The Alt Right and Eurasiansim


5 thoughts on “The Alt Right and Eurasiansim

  1. This should be part of the ‘Triggeritis’ section..! Very appreciable.

    The sinking armada of the ‘pink-o-nazi’ voters keeps playing same ol’ lyrics and base.

    I have expressed in past threads my opinion on the real sense of a imaginary & elusive ‘Eurasia’.

    It’s a federation of sovereign nations going from Lisbon to Vladivostok.
    No Mid eastern countries, India, China included (off topic political note= the new chinese Fighter jet is provided with a special, innovative radar which is kinddly provided by i$rae£-or the zio US, in alternative).

    The sense of the word Eurasia turns out to be quite shareable: both, geo-politically and culturally (& racially).
    Unfortunately it is used & abused by any kind of wanna-bee leader of ‘changement’

    Not only true and committed (real Fascist) thinkers rely on the purest sense of the term. There are some shades of red we can spot around, if we force our eye:

    ….omissis…’Dugin, speaking of Russia, to distinguish it from European nations appropriately observes that his country has never taken the form of the nation state, because basically Russians feel has nothing to do with any small-nationalist position. Which has ensured that Russia has ever made of “pluralism of civilizations” itys goal, in opposition to the sadly famous “clash”……..omissis…………

    Yes a fake nationalist and a social-commie

    There are the followers of the notorious Fourth Position. Alain De Benoist is an intellectual who has written some fine words during the years.


    “Although his work is known and recognized in many countries, Alain de Benoist remains largely ostracized in France, where too often his name has been summarily reduced to that of the so-called New Right, a category in which he has never truly recognized himself”.

    At the end, it’s all the ‘right’ supporting blindly Putin’s Russia.


  2. This is a great video follow-up to your article
    It’s like a “constant work in progress” until these people are totally exposed.

    This BS of this US vs. Russia “on the brink of war!” fear porn. I see some in our ranks are buying into it and that’s upsetting. Even if we did go at it, there’s no doubt it would be planned from the highest levels of both sides. They’ll gladly (once again) sacrifice tens of thousands (even millions) of soldiers and innocents, to accomplish the kike’s political/economic goals. Lots of dumb goys, who aren’t yet Jew-wise, see the truth in the geopolitical theater, that it’s all THEATER. That gives me some hope.

    You know I am on the same page regarding the controlled opposition in the alt-kike.

    I think suing someone for sexual harassment is kind of “opportunistic”….unless maybe it was EXTREME in which case criminal charges should accompany the civil one, and that would obviously be public record too.

    As for the faggot-pedos; seriously let’s find a volcano suitable for them. Do we throw them in or make them walk a plank? Better yet, lower them in slowly with a winch.

    It’s odd that Nina Spencer has this site:
    Glorifying the KGB, commie espionage and “spy culture”. WTF? I haven’t read much on it yet, but it seems she has a lot of respect for Bolshevist/Marxist kikes.

    Married? “Rape. Expect it.”

    And what’s with Sumner Rothstein’s fuckin’ face? Creep! He literally looks like a rat cross-bred with a kike. (I’m sorry rats, no offense meant)

    Many good people have fallen into the Jewish-created L/R, Rep/Dem, feminist/meninist false dichotomies trap, but I’m starting to see a few climbing out. Had it not been for ya’ll taking a stand when you did, not faltering from it and posing these many valid questions, it’s possible thousands more would have been sucked in by their game. Great work! 🙂


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