The Hall of Cost


4 thoughts on “The Hall of Cost

  1. @sineadmcarthy: I did some digging around on the gal who made that video. It turns out that she had a 8Chan board dedicated to her, and some of the posters therein are wondering why she went dark a/o ~5 months ago. One poster speculated that she had vanished because she “met a man”. That might well be the case, but I just noticed that Evalion went dark a/o the 9th of this month. [ ]

    Sounds like there’s some sort of rolling crackdown going on. Just lettin’ you know.


    1. Yes, there is a major crackdown going on. I will be interviewing Evalion on my radio program in the next week or so and she will explain what has been going on. She is such a warrior.


      1. If you can get in touch with her now….

        Funny: I saw a Reddit thread some time ago started by a parent alarmed because she found out that her “17-year old daughter” was making “white supremacist videos”. (Following that, she asked advice about how to curb her daughter.) I can’t find the thread now because it’s been deleted.

        Just to let ya know, I’m a free-speech feller. 🙂


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