseducation system aired 24/7 for the joy & pain of the actual Bubbas.

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