Jewish Press Tyranny In Maine: Complete News Blackout of Somalian Crimes

By: Frank Goodale of The Renegade Tribune 

The relentless Somalian immigration invasion, wave after wave, perpetrated by Maine Catholic Charities “‘Refugee’ and Immigration Services” (RIS), continues to push the non-immigrant (and almost exclusively White) citizens of Maine in a downward financial spiral of a magnitude not seen since the so called “Great Depression”. This includes losses of safety net, including low-income housing.

Another problem, especially in the largest cities of Portland and Lewiston, which have the largest populations of these so called “refugees”, is that the low income housing environment has been radically changed wherever they are a majority; there are many reports of their trashing and vandalizing property, terrorizing, threatening, assaults, rapes, shootings, drug dealing and more. Whites wage turf battles for rights to stand at all major intersections, not only in Metropolitan Portland, Maine and Lewiston, Maine, but well into suburbia, also. Men and women hold signs describing their desperate state: “Will Work for Food”; “Pregnant And Homeless”; “Homeless Vet”; etc. Even the “picture book” Maine town of Kennebunk has had panhandlers at its major intersections.


No Somalians… not a chance. Between the Catholic Charities, etc. and the Somalian crime schemes, they’re pretty well covered. However, the federal government has threatened to terminate funding to the state for such safety net programs as EBT/SNAP (Food Stamps), WIC, etc. if the State of Maine continues its attempt to curb massive Somalian immigrant EBT/SNAP & WIC fraud schemes. The feds not only fight Maine’s attempts to curb this fraud, but they are also markedly reluctant to actually go beyond investigating such crime, and actually prosecute cases, if they are perpetrated by Somalians. Additionally, jewish owned media within the state fail to even cover these crimes, yet they will print one-sided “hit” pieces criticizing any attempts by the state to curb such crime.

When this author was a student in the Master’s Degree Nurse Practitioner program at the state university Portland campus, students in this program were required to perform both medical care and political action work in support of the Somalian “refugee” communities in both Portland, Maine and Lewiston, Maine. While performing this “medical care” for the Somalians, the author noted that a number of these Somalians appeared to suffer from previously undiagnosed serious contagious diseases (TB, etc.), as well as serious cases of disease that had been diagnosed (but were not being adequately quarantined to protect the community at large). If our ancestors, as immigrants, had suffered from such contagious diseases, they would have been turned back (or at a minimum quarantined), by immigration officers at Ellis Island and other such places of entry for immigrants.

The only news outlet in Maine to cover the story of the most recent, and apparently largest to date, Somalian welfare fraud sceme (~$2.7 million dollars), is the Maine Wire, an obscure online newsletter, which is a project of the Maine Heritage Policy Center. This “Center” describes itself as “Maine’s preeminent conservative policy think tank”, and it describes its Maine Wire as “…dedicated to your right to know…a news and opinion service founded in 2011, and dedicated to provide information and perspectives to Maine people that would otherwise be ignored by the Maine mainstream media”. As the writer for the “Maine Wire” wrote in her October 17, 2016 article “Massive Welfare Faud Case Ignored by Maine Media”,

Today, ‘LifeZette’ brought to light the story of a massive welfare and tax fraud (and money laundering) case from Portland, Maine, highlighting a scheme that has swindled Maine taxpayers dearly.

You might be wondering why a Washington, D.C. news service has brought this story forward. According to LifeZette editor Garrett Murch, “Multiple Maine news outlets had this story, but they decided not to cover it”. The author of this “Maine Wire” story, Krysta West further states:

But perhaps Maine media outlets have taken their cues from the Obama administration, which has failed to bring charges forward, in spite of a damning 52 page affidavit by an FBI agent.

I provide a link to this full 52 page affidavit, so that you can not only fact check, but also see for yourselves how these cocky, totally immoral, sociopathic criminals (shielded by Obama) flagrantly, shamelessly and boldly defrauded taxpayers. They are apparently, for the most part, untouchable, as is Hillary Clinton. They have been taken into the fold of the Zio-American wing of the jewish Mafia. The FBI performed a very expensive investigation (at taxpayers’ expense), but Obama’s D.O.J. brought forth no charges. During the investigation, the FBI noted (see 52 page affadavit PDF link) that they took great pains so as not to disrupt operations at Ali’s Halal Market, and that they just made copies off his hard drive, etc., so as to minimally inconvenience him and/or impede his operation of his market. This speaks volumes, people! Would they likely be so courteous to a White person? This Somalian owner, Ali Daham, of this particular “Halal” market in Portland, Maine, was so over the top cocky in his Food Stamp and WIC fraud, that he was submitting charges for his tiny one man operation (that didn’t even have grocery carriages or a scanner at the cash register table) comparable to, or larger, than several of Portland, Maine’s larger supermarkets.

Ali-Nassir Ahmed and Roda Abdi were found guilty felony theft by deception in Androscoggin County Superior Court. Photo: Amber Waterman/Sun Journal.
Ali-Nassir Ahmed and Roda Abdi. Photo: Amber Waterman/Sun Journal.

