Edward Bernays’ Brother-in-Law Designed The Nuremberg Trials

When we think of the name Bernays we often think of that Propaganda piece of shit. However his brother in law, Murray Cohen, sorry Murray Bernays, as he changed his name when marrying Edwards sister, was also cohencidentally a Jewish piece of shit who also got himself involved in the paperwork of war. I know, small world, right?

So, why and how could this Bernays be just as beastly? When Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt were deciding what to do with Germany, they took a stumble when the Morgenthau Plan was used to justify a firing squad on all ‘Nazis’, but was supposedly received badly and declined (although later revised). Before the trio could make more plans together, Roosevelt died and Churchill was replaced by Clement Attlee of Labour.

Colonel Murray Bernays of the Special Projects Branch was given paperwork that discussed a “Napoleon Precedent” – punishment without trials, which had been dismissed because of its horrific nature and so was to be ‘tamed’. This was to the disgust of Morgenthau, who wrote ‘The Problem with Germany’ and suggested dividing the land into states and de-industrialising the nation.

Lawyer Bernays was able to step in and solve the dilemma. He designed the Nuremberg trials; the Nuremberg charter was officially given the title of ‘London Charter of the Military Tribunal’, and was very illegal. The Nuremberg trials avoided traditional procedure by simply changing the rules of a trial.

In the words of historian Robert Conot, Bernays was “the guiding spirit leading the way to Nuremberg.” Bernays, a successful New York attorney, persuaded US War Secretary Henry Stimson and others to accept the idea of putting the defeated German leaders on trial (Mark Weber)

Murray Bernays, with all of his skills, military projects, occupation as a lawyer, and previous work for the social engineering giant of public relations Edward Bernays as a writer and researcher, was the perfect man to be able to sell what looked like a trial. It was, in fact, just another firing squad, but Murray managed to dress it up as a trial.

The allies were guilty of substituting power for principle at Nuremberg. I thought at the time and still think that the Nuremberg Trials were unprincipled. Law was created ex past fact (after the fact) to suit the passion and clamour of the time” (William Douglas, Associate US Supreme Court)

About this whole judgement there is the spirit of vengeance, and vengeance is seldom justice. The hanging of the eleven men convicted will be a blot on the American record which we will long regret.” (US Senator Robert A. Taft)

There was no trial, there was no ‘innocent until proven guilty’, the law ‘judging’ them was unlawful and made up of Zionists/Jews to decide their fate. Murray Bernays came to the conclusion that:

The crimes and atrocities were not single or unconnected but were the inevitable outcome of the basic criminal conspiracy of the Nazi party.”

With such a view, the party as a whole was given a ‘trial’ without having the opportunity to defend itself, as evidence was refused again and again, and all soldiers were seen as ‘dual soldiers and politicians’ in guilt. Murray Bernays had decided that:

The Nazi doctrine of racism, totalitarianism, involved murder, terrorism and the destruction of peaceful populations in the violations of the laws of war.”

About now would be a good time to remind those of you who have not yet watched Hellstorm to do so and realise the statement above is disgusting, since the first order after Germany’s unconditional forced surrender was to reduce their land and create a wave of refugees heading for their new borders, with over two million never to arrive. They were in the hands of what was believed (and is still believed) to be the great victorious liberators from Britain and the US. In reality it was, in the words of Murray Bernays, ‘murder, terrorism and the destruction of populations in the violations of the laws of war’, but in fact the war was over, and the terrible fate of the German people was cold, calculated murder. The double standards in which these ‘new laws’ were invented is beyond words. The treatment of the German people at the end of the war and after the war is too great to fully absorb; when reading these facts there is a certain disconnect because of the overwhelming heinous reality.

Bernays suggested that to deal with the so-called ‘Nazi’ Party’s ‘guilt that was beyond crime’ there would need to be new categories for war crimes.

The overlapping Conspiracies of the Plan were: war crimes, crimes against peace, and crimes against humanity. Germany was deemed solely responsible for the war and accounts from Soviets and Polish reports, as well as Jews/Zionists, were used to concrete the need for Bernays’ design for the so called trials. The only difference between the initial plan that Churchill advocated and the one Bernays designed was the latter involved role-play and paper; in fact the 11 men hanged would have suffered less under fire than they did under trial and hanging, which was carried out incorrectly, causing a slow torturous death.

The fact that the Nazi leaders are criminals has already been established. The task of the Tribunal is only to determine the measure of guilt of each particular person and mete out the necessary punishment — the sentences.” (Judge Iola T. Nikitchenko, USSR)

It had been noted that if they had been able to carry out the Morgenthau plan (in thorough detail) they would not have been able to punish everyone involved within the party for their part in the believed crimes, as they could with Bernays designs. The other benefit of using a ‘trial’ was that Hitler would not be ‘elevated to martyrdom’, as surely nobody would think such a thing after being indoctrinated with beliefs that are unopen for debate, back then and now. This shows the fear of Hitler’s impending legendary status.

Their judgment of perceived benefit was wrong. Many people still ‘Heiled’ Hitler and still do – the so called deniers, revisionists and National Socialists. Some brave people have been talking aloud, while others talk to their God in the dark, in the quiet, just like every religion and movement starts. People began collecting the things that bring them closer to their figurehead of change, reading his book, his vision, before they sleep.

It must unnerve the chosen ones that the second bestseller worldwide is Mein Kampf, and the first is the Bible. The last thing they would want is for Hitler to be ‘elevated to martyrdom’, to be seen as a legend, a god, whose words form a new religion. I use these terms in expression of theirs.

Image result for NUREMBERG TRIALThe German man, the warrior for his people and his Fuhrer, has been given a legacy of lies. Our strongest souls, who stood up to this orchestrated elite Jewish evil, have had their names muddied by a family of dirty propagandists and lawyers, making up laws to suit their own needs. They have been telling the world that the Fuhrer was unstable and insane maniac. How dare they take his people and ruin his land.

Oh, when the German man awakes this time it will be in the embodiment of Tyr, and the European man will not help take him down again, under the blindfold of Propagandist Bernays and the judgment of Lawyer Bernays, and their entourage of Zionists/jews. Once bitten, twice shy.

We often discuss the jewish ability to stick together, but it is not for love, and not for honour; it is for protection and selfish gains, nothing more.

When we stand together it is for us all. It is for love. It is for honour.

Nothing more.

Those who stand together for each other are stronger than those who only stand together for themselves. Only they divided and conquered us.

We will stand together once more, stronger than before. If National Socialism is a glimpse of the united European man, then it is only the light before the dawn.

I have no doubt in my mind, that I am in love with us all.

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