Order Out of Chaos Magic: The Discordian Origins of the Alt Right

Recently I ended up on a crazy dot connecting mission, thanks to information presented to me by Hugh Wyatt Mann. After releasing my video on the Alt Right and Eurasiansim, which discusses how the New Right and the Trad Workers Party youth division, called The Traditionalist Youth Network, use the “chaos symbol”.

Notice how Matt also uses sigils in his “Jesus Loves You” sign.  Sigil magic is a major component of chaos magic. The chaos magicians believe that creating sigils with a certain intent, will magically bring about said intention.

Close associates of The Trad Workers Party, and the alt right in general, is known anti-White psychopath, Alexander Dugin. Dugin also totes the “chaos symbol”.

Dugin has some other interesting associations, in particular with Richard Spencer of Alt Right fame, as well as other major players.

Dugin at the Konstantin Vassilev Gallery in Moscow with David Duke
Aleksandr Dugin meeting with trilateralist, Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Here we find out more about Dugin’s connections to Chaos Magic:

The misanthropic ideas of British occultist and satanist Aleister Crowley (d. 1947) do however inform both the Duginist world view and its contemporary praxis. Indeed it is within the worldview of Chaos magic specifically (which is a spawn of Crowley’s Thelemic philosophy) where much of the paradoxes and seeming contradictions of the Duginist weltanschauung – and especially in its Fourth Positionist catchall of ‘beyond right or left’ – must be sought, since this is (whether explicitly articulated or not) the actual animating locus of the Duginist far-right praxis, beginning with its choice of symbology, i.e. his Eurasian flag of eight white or yellow thunderbolts (or arrows) shaped in a radial pattern and set behind a black background. This symbol by itself is alternatively referred to in Chaos magic as the ‘wheel of chaos’, ‘the symbol of chaos’, ‘arms of chaos’, ‘the arrows of chaos’, ‘the chaos star’, ‘the chaos cross’, ‘the chaosphere’ or ‘the symbol of eight’. Somewhat reminiscent of the Thule Society and then Hitler’s own appropriation of the swastika from the writings of Theosophical Society founder H.P. Blavatsky (d. 1891), Dugin derives his design from the popularizations of it made by western Chaos magicians during the 1970s-1980s who themselves appropriated it from the work of British science fiction and fantasy novelist Michael Moorcock. (Source)

For anyone not aware, Dugin was the founder of the National Bolshevik Party, which should be sending some red flags for you all.


In the 22 countries where Dugin’s International Eurasian Youth Movement have a presence, including the US, UK, Serbia and Turkey, there are fascist paramilitary defense leagues working in tandem with them. (Gladio anyone?)

In fact, “The New Right” also chose the chaos symbol to represent their movement.  Cohen-cidence? I think not.


Many on the New Right scene also embrace some dark magic, along with Dugin’s vision of the future. Grinder Greggie, The New Right’s favorite faggot, also has a special place for Crowley, the known homosexual and alleged child and animal rapist.


Apparently buttsex and orgies with animals is an important contribution to “The New Right”. He also mentions the philosophy of Thelema, which was Crowley’s religion. Interestingly, Augustus Sol Invictus (White advocate, lawyer, and Red Ice guest) is a Thelemite. There was a major uproar from the public regarding his goat sacrificing ritual.


The religion of Thelema is based on a philosophical law of the same name, adopted as a central tenet by some religious organizations. The law of Thelema is “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.”

Crowley and Thelema have been a huge inspiration for many people in the so-called “counter-culture”, spawning many different “magical” movements. One of these offshoots was founded by a group of Chaos magicians.

The Church of the SubGenius is a parody religion that satirizes better known belief systems. It teaches a complex philosophy that focuses on J. R. “Bob” Dobbs, purportedly a salesman from the 1950s, who is revered as a prophet by the Church. SubGenius leaders have developed detailed narratives about Dobbs and his relationship to various gods and conspiracies. Their central deity, Jehovah 1, is accompanied by other gods drawn from ancient mythology and popular fiction. SubGenius literature describes a grand conspiracy that seeks to brainwash the world and oppress Dobbs’ followers. In its narratives, the Church presents a blend of cultural references in an elaborate remix of the sources. (Source)

Here is a creepy TV commercial for the church:

Did you notice how they refer to people not in the church as “normals”? Interesting how the AltRight uses the term “normies” to refer to those not initiated into the Cult of Kek. Also, did you notice how they are wearing “Nazi” looking arm bands and they raise their right hands in a “Sieg Heil” fashion?