The boldness and sociopathic level of immorality of Ali Daham’s antics are so extreme that I believe that if I just described them here in this article, most people would not believe me. Thus, the absolute need for having the link to the 52 page FBI Affidavit. The fact that the Obama D.O.J. has not brought charges despite this damning, yet meticulously produced affidavit indicates the level of sociopathic criminality within the Obama Administration specifically, and the U.S. Government, Democratic Party and jewish politicians and their minions in general. This observation is further backed up by the fact that Maine has been effectively blocked from taking measures to reduce Food Stamp fraud and abuse by the above described. At a 2014 press conference (not covered by Maine mainstream media), Peter Steele, Press Sec. for Maine Governor Paul LePage, stated:

Other than purely party politics, there is no earthly reason for Democrats in Augusta (Maine) or Washington, DC to reject Governor LePage’s commonsense welfare reforms, which are widely supported by the people of Maine… Democrats in Maine even call welfare fraud and abuse “victimless crimes”.

Steele went on to describe how the USDA had requested extensive paperwork from Maine regarding any proposals to fight Food Stamp fraud and abuse, even for optional photo ID’s on EBT/SNAP cards. He described how the federal government’s opposition came at the same time that Maine’s legislature (Democratic/heavily jewish controlled) had voted down welfare reform proposals. Steele further described USDA’s inquiries regarding EBT/SNAP photo ID:

Interestingly, the letter that outlines its (USDA’s) inquiries first reached the hands of US Rep (ME) (jewish) Chellie Pingree… Rep. Pingree’s husband owns the Portland (Maine) Press Herald. Governor Lepage complained that he first read about the USDA response to the Maine EBT card fraud and abuse reduction attempts in the Portland Press Herald before his administration had even received the USDA’s letter.

Please be certain to read, or at a minimum, explore/scan the 52 page “Affidavit-Maine” by the FBI, which details Ali Daham’s truly over the top crimes, for which he still has not received charges. It actually is easy reading, and quite infuriating. Especially concerning is the frequency of such crimes of this type within the Maine Somalian communities. Ali is not a lone wolf sociopath. He is, unfortunately, far less the exception, than the rule.

The Maine media coverage of the unusual case in which the Lewiston, Maine Somalian couple (Roda Abdi- wife and owner of record of “halal”; Ali-Nassir Ahmed- husband) were actually arrested for multiple charges of welfare and other fraud perpetuated over many years was engineered to draw sympathy for them, and to minimize the severity of their crimes. The major Maine jew-rag propaganda sheet Bangor Daily News even boasted glowingly

…In a Mother Jones magazine story, (Roda) Abdi said she also offered henna to decorate women’s hands as well as all of the ingredients for Somali dishes.

Of course this “newspaper” fails to mention that just one facet of this couple’s string of crimes netted them in excess of $58,000 in fraudulent benefits, and then they just kept going with schemes such as double charging for WIC items, and the list goes on, but it’s just the usual criminal activities that Somalians just seem driven to perpetrate out of their “halal” markets in Maine.

They are protesting that they are not allowed to send their extra welfare money back to Somalia.
They are protesting that they are not allowed to send their extra welfare money back to Somalia.

Whites are required to submit to extensive background tests for many license, jobs, etc., but Somalians can have this requirement routinely waived, by just stating that no such information from Somalia is available. I have seen this firsthand at the company for which I work. The results can be, and often have been, quite disastrous for the company, for the company’s clients, as well as for (especially White) society in general.

The jews did say that they would bring “multiculturalism” to the “Whitest” and “most remote” regions. Well, they have! Maine used to be the state with the highest percentage White population, and it is somewhat remote. Also, it is completely run by jews, who have in effect a total news blackout regarding this invasion and associated crime wave. Maine Senator Susan Collins (jewish- obviously changed surname, from Cohen(?) as with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry Cohen- see genealogy performed by the New England Genealogical Society, Boston, available online). Senator Collins, along with her jewish friends who recently acquired control of L.L. Bean, Freeport, ME, is a rabid supporter of increased Somalian immigration into Maine.

I described in my recent podcast, released on Tuesday, October 18, 2016 on Renegade Tribune, Red Flags And False Flags, Portland, Maine, the city of my birthplace, in which I was raised in the 1950’s and 1960’s. It was family-oriented, with low crime, world class public schools, ethnic, cohesive neighborhoods with seasonal, frequently ethnic, festivities. All of that that has radically changed now, and it is continuing to change… for the worse.

Please always be vigilant and aware. See the big picture. Try to notice what isn’t being reported, because it’s probably what is most important!



2 thoughts on “Jewish Press Tyranny In Maine: Complete News Blackout of Somalian Crimes

  1. This is simply outrageous and we need to bring it to the attention of America. Maine is such a beautiful and special state, I did not know there were that many jews there but so saddened to hear that my favorite lifetime store L.L. Bean has been taken over by them. We must support Frank Goodale and anyone else who is trying to broadcast this news across the country. The American people need to know what the zionists and government are doing allowing this evil, criminal behavior. I remember when Governor Paul LePage was courageous to stand up and say that nigger thugs from New York etc. were coming into Maine to sell their drugs and were getting young White girls pregnant while there. He had nothing but criticism heaped on him for telling the factual truth. This is outrageous and disgusting and someone has to spread this story as wide as possible. We always have to be vigilant fighting against the lying, evil zionists just like I have to go back at every site on WordPress to change the word back to lower case because when I type it lowercase it automatically capitalizes it….. maybe zionist spell check! It only takes a small amount of time and I will never give up typing it in lowercase to show my lack of respect for zionists, the scourge of the world.
    Howard Alexander Stafford

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