Holocaust Propaganda In The 2nd Trump & Clinton Debate – 10/9/2016


3 thoughts on “Holocaust Propaganda In The 2nd Trump & Clinton Debate – 10/9/2016

  1. What a farcical tragedy, this tv show for the masses is.

    These fake, pre-planned ‘confrontations’ have lost any true political significance ages ago.

    They have lost any of their witty host too (if there ever was one).

    They are just diseducative, cathodic psyops on behalf of the regime. A kind of ‘Zio-Clash of Titans’ aired by the MSM.

    They are bad actors performing the best (and mostly paid) comedy of their life (check the trembling voice of the ‘zioness’ in disarmament posing the inquiry)

    Remember people: the laugh is always on you.


  2. New! Election discovery information about Tump! We both know about him being a shill for the Rich people that control the planet But , Consider the following theory. Suppose the Rich controllers did poles & gathered info. through their controlled medias years ago & figured through probabilities that the US control system -(Gov.) was going to implode / fail / deconstruct to the lowest common denominators & no matter which ways they figured in theory,( based on their think tanks data) the US would -(fail no matter what they would try or do to stop it from doing so) . So , what would they do ? How would they remain in control? Answer simple , if you can’t stop it from imploding , Take over the opposition with their money & media control before it does & assume control of the oppositions leader. Well , the opposition does not have a leader yet . -Enter- Tump , They build him up as a rebel then in their controlled medias they kick him out on purpose because he didn’t support the status quo rich people . Ureaka ! they have created a new leader for the new opposition of which all these pro White race idiots will support & help take over after the US implodes . Unfortunately , the same rich people that control things now will be in control of him after . Elections are just a rich people controlled media docu-drama / game that is obsolete & corrupt in many ways & places . Call White race people that are awake that support Tump “trump’s Chump’s” .


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