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3 thoughts on “MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Alex’s Story

  1. It’s amazing the mainstream media even ran that story. It’s a miracle herb no doubt! Along with many other herbs/botanicals that the pharmaJewtical and medical industries want to either ban and/or synthesize and monopolize (while adding their own “special” ingredients.

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  2. I admire both medical science and the pharmaceutical industry because both have advanced modern healthcare by huge leaps. I am very aware that both make large profits but isn’t that the way the free enterprise system works. I haven’t heard of any scientific advances created by poor, uneducated people of the 3rd world. God bless America, Europe, Japan etc. for providing the medications and procedures that make us and our children healthier and living longer.
    Now about marijuana, I am 67 and been around weed smokers since my teens and I don’t know of any single case of death or disease caused by pot. It is ridiculous that in 2016 we are still discussing the legalization of weed and is strictly because of conservative right wingers who still fear that the people can’t handle it but ok to get drunk every night and destroy ones liver. Obviously it is ridiculously political and conservatives are afraid of anything that will upset their cozy little world of 50’s and 60’s version of TV life. Weed will be legal nationwide and eventually worldwide. Already legal in Colorado, Washington, Europe etc. it will be soon but what a waste to make people wait and so many non criminals in prison just costing us money. Like all of history, the people will win out in the end but just so unfair that it takes so long to change.
    Howard Alexander Stafford

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