The Church of the SubGenius’ literature incorporates many aspects of conspiracy theories,[21] teaching that there is a grand conspiracy at the root of all lesser ones.[16] It records that there are many UFOs, most of which are used by the conspiracy leaders to monitor humans, although a few contain extraterrestrials. In the Church’s view, this conspiracy uses a facade of empowering messages but manipulates people so that they become indoctrinated into its service.[8] (Source)

The group holds that the quality of “Slack” is of utmost importance—it is never clearly defined.

SubGenius members believe that those in the service of “the conspiracy” seek to bar them from “Slack”,[21] a quality promoted by the Church. Its teachings center on “Slack”[4] (always capitalized),[17] which is never concisely defined, except in the claim that Dobbs embodies the quality.[1][23] Church members seek to acquire “Slack” and believe that it will allow them the free, comfortable life (without hard work or responsibility) which they claim as an entitlement.[11][24] Sex and the avoidance of work are taught as two key ways to gain “Slack”.[17] Davidoff believes that “Slack” is “the ability to effortlessly achieve your goals”.[21] Cusack states that the Church’s description of “Slack” as ineffable recalls the way that Tao is described,[8] and Kirby casts “Slack” as a “unique magical system”.[25] The Slackware Linux distribution is so named after the tenet of Slack. (Source)

This video from the church explains what “slack” is and why it’s important.

In the comments section of this video we find this peculiar comment.


Their God “Bob Dobbs” also uses the famous “okay” hand gesture, used prominently by Trump and his sycophants.


The “OK” hand sign is really just a code for sodomy, and it often seems to be boy rape in particular.

In some Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Tunisia, and Greece, in the Middle East, as well as in Brazil and parts of Germany, and several South American countries, it may be interpreted as a vulgar expression: either an insult (you are an asshole), the slang for anus itself, or an offensive reference to homosexuality. (Source)

The gesture It is also known as the fraternal sign of the “Gabbai’.


Apparently the AltRight twitter members who were banned from Twitter have led an exodus over to Gab.ai. Gab.ai uses the green frog, which we see all over the AltRight in the form of Pepe The Frog.

And lookie here! It’s our favorite jews and philo-semites!

We see many of the Trumpians throwing up this hand sign naively, not knowing what it really means. I’m sure these figures below know exactly what it means.

Back to Bob. When I first saw the picture of “Bob Dobbs” it looked eerily familiar. I remembered that several of the trolls dedicated to harassing me and other Renegades on twitter, were using Bob Dobbs as their avatars. Here is one of those accounts, interacting with someone else.

And here is his profile page.

I guess when you worship slack that means doing lines of blow and having sex all day?

Here are a few more Twitter profiles that are inspired by Bob.

Robert Anton Wilson also joined the Church of the SubGenius, who referred to him as Pope Bob. Wilson was the brains behind “Operation Mind Fuck”. The goal of this operation was to:

Attribute all national calamities, assassinations or conspiracies to the other member-groups.

This reminded me about how Hillary has claimed everything against her and her husband is a result of a vast right-wing conspiracy, and has called out the Alt Right and Pepe as being involved most recently. There are other interesting examples of this type of behavior, such as every time their is hoax shooting, we see Sam Hyde being put forth as the suspect.


Robert Anton Wilson also helped popularize the Discordian movement with his Illuminatus Trilogy.

The Discordians planted stories about the secret society in various leftist, libertarian, and hippie publications, introducing the Illuminati to the counterculture. “We accused everybody of being in the Illuminati,” Wilson recalled. “Nixon, Johnson, William Buckley, Jr., ourselves, Martian invaders, all the conspiracy buffs, everybody.” (Source)

This reminds me how the alt right will accuse anyone who points out their controlled opposition movement as a “leftist shill” or “libtard”.

Robert Anton Wilson’s work also inspired the notorious Illuminati card game. There is a lot in the deck which is relevant to us, but five cards in particular caught my attention in regards to this topic. The first one is entitled “Dobbstown”, which seems to be a reference to Jonestown, but is obviously also referencing the Subgenius God, Bob Dobbs.

This was the highest quality photo I could find. I am interested to know what it says in the text.
Here we see Bob Dobbs’ face on a comet.

