12 Year-Old Girl Explains The Corrupt Jewish Banking System


10 thoughts on “12 Year-Old Girl Explains The Corrupt Jewish Banking System

  1. Sorry to spoil the heathen party, but that video is four years old. I saw it when it first came out, and the fine young star was criticizing the Federal Reserve from the perspective of Austrian economics. I know that because I found out about it from the Mises blog or somewhere similar.

    I’ll now get rid of myself 😀


      1. It’s not the year in itself, but the fact that she did so from an Austrian-economics standpoint. Let me put it this way: Peter Schiff loved the video.

        Funny: I’ve been in the cryptocurrency for a few years, and most of them do dislike the Fed, the fiat-and-debt money system, etc. – but the root is Austrian economics. The ones who are “aware,” if you will, are mostly Rothbardian.


      2. Yeah, thanks. It’s funny – interesting – that there are completely different breeds of cats that believe the Fed and the current money system has gotta go.


  2. Anyone with the brain connected to his butt knows Fed zio criminals and fiat money must be hanged by the foot and beaten to hell.
    That said, I dont see any different point of view: France, Germany, Italy, England etc.. You’ll always get the same reaction to glo-input. ‘Let’s get rid of them!’

    Those who don’t give it up, will always fight against that rotten jewish calf, despite the monetary doctrine they may praise.
    Nationalization of the central banks under the auspices of a national, legitimate govt, is a common shared ‘must go’ topic. Not since now, but at least since the 20’s of the last century.

    Unfortunately you will never see an ‘politically unfair economist on Tv telling the truth.
    Nor a real, trustworthy ‘school of national-economic thought’ being reported on the wall-street urinal.


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