Learning Time: Kosher Food and The Kosher Tax


5 thoughts on “Learning Time: Kosher Food and The Kosher Tax

  1. Of course this is a tax. My father founded Stafford Foods Limited in Toronto, Canada and eventually built it into one of the nations largest food companies coast to coast and export. I remember him telling me about wanting to expand sales so went with the kosher symbol on our labels. Well the rabbis came to our large factory and never even inspected how we processed the food. They just stood on the factory floor and chanted some unintelligible religious crap and then picked up a healthy cheque and left. Not caring if we were poisoning people, so tell me if this is not a scam. It is simply a jewish way to get bribery money with little effort on their part. Really the government should step in and stop this blatant extortion which is costing us all more at the store.

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      1. Good point, the Canadian government has been useless and I fear too strongly influenced by the zionists. Thank God I moved (legally) to God blessed America a long time ago but still worry about family and friends who live there.

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