We also see a “Principia Discordia” card.  Are those supposed to be Obama and Hillary?  We also see a drawing of a pentagon.  Or is it “The Pentagon” building in DC that is known for it’s affinity for child rape videos?  


This next card has a man with a question mark on his shirt, which reminds me of the Anonymous logo with the question mark replacing the head. It also has raining frogs, and what appears to be a black version of pedo bear/ spurdo sparde,

ded86045580e9892b90ff31c3ab3000fThe next card is quite interesting as well.


Pepe? Kek?

Could these cards, and the whole “New World Order” conspiracy, have simply been a kind of “magic trick” that has been played upon us by these Chaos magicians?

There are a number of similarities between the Church of the SubGenius and Discordianism. Eris, the goddess of chaos who is worshiped by adherents of the latter, is believed by members of the Church of the SubGenius to be the wife of Jehovah 1 and an ally to humans. Like Discordianism, the Church of the SubGenius rejects absolute truth and embraces contradictions and paradoxes.[18] Religious scholar David Chidester of the University of Cape Town views the Church as a “Discordian offshoot”,[63] and Kirby sees them as “a child of the Discordians”.  (Source)

Is “meme magic” simply “chaos magick” repackaged? Pepe, who represents Kek, an ancient Egyptian frog-headed god of primordial chaos, is now a symbol of White nationalists, whether we like it or not. Pepe the frog is a meme that has been used by millions of people in a plethora of ways. These people have no idea what else this meme could be used for and probably don’t care anyway. There is even  “Esoteric Kekism”, which appears to be another type of “parody religion”, such as The Church Of The Subgenius and Discordianism, introduced above. Many of those on the alt right believe that through the power of “chaos magick” or “meme magic” that even worship of fictional deities can have real world consequences.

Pepe originates from Matt Furie’s comic series Boy’s Club. Now Furie is teaming up with the (((ADL))) to take back his cartoon from evil racists. The Times of Israel states:

Matt Furie will create a series of positive Pepe internet memes that the ADL will promote through its social media channels with the hashtag #SavePepe, the organization announced in a news release Friday.

Matt Furie and his soulless eyes

When the dots are connected, its starts to paint a very revealing picture of manufactured mindfuckery.

It appears to me at this point that this Pepe nonsense is not organic.  This frog meme has been seeded into the minds of many, who once again proudly carry the banner of their enemies, as stated to happen in Protocol 1 of The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.

…brought to our ranks, thanks to our blind agents, whole legions who bore our banners with enthusiasm.


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  1. I couldn’t find a better image of that Dobbstown card either. BUT I did find a Church of Subgenius card game based on the Illuminati card game. So it’s possibly not be from the Illuminati card game we know of. http://www.sjgames.com/inwo/subgenius/
    This is some wacky shit though. Great job putting this article together. I wanna know more about this cuz it’s all relevant, as you are pointing out.

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  2. The Sam Hyde thing, I think, is just a satirical take on how racist whites and “gun nuts” are always treated as America’s preeminent threat to public order, whereas most of the time it’s blacks killing people. Nationalists on Twitter like to deploy those Sam Hyde images whenever a non-white does something criminal (or at least is alleged to have done something). Partly because it’s funny when reporters or anti-racists unfamiliar with Hyde will gullibly retweet that stuff and end up looking stupid.

    That Counter-Currents would laud Aleister Crowley is much more disturbing, however, and I would definitely be suspicious of anybody using a symbol associated with degenerate magick. Brett Stevens of Amerika.org even wrote a post praising pedophile William S. Burroughs a year or two back.

    The Pepe cartoons used to be funny, and I tend to think that developed as an organic internet meme rather than as some sort of psyop, the same way people will appropriate the 70s smiley face or the Mona Lisa (or the “Rickrolling” pranks from a few years ago). Judging by the sophistication of most of the earliest Pepe cartoons I saw, it seemed like the work of teenagers, actually. Pepe has taken on too many repugnant associations, though, and seems to be almost exclusively associated with Trump at this point, so it’s probably ruined forever. Also, I have seen at least one instance of really bizarre Pepe art depicting what appeared to be pedophilia (Pepe sodomizing a much smaller frog). I don’t remember where that was now – probably on 4chan.

