Sacred Spirits of Samhain by Seanna Fenner


One thought on “Sacred Spirits of Samhain by Seanna Fenner

  1. NJO works through the imposition of inane modernistic anniversaries.

    All the festivities we happen to ‘celebrate’ today’ in our sick society, must be rejected.

    They have no other significance, but to bring water to their zio mill.

    Remember, they have imposed the worst amerikanism abroad (coca-cola, mac donald, hollywood…and halloween). The narrative of zio consumerism and superficiality was supposed to be the siren’s chant to attract Boobuses. Alas, it has worked for a while. Time to get finally rid of it.

    All the ancient myths and traditions have been mixed with their zio materialistic & diseducative mantra.

    Don’t accept to be silent on this.

    Yet, it is possible for those who want to celebrate the important rites of our fathers, to do it. The Solstice is among the most important & meaningful celebrations. To be held away from the masses and the ludicrous reality ((they)) are imposing on us.

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