Donald Trump RAPE & Pedophilia {updated 04.10.16}

If you refuse to look at the facts because of your feelsies, then you are illogical.


published May 9th 2016 12:48am | Last updated  Oct 4th  7.50pm

The Donald Trump child rape lawsuit has been refiled with a new witness   Oct 1, 2016

Back in June, we told you about the rape lawsuit filed anonymously against both Donald Trump and convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. One week later, we explained why, given the presence of a witness, the case should be taken seriously, and in August, we explored how this and two other rape allegations against Trump have been roundly ignored by TV news media. Last month, the civil suit had been withdrawn for some reason, but, on Friday, “Jane Doe v. Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein” had been refiled, and, this time, another witness has been added to the legal complaint.

This is actually the third iteration of the lawsuit: The first was filed without legal representation in California by one “Katie Johnson” (not believed…

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20 thoughts on “Donald Trump RAPE & Pedophilia {updated 04.10.16}

  1. I am waiting for ONE Anti Trump alleged Pro White to explain how a Hillary Clinton Presidency is going to help Whites.

    Meanwhile, while tons of alleged Pro Whites are trashing Trump, Obama is bringing approx. 1000 Rapugees in, every day. But no Pro White is writing about that.

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    1. Denise, always like to hear your sensible comments because you are so correct. Donald Trump obviously believes in his heritage and culture. Just look at his wives and children who are so perfect to carry on his name and our heritage. Could anyone find a finer family to admire? Before anyone replies with the obvious about Ivanka marrying a jew remember as Donald himself would say “it’s New York” and they are in the real estate business. Also I doubt he is orthodox or a zionist. Anyway, wonderful to hear your totally correct viewpoint and always wishing you the very best.
      Howard Alexander Stafford

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      1. ” Donald Trump obviously believes in his heritage and culture. Just look at his wives and children who are so perfect to carry on his name and our heritage.” That’s why they are all married to jews?

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      2. Wow. You are all like robots who repeat the same thing! NO! How man damn times do I have to answer this? NEITHER OF THEM ARE GOOD. The whole system needs to go!

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      3. I am honest and absolutely I would not say the same thing if you married a nigger. Please don’t but I really am not worried that will happen if I know you at all. LOL!

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      4. Staffordmotion, buddy:

        I read with respect most of your posts. But this time you are going for the tangent.

        If I remember well you are an experienced Englishman. And you should know how the kosher tricks’ outifit looks.
        Just check how they have parked the ‘quit europe’ referendum. Where are all those ‘nationalists’ fighting against the central bank, now that we more need them…?

        The Gorillion is like a kosher porno-shop. All the alt right deviants use to line up on the Red Caropet so to grab the favourite dildo, before they run out of stock.

        Let’s skip that company, pls.

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      5. OK, so tell me sineadmcarthy with the election so near who would you like me to vote for or should I abstain? I highly respect your opinion and would really appreciate your answer.

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      6. Trump is not getting the Presidency, regardless of what you think about him. They have Dibold machines at all of the swing states, and HomeLand Security is placing officers at every voting station – i.e to operate the Dibold machines. Hillary is the chosen one;- Lynn Forester De Rothschild ran a £100,000 per-head fundraising dinner in May, and said Hillary is a good friend of hers. If the head of the Rothschilds wife is pro-Hillary, its done, and Trump must know this. Trump will get 10% morevotes than Hillary, if not more, but with Dibold and Hillarys electoral college advantage, he has no chance. The best thing anyone can do is have no illusions about what is coming, and prepare for a major war, as Hillary de Rothschild will make Obama look like a kitten. Look at the last video of Hillary on stage with Obama, and watch her stare out Obama like an alpha female, till he looks at the floor. We’re about to experience a despot unlike any in recorded history, given the military hardware she will have control over.

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      7. Trump will win the fake elections. Nobody will go to war under Hillary. Trump will be able to send more of our girls and boys to die in jewish wars. Yay!

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    2. You fit this system, Denise. You are unable to discern the truth from a zio hologram.
      WHO EVER STATED in this world that if you are nor pro Gorillion, you are rainbow killary’s intimate mate?


      The Gorillion is slightly more dangerous. Because we all know what the dyke is able to. But the fucken cuckservative crypto jew has got it all to offer yet. And its more pro israel pervert than the discredited whore playing the part of the ‘political opponent’

      Wake up!!

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    3. Why the hell do you assume I want Hillary? BOTH candidates are corrupt. It’s very simple to understand. If you support this current system then you support White genocide. No pro White is writing about the invasion? Do you not read this site? We post about this all the time. You are stuck within the left vs right when it’s the jew vs White.

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      1. OK, so tell me sineadmcarthy with the election so near who would you like me to vote for or should I abstain? I highly respect your opinion and would really appreciate your answer.

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      2. Thank you Sinead, I appreciate your advice as always but I think I will take a chance and vote for Donald and pray he beats killary because I just don’t want to live for 4 years with the clintons back in the White House. That would be a disaster for America and our future.

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  2. They are both exponents of the same power. The CFR has decided it long ago.
    They represent the powers electing them.

    -not only u fall for the hinge Lie of the system, but you fuel the zio regime itself , by giving your placet to a (already picked up) fake candidate. You are gifting this zio-Bingo system with your faith. Which is unforgivable.

    Steer yourself away from the imposed paradigms of this obscene system.

    He’s better than the worst libtard, What shall I do?

    Trash those allegations and consider you have been forced to face a singke side of life. And it is mainly what has been inposed to you. Folow the detils, never concentrate on big ibig pic
    NO ALTERNATIVE IS POSSIBLE with their gently provided political system, ‘candidates’ and th enot-so hidden powers acting behind them.

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