Donald Trump’s Lewd Relationship With Ivanka

By: Kyle Hunt of The Renegade Tribune

Why do I post yet another video full of evidence about why Donald Trump is not a good man? Is it that I am a Hillary operative sent here to discredit the great savior who will MAGA? No, I post this because I am absolutely sickened by the sycophants out there who make “The Donald” out to be the great White hero. A heroic man does not talk about the legs and breasts of his infant daughter; he does not take racy photos with his teenage daughter on his lap, kissing him inappropriately; he does not call her a ‘piece of ass’ on the Howard Stern show; and he does not talk about how he would be having sex with her if she wasn’t his daughter. If you excuse or defend this behavior, you’re a piece of shit in my book.


8 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Lewd Relationship With Ivanka

  1. What a squallid, incestuous cabaret, this narcissistic orange-belly is representing to our eyes.

    Once, you had criminals, evil trained zio puppets & maniacs occupying the power.

    Then came the homo-mongrel and his tranny wife. A ‘loud message of equality’ from the demokratic community.
    Now the Tittainment’ zio-industry is pushing a zionist, self-adulating crook for president.

    An individual who has spent his whole life milked by the same system promoting him now.

    It’s an exponent of the enemy, the Gorillion. Make no mistake.
    From an ethic point of view, there’s not much to be added. The vid suffice.

    Just note which kind of Kitchery, this deviant is living in. Check the morbid athmosphere of the brothel wafting in his home or studio pics. You cant mistake on the man.


  2. Will the Gorillion now move to rent his precious and pretty daughter to his own alt-righters?

    Most of all: will they be able to APPRECIATE his offer………?

    More on the democratic institutions and ethic support of demokratic canidates:

    Zio-Madonna offers oral sex to Clinton voters

    (from my ‘instituenda’ ”Tender Zio-Chicks” section. Paragraph I )

    Madonna offers oral sex to Clinton voters

    “If you vote for Hillary Clinton I will give you a blowjob,” Madonna told a packed crowd at New York City’s Madison Square Garden on Tuesday, first reported by The Hill.

    “And I’m good,” boasted the 58-year-old Queen of Pop, during her opening act for comedian Amy (((Schumer))).

    “I am not a douche, and I am not a tool. I take my time,” boasted the Like a Virgin singer. “I maintain eye contact, and I do swallow.”

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  3. I certainly can agree with you that Madonna is a POS and disgusting. Also I never liked her music very much, just formula pop to make big sales to make her rich and famous. She did work very hard in the early years but I have no respect for her.

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  4. This madonna is a total deviant zio character. A ‘lady gaga’ ante litteram. Maria Luisa Ciccone, ex waitress and entertainer of the crapper, she has played all the topic nefarious roles in the zio agenda.

    Today, after long years on the stage, she is using her lips for a slightly different, though public performance..


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