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  3. Also interesting that there are Linux distros named after “Slack”. Linux in itself is an interesting topic. Not to sway too far from the subject but today’s Linux is EXACTLY the same as Microsoft Windows. This information is highly suppressed but I am 100% positive, by my own knowledge of OS’s and 1st hand research, that Linux is just a big psy-op….every single Windows process and code is just changed in name and programming language to appear as a a different OS when in reality they are now identically the same in operation. One’s free and the other is for those “rebels” who refuse to pay Microsoft. A very clever way to ensure that Microsoft and the government spy agencies have total access to just about every computer in existence. Linux is no more safe than Windows when it comes to privacy from the NSA etc. If you try and search for this info, you’ll never find it on any published website….just talking about it is taboo in the computer business. It can be found in some obscure forums but I literally had 2 computers side by side, one with Windows 7, the other with Linux Mint (13 I think) and you can pull up your OS running processes with a process explorer and you’ll see the same list of processes running, hidden log files sending the same shit to the same hidden routes)same memory use in each…literally identical running side by side….just different names used (sometimes the names of the CAB files are like a joke-hard to explain what I mean) Anyways, sorry about the rant….just another interesting bit of weirdness, somewhat related.

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    1. This comment is the most stupid thing I’ve ever read. Have you even used Linux? Do you know how a file system works? Do you know what permissions are? Or a process id? Do you even know what kind of shell Linux uses? Do you know what POSIX means?

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      1. I could be wrong, but our latest entry’s stench reminds me of Vicky, the ‘guttural marxist’ (Sic).

        Gaybee, if it’s not you, pls forward your ‘righteous discomfort’ straight into one of my emails, possibly enclosing an informal pic of sis.. Dad would appreciate my opinion on the latter.


      2. Fuck you “jdc”, none of that matters, but yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. I am not posting on a tech forum you kike. My point is, (and you can debate it in an echo-chamber if you like), that Linux distros like Ubuntu and Mint (and maybe others) are spying on it’s users just like Microsoft does. It’s known that Microsoft has weaseled it’s way into the anti-Microsoft world, both publicly and behind closed doors. How did you even find your way in here to talk about that. If you’re in denial, I can’t help that. So fuck off.

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  4. That post is dumb as hell, rofl. And doesn’t make anysense, and I’m a discordian, I’m used to nonsense, you see. The whole thing on subgenius is a mockery on consumerist people and rightist idiots who run around seeking money. The first members where mostly anarchists, including Saint tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE, the neoist guy.
    And one of the discordians founders where a anarchist, Mal-2. Later in his life, he gave up on the movement, but he wrote with those ideas in mind, the same on RAW, who wrote illuminatis! while he was an anarchist. And for real, if you don’t get a satire you can leave by the door over there (or just jump of the window, kek).
    Now, why don’t you kiddies go play on the park while adults handle politics?

    Viktor Andrejnovich “Molotov” Dias, the discordian fixer.

    P.S.: Why do all whities like to complain like little bitches?
    P.S.3: The Symbol that you alleged to be mean anus on Brazil actually means “okay” down here too (source: I’m a Brazillian).


    1. And welcome to the “Internet Intellectual Narcissist Show” with your host, Viktor! What does Viktor have to say today? It doesn’t matter!
      I’d like to see Viktor, the self-titled “discordian” interacting with his friends… (hahaha! he doesn’t have any? What a surprise!)
      Viktor, here’s an article you’ll REALLY hate, even more than this one 😉

      Brazilian huh? That’s right Mr. Smarty-pants, I know Brazilian has only ONE “l” in it, and I’m not even FROM there.
      What is with Brazilians? I’ve never met a Brazilian who I didn’t want to throw into a volcano after they said more than 2 words? What’s with you assholes?
      “I’m a discordian, I’m used to nonsense, you see.” Holy fuck I can hear your nasally, accented snob voice saying that and it makes my skin crawl. Well, thanks for stopping by 🙂 Oh, also, what’s it like to be a mixed-race child? Were you bullied as a youngster? Do you harbor deep-seeded hatred for your mother, or your father? Both? Just curious.

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      1. I’m not a internet intelectual narcissist, just intellectual and nascissist, if you may. E sinceramente, tou pouco me fodendo se “brazilian” tem um l ou dois, rofl.
        I don’t have a nazially accented snob voice, It’s more guttural – guttural marxism, mhmmmm?
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      3. And Viktor…you “like to imagine big and strong mixed guy assfuckin some little Aryan boy”?
        Case closed.
        Will someone please escort the race-mixing, mulatto, homosexual rapist to the volcano?

