Trump Drops Major 9/11 Truth Bomb


5 thoughts on “Trump Drops Major 9/11 Truth Bomb

  1. The only way we can get out this is a few rogue generals in our military to over throw Capitol hill. Lesser blood shed then an all out revolution. Then put these ass wipes on trial.


    1. I’d go further. A public trial and then, straight to the executioner for high treason, mass-murder, aggravated theft, robbery & poisoning, trespassing in Gentile’ property to abusively rule it Any and each of their belongings must be confiscated and sized as ”proceeds of highly illegal activity’.

      Let’s also remembr a golden rule. To make a revolution your need (some money), Plans and Men. Both of the two, at least.
      Otherwise it’s better not to cultivate revolutionary dreams


  2. Reblogged this on rudolfwordpressblog and commented:
    The WTC ‘attack’ is one of the major zionist false flags in the recent era.

    let’s remember the zio students hosted in WTC, tne thermite used for the provoked collapse of the complex, the van and the dancing kippas.

    Important video to be watched and shared.


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