Electromagnetism: the Brain, Human Biofield & Universe


One thought on “Electromagnetism: the Brain, Human Biofield & Universe

  1. The whole human (animals’ and even plants’) body is a conductive amount of cells. They are able to communicate via an micro-electric impulse. Now, the constant stream of MW and other invasive & pervasive instruments of control penetrates through our body in daylight & nightime. 24/7, h24.

    Plus we have 3G, 4-5-6.000.000.G technology, wi-fi, cell radiations, Tv and radio streaming etc. etc.

    Those instruments you see hanging from antennas nearly anywhere, can be even more lethal than average. But: hoooo! Aren’t you glad to live in a world where ‘free education is offered to the people and hi-tech is rendered available to the masses’…? Uh, god bless our demokracy!

    Let’s always remember Chemtrails always work along with RF waves. Now, let’s go and watch the sky. If u see some chemtrail around, or some scattered pseudo-clouds moving forward ( or backwards) as waves on the silky surface of a lake, you will want to switch your cell off…..


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