Crypto jewess Ayn Rand on Palestinian “Savages”


5 thoughts on “Crypto jewess Ayn Rand on Palestinian “Savages”

  1. It’s sad how many intelligent people worship this woman and hang on her every word. A perfect example of why libertarianism isn’t a good thing. To easy to let Jewish ideas sneak in.


  2. This has nothing to do with Libertarianism.
    This is a crypto, criminal, shitty kike.

    That being said, all political movements enjoying an echo on the zio msm are infiltrated, polluted & deceptive tools or mere ‘damage control’ instruments of the cabal.

    You could never spot them there, otherwise.


  3. As an example check the anarchist anti system movement.

    Despite some interesting poins of view (and many different, irreconcilable hinge arguments) they vever mention the jew.

    How can you wage war against the zio system without attacking its directors and casting actors?


  4. I couldn’t watch it all. But when it comes to ‘savage’, few can do it like Jewish settlers. It seems they project their weakness onto their victim. They call ‘chauvanist’ when they are the chauvinist pushing their agenda. They call ‘bully’ when they are the bully. They use Hate Crime as a way to express their hatred. That is why I call them the tribe that loves to hate.. Have you noticed that the Jews are turning the State of Israel into a giant walled ghetto??


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