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      5. C’mon slacky-Vicky..

        You sound much as a mixed hermaphrodite with erectile dysfinction
        Indeed this is not the right place for you.
        Remember: ” Die groesste Scheisse, immer oben schwimmt’.

        do you have a sis, by chance?…

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      1. The infamous symbol used by the alt righters means ‘ok’ just in a single, limited environment: underwater. It has no ‘universal, accepted meaning’ anywhere, at least outside the alt-zio brothel.

        In fact, as any trained scuba-diver will tell, it is used in immersions to significate and report to the diving mate that ‘everything is okay’.

        In that restricted environment in fact, the ‘thumb up’ sign, which is widly used worldwide to express ‘it’s all fine’ it’s used to indicate quite the opposite: ‘I need to emerge asap’…:)

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  5. What do we have here?

    A celebrated twinning between zio jews and alt right mongrels..

    by: ‘Carbon-Tax-Free Holocost Association, President’

    Will ‘sex in the toilets’ really renew Zionism?

    Michal Nadel [velvet rope woman at Tel Aviv club Allenby 58] says it feels like a tribe… She thinks it’s all very primitive and wonderful. When she gets into it and closes her eyes and moves her head from side to side, she can actually hear in the music the beating drums of ancient African tribes, the hooves of wild horses….”And everybody is together in this sexy, insane thing.”…

    In an extravagant getup, with her provocative mannerisms, she tells the bouncers who to let in and who to turn away, all the while looking for the guy she’ll have fun with at dawn…

    “Sometimes thousands crowd the doors. Guys in leather pants, girls with their breasts half bare. Because everyone knows that I will only let in the gorgeous ones.”


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    1. Club culture is pretty rampant in TelAviv I hear…of course the article is less than honest about drugs and alcohol. Good Jews would NEVER partake in such things….but anonymous copulation in a filthy toilet stall…”vunderlekh!”

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      1. Anonymous and mixed copulation in the public shitter with multiple partners is a way of life down the strip.
        It allows them to meet many hipster zio-tribesman. Nonetheless, the casual orgasm often turns out to be a fully-paid & unsecure optional.
        As the Poet said: ‘Sufficit Animus’….:))

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  6. Erisesiastes 1 – Everything May Be Meaningless

    1 The words of the Fool, [a] son of humans, Pope in Discordia:

    2 “Absurd! Absurd!”
    says the Fool.
    “Utterly Absurd!
    Everything is Absurd.”

    3 What does man gain from all his labor
    at which he toils under the sun?
    Except for sunburn, a bad back and
    a retirement plan that goes away
    when the corporation goes bankrupt?

    4 The generations come and go, children of men
    become beatniks. Children of beatniks
    become hippies. Children of hippies
    become spoiled brats and the earth
    continues onward, unaware of the philosophies
    of the idiots that run around on its surface.

    5 The sun rises and the sun sets,
    no matter what view of the solar
    system we might have. It will
    warm the flat earther, just as
    it will warm the one who knows
    the earth to be round. So then
    what value is in the knowing?

    6 The wind blows to the south
    and turns to the north;
    its blowing generates energy for some
    and its blowing destroys property for others.
    No matter how we plan, we can neither
    stop nor start the blowing of the wind.

    7 All streams flow into the sea,
    often carrying garbage, waste
    and pollution; yet the sea is
    never full of water, but it is
    filling with garbage.
    To the place the streams come from,
    there they return again. Leaving the
    old garbage and bringing more next time.
    Such is all philosophy and religion.

    8 All things are strange,
    more than one can say.
    No matter what we see, no matter
    what we hear, there is always more
    and it’s generally wrong.

    9 In all things do we repeat ourselves;
    That which we argue about has been
    argued before. That which we think about
    has been thought about before.
    There is nothing new under the sun,
    and yet none of us will ever see or
    experience all of it. We will, however,
    fight over all of it.

    10 Is there anything of which one can say,
    “Look! This is something new”?
    It was here already, long ago;
    it was here before our time.
    At best, we just happen to be
    the first humans to notice it.

