No, this does not mean we endorse Hillary. We oppose all kosher candidates.



What is interesting is that much of the pro-Israel mainstream media appears to be defending Donald Trump.

Rupert Murdoch is backing Trump.

Rupert Murdoch’s endorsement of Donald Trump.

Trump is being backed by Wayne Madsen, Mike Rivero and Alex Jones.

January 2016 – WMR endorses Trump for GOP.

Henry Makow, on the other hand, has revealed that Donald Drumpf is an Illuminati Jew.

Henry Makow does his research and is well informed.
Some of the big name American ‘alternative’ bloggers appear to promote all the psy-ops.
Mike Rivero saw the Arab Spring as being an example of People Power, rather than as being an example of CIA-Mossad destabilisation.

Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana, has described being raped by Donald Trump.

Trump has made statements about wanting to date his daughter, Ivanka, and about the biggest thing the two of them have…

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    1. They both are disgusting kosher puppets. Why choose the lesser of two evils? If you support the current system you support White genocide. You also conveniently disregard the fact that Trump’s friend (((Epstein))) a known child rapist and pedophile’s phone number is in Trump’s “little black book” and Trump has been quoted as saying “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it — Jeffrey enjoys his social life.” You are falling for the dialectic. Both sides are jewish puppets and both sides lead to White genocide.

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      1. We just know a lot more about Hillary than we do about him. So people see that as “less evil” but Trump and Clinton are from the same mold. I can’t believe some people STILL think he’s any less evil than Hillary. They’re all pals FFS and like you said, are kosher slaves all the way. Anything they say to each other or about each other is just an act (even if it’s true) after either wins, they’ll be posing for happy pics again, whispering how stupid and gullible us peasants are.

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      1. No Denise. I know you requested Sinead for a reply.

        But, far from me being unpolite, let me just add your request is redundant.

        You are abusing the same zionist dialectic basing itself on a wrong principle. Thus, the logic syllogism suggests that the entire edifice is built on crap.

        The zionist, demokratic hinge axiom states that in democracy either you stay on the (((right))) or you sit on the (((left))) ( the lesser parties, the better. Easy controllable)

        It’s a void paradigma, since you are adopting the same baseless terms the zionists use to kill the electric activity running up in the brain of any of us.

        No fake paradigm here or sophisticated misundertandings

        Fuck The System!

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      2. You are clearly a very simple minded person. Did I say that I support Hillary? No. I don’t support ZOG which means I don’t support their kosher puppets.

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      3. The whole story about being against trump, thus compulsorily being considered a pro-killary fan, reminds me of a war prisoner who’s asking to have a new commander of the firing squad. He’s not so sure the former one has enough gut to yell the order to kill him…..


  1. It’s outrageous we still have to spend time in convincing someone of how shameful, rotten, fake & disgusting-criminal, the zio political enterprise called democracy, is.
    I have posted a few articles of zio-jewish papers, which keep Drumpf high in their consideration.

    It is a cheap bluff, the fat twisted deviant known to the audience as the Gorillion.

    Though the Freak game of the vote has already been decided long before the show for the masses begins, (((they))) already now whom they can count on.

    You would never-ever have any chance not only to win it, but to be offered for discussion on the stage of the msm, otherwise.
    More likely, a honest candidate would get harassed, intimidated or killed before he gets known by the public.

    Or, there’s somebody here thinking wiki-wiki licks and snowden are ‘saviours of zio humanity’…?
    We are offered what the zio system has been planning for decades.
    Trash their offers or you’ll perish.

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    1. You are spot on Rudolf.
      Edward Snowden, our great “whistleblower” is afraid of the CIA. Yet he meets people like Arundhati Roy (Booker Prize winner of 1997).
      Arundhati Roy opposes Israel but she supports armed Naxalite-Maoist insurgents and Islamic terrorists against the Indian state. Hegelian Dialectic at its very best.
      What does all this portray about Snowden? If Snowden were a true activist, he wouldn’t be meeting hasbarat double agents like Roy and the fact he choses to do so proves that he is one himself.


      1. I feel both are a fraud. I don’t even say the mandator is the’government’ .
        They are created & used by those who control the goverment.


  2. Moreover all this jizz-jazz about the ‘presidential’ freak show is a simple mean of distraction.
    Although you’ll never change a thing with your ‘vote’, your mind gets bombed 24/7 with illustrious crap from the msm.

    The ‘president’ is the first puppet in the zio occupied nation. Let’s make it clear once and for all. It counts nothing. It’s the official, certified- but often not qualified, mouthpiece of the cabal

    This time the zionist crooks are well aware people are fed up with their democratic rhythes and they want to keep us awake with the ‘miracle of democracy’. Who’s gonna win…?

    Is wiki-licks releasing those incriminating docs on the dyke of the public crapper?

    Who is the closest friend or i$rae£..?
    Most of all: who is the worst politically correct enemy to any of us? The answer soon on fox news.

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