Celebrity Members of The ((((TRIBE)))


12 thoughts on “Celebrity Members of The ((((TRIBE)))

  1. Not buying the Paul Newman was (((!))).
    The jews are like cling-ons, they cling on to anything goy and beautiful which he was – “the most famous half-jew Paul Newman”, half because his father was a kike, but he didn’t affiliate to that tribe.
    Just because (((they))) always quote Paul as saying “It is more of a challenge” does not mean he ALWAYS identified himself as one of (((them))), that is the uglys trying to grasp onto good looking goy straws.
    Lets face it, aside from Heddy Lamarr (who also never associated herself with (((that lot))) ) the rest of that famous tribe list are total mingers.
    Well, fuck you ugly mo fo’s, you are not having Paul.

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    1. It doesn’t matter if Paul identified himself as one of them or not, he IS one. If you can’t tell by looking by looking at him then you need to get your jewdar calibrated.


  2. Thank you Shield Maiden, I was very surprised at some of the actors that were shown here and of course I know you can’t go by their names because actors especially go by stage names. I also agree with thegoythebadandtheugly about no way is Paul Newman jewish. I will remind everyone here that even the jews themselves only consider a baby a jew if they are born by a jewish mother. Only a jewish mother can legally produce a jew baby. Anyway it is hardly news that the zionists planned to dominate Hollywood and all the media to spread their evil propaganda as far as they can. I am a news junkie and I have loved TV and movies all my life but I just enjoy the entertainment and have never let it change my hatred for zionists. I am sure I don’t have to remind everyone here that we have to be always vigilant against their actions. I so hope and pray that someday the zionists will be exterminated from the entire world.

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    1. Having a jewish father will give one jewish genes. A jewish mother is required to have a “right” of return to Israel.

      Sorry, folks. Anyone with well-calibrated jewdar can see that Newman was a kike.


  3. Yet…if they are established holly joo members as they actually look like, then my gut suggests, they’ve got to suck the zio golden calf’s butt…


    1. Zionism has nothing to do with it. They are established holly joos simply because they are jewish. Jews want us chasing ghost groups and abstractions like political philosophies because such things can’t be pinned down to anyone.

      They need keep our focus away from the actual, real-world, physical beings committing the crimes and destroying the world–namely, them.

      Bottom line: you cannot arrest, try, convict & execute an “-ism”.


  4. Almost every face on Hollyweird’s screens is jewish. The saturation is just about 100%, and don’t be fooled by those that are hybrid indian, asian, or what-not. You could probably count on one hand without the thumb those actors who are pure-blooded humans of any racial flavor.

    Some tips on spotting jews:


    Yes, like blacks and asians, they can be identified on sight. From the posts I’ve read it seems most are unaware of how prolific jews really are.

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