    11 Not everyone is remembered; those
    who are remembered are often remembered
    through hyperbole, tall tales, legends and
    myths. What came before us we see darkly
    through the lens of history. What will come
    next, we have no way of knowing.

    12 I, the Fool, was a Pope in Discordia.

    13 I devoted myself to study and to
    explore by wit all that is done by humans.
    What a heavy burden Man has laid on men!

    14 I have seen all the things that are done
    under the sun;
    all of them are silly, like chasing after the wind.

    15 What is twisted can be straightened;
    but it will always have a weakness there.
    What is lacking can be counted, but you
    have to use negative numbers.

    16 I thought to myself, “Look, I have grown
    and increased in ideas as much as anyone in
    Discordia ever has! I have experienced much
    and learned much.”

    17 Then I applied myself to the understanding
    of nonsense, and also of sense, but I learned
    that all of this, too, is a chasing after the wind,
    absurdity upon absurdity, especially if you try
    to argue over it. And then I met other Fools
    who had also thought of all these thing which
    I thought unique to me.

    18 With much freedom comes much sorrow
    but also joy; the more awareness,
    the more grief but also pleasure.
    It’s a balancing act and likely to end
    with a pie in the face.


  7. Erisesiastes 2 – Nonsense is Absurd

    1 I determined to seek pleasures and
    found complete Nonsense to be pleasurable.
    Yet, this too led to absurdity.

    2 For that which I deemed Nonsense was
    sometimes awesome and sometimes lame
    and after a while got repetitive and boring.
    If Man’s Sense is absurd and Man’s Nonsense
    is absurd, then what can man do?

    3 So I embraced folly and silliness and went
    off to see if it was worth being completely out of my head.

    4 So I wrote nonsensical poetry and prose.

    5 I engaged in Mindfucking those who were
    not silly and playing tricks on those who were silly.

    6 I engaged in nonsensical metaphysics and
    created mashups of all other beliefs, faiths and
    ideas which probably violated someone’s
    Intellectual Property.

    7 I drank and smoked and carried on, yet these
    things were also absurd.

    8 For a hangover is a hangover no matter what
    you think of the Universe.

    9 When I was young I denied myself many things,
    for that was the belief of my people.
    When I came to find that all is absurd,
    I denied myself nothing that I desired.

    10 My actions were my own reward and the freedom
    I felt was its own payment.

    11 Yet, when it was all done and I found
    this to be absurd. The man that is
    never serious, appears equal in
    absurdity as the man who is always

    Wisdom and Folly Are Absurd

    12 Then I turned my mind toward Wisdom,
    but found that wisdom was subjective
    and often depended on how well the person
    could argue in circles. I looked also at
    Madness and Folly and they didn’t appear
    much worse for the wear. For many claim to
    have wisdom and few claim to be mad. Yet,
    from what I can see all are Mad and few are Wise.

    13 I saw that wisdom and folly were like the Light and
    the Dark. Neither are bad, but unless you live
    in Alaska, you probably like your day to be split
    between the two.

    14 Some may say that the Light is better for one can see.
    Another may say the dark is better for one can find
    peace. Yet, wisdom or folly or madness, leaves us
    equally dead in the end.

    15 So why choose Wisdom over Nonsense, if you’re dead
    either way?

    Is the choice not absurd?

    16 For both the wise and the foolish will live for a
    time and then die. Soon they will be forgotten,
    unless they were a real asshole and then they’ll
    only be remembered in Internet Debates and as
    part of Godwin’s Law.

    17 One could hate life, and see it all as grievous
    and meaningless. Or one can get with the program
    and figure out what to do with the time they have.

    18 For that which we create and that which we write
    will be passed on to future Idiots, and who knows
    what fucked up ideas they’ll have?

    19 They will interpret what you write as they see fit
    and not care what you thought.

    20 After all, you are dead and they live, that puts all
    the power in their hands… and even your Copyright
    material will be theirs, unless you have an estate.

    21 If you have an estate, they’ll probably
    rape your corpse anyway.

    22 Eris gives to the Wise man as much shit
    as she gives to the Fool.

    23 She throws apples at the man who toils under
    the sun and she throws apples at the man who
    relaxes on the riverbank in the shade.

    24 To the one in the sun, she gives heat exhaustion;
    and to the other she trips him and he falls into the mud.

    25 In the end, the only one really having a good time is
    Eris. Embrace Sense or Nonsense, either way
    she’ll screw with you.


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