Sinead Shoahed From Jew Tube For The Fourth Time


5 thoughts on “Sinead Shoahed From Jew Tube For The Fourth Time

  1. You hit it.

    “There is no more depressing thing than to belong to a multitude in space.

    Nor anything more exhilarating than to pertain to a multitude in time.”

    Nicolás Gómez Dávila

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  2. This shocking and ridiculous! I have never seen anything even slightly illegal in your posts to jewtube and would like to know what they said to you. Also would like to know what action we could take to object and protest your treatment. I sign petitions and write my politicians all the time and would love to participate in actions to support you. I have always had great faith in you and truly believe in what you have to say and it is important that your rights to free speech not be infringed. It is very important to me that your words and ideas get heard by as many people as possible. Always wishing you the very best.

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      1. Do they?

        “Terms and Conditions

        By uploading content to you certify that:
        1.the content is legal in the United States. have the rights to make the content available on

        In the case the laws of the United States will be too restrictive for us as a free speech video host, we will find a way to host the content in a different jurisdiction.”

        The above quote T&Cs in full. I didn’t see anything about hate speech.

        Unfortunately, there is this page: .

        “We had to temporarily deactivate the registration of new users [due] to spammers. Please be patient we will activate it again in the next days.

        Feel free to sign up for our newsletter to be reminded when registrations will be available again:

        You can also apply for an account by sending an email to

        To make sure that you will receive our mailings do the following:
        1.Add the email address to your address book
        2.Send an email to

        As for the hate-speech thingie, I did see a few videos on its home page that could be called anti-Semitic.

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