Hapa / Filipina(?) Woman Rachel Dahl Appears / Willingly Featured on White Nationalist Website

The Half Asian "Fetish Baby" Reality; What it's like looking like an Asian male when you have a racist, friendless, Nazi sympathizing, conspiracy theorist, anti-feminist White dad and Asian mom; from the Half-Asian son of a Holocaust-denying, misogynistic, black hating, racist White man and a mentally ill, cruel, white-worshipping, racist, abusive, violent, loveless Chinese Tiger mother

CoJFgl0VUAA_hRa.jpg-large.jpegLink Here.

I don’t really pass judgement other than to voice my own mental issues.

My mother was Chinese from Hong Kong and had underwent such extreme body modification (like which Rachel seems to have) in order to “appear white.” I cannot explain the psychology of this well, but my suspicion is that she (my mother) was deeply mentally ill and so traumatized by the fact that she was not white that she altered her entire appearance to the point that my young brain actually did not register that she was Asian – think heavy red lip stick, eyelid surgery, heavy hair dyeing.

My father was also a very, very, very paleoconservative white man who believed in 1950’s era traditionalism, which I have voiced many times. He hates gays, hates liberals, hates Jews, and lives in a fantasy world of HAM radio, Holocaust denial, and old books.

As far as…

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2 thoughts on “Hapa / Filipina(?) Woman Rachel Dahl Appears / Willingly Featured on White Nationalist Website

  1. A lot of Canadians adopt Chinese babies (Females). I always thought to myself what a selfish disgraceful thing to do. Those kids are going to be screwed up in the head not knowing who they really are. Attention grabbers !

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  2. When Jews started forcing nonwhite immigration in Britain, there was a similar phenomenon in poorer/ weaker etc women: some white women had brood of differently-coloured bastards, since they had no help and couldn’t fend off aliens. Jews are the filth of the universe.

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