8 thoughts on “Triggeritis

  1. I never voted I never registered. Being from NYC I new the system was rigged awhile ago. I live upstate past 16 yr’s. NYC jewish population 3 1/4% and they run that city. Who’s voting for them Lol ! . . . I know . . . and nobody complains, protest nothing ! Sinead the people believe in ghost before they believe the jews monopolized everything.

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  2. Great intervention from Sinead.

    Never fight your enemy following his own rules!

    The consent to the system is lacking more and more.

    Boobuses start to aknowledge the Paper Games are a capital Fraud. A double-rigged scam.

    Last time we enjoyed the morbid, stinking libtardish propaganda about Obongo.

    Now they want to satisfly the cuckservatives and they put the money in zio-Trump’ slot.

    My opinion is they want to keep the whole ‘thrilling, democrappic comedy’ up till the end, then contradicting what the Awake ones were saying, giving Killary winning for 10 to 1.

    Hoo..! Who will ‘win’ this time, the CFR edition of ‘Lost’……?

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    1. Jews control and milk both sides. Best example is Capitalism and Communism. Russian people fell for the hegelian dialectic and paid the price.
      Jews cannot tolerate a patriotic leader. They want a puppet.
      They first took out Indian nuclear scientist Homi Bhabha in 1966 by shooting his plane into the Alps via missile.
      Then they took out Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984 using Sikhs as cannon fodder. She had nationalized Indian banks in 1966 & oil in 1970s, conducted the famous nuclear test in Pokharan in 1974 and strengthened the armed forces.
      Then they fooled the next PM Rajiv Gandhi (Indira’s son) by training the terrorist outfit LTTE along with Indian and Sri Lankan army in Haifa, Israel within few blocks of each other! Lot of IPKF men lost their lives in Sri Lanka as they were sniped from tree-tops. Ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky has revealed all this in his book “By Way of Deception”.
      Rajiv was a good friend of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat and a supporter of the Palestinian cause. He was even warned by Arafat that his life was under threat. But it was to no avail as his inner security was breached and a child suicide bomber from LTTE took him out in 1991. Since, then India had to open up its economy to IMF and World Bank due to the Balance of Payments crisis and you know the rest.

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      1. The whole Strategy of Tension, Gladio & ‘Stay behind’ zio-militarized line, which were allegedly created to ‘fight communism’ in Europe, have been used against the same European countries (in particular Belgium, Germany, Italy) to direct their foreign policy to a specific blind spot. Many men of the institutions have been assassinated too (Mattei, Moro) or forced to leave (Craxi et al.)

        Same scum, same methods.


  3. Giant douche or turd sandwich? Sorry for the South Park reference…

    I think our best option is anarchy in the USA and the EU. Joos have infiltrated everything so why not be completely independent? Society is anti-white so we should have our own independent communities with our own currency, culture, morals and values.


  4. Many, most myths of the vulgar zio age must be wiped off, to rebuild from scratch

    The Anarchist movt. has been infiltrated trhoughout the decades and abused by the eternal zio moles on duty. Regardeless, a WP site reading ‘attack the system’ presents a fair amount of articles. Low bias and readable lectures.
    Some of their intents and arguments are good.

    On other important topics, they seem to be sitting to far from my base….
    Maybe, when anarchism get rid of the misgened son it had with communism, then weìll be able to establish improved forms of cultural exchange.

    Any revolution goes through a phase of anarchy. This is an important axiom. Thus, let’s work to bring the elusive anarchists in agreement with us.

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    1. Anarchy is often associated with the left and socialists, I agree that it has been abused to establish communism. However communism is totalitarian and the opposite of free independent communities despite the terminology, its so confusing. Freedom also means private ownership, power to the folk and not to the state.

      There are also nationalist anarchists and its a good start for a revolution of communities against the state. Sadly most anarchists are anti-racist degenerates or commies which is a problem, if we want to have healthy homogeneous communities. However almost all anarchists are against globalism, high finance, zionism, war and the totalitarian Orwellian police state.

      I prefer the term tribalism and I really like the idea of small independent city states, or tribes, because its the old European way. There are already some modern city states with their own government, media, currency etc. and they’re thriving. Homeschooling and permaculture are the way to go, and with our own currency without taxes and usury. I saw that some National Socialist and Pagan groups have minted their own coins and use them as alternative currency.

      Attack the System looks suspicious, but I’ll check it out.

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      1. It could be a start.

        Independent communities establishing barter economy and their own, shared currency.

        Fascism today includes several shades of real Fascist doctrine.

        Extreme righters (pro Trump), ‘patriots’ on one side, National Socialist Fascists, Social Nationalists, Black/Red shirts (Comunitarian Fascists) on the opposite.

        No wonder even the National Anarchists do exist, even if the name sounds more as an oxymoron, than a political label. In fact Anarchism’ doctrine is centered on the idea of Universality, social globalism ( opposed to the financial globalism of today), thus getting rid of any concept of Nation.

        But the whole matter is of secondary importance. Details, in such a serious situation like the current one.
        Those isies can be easily faced & solved later on.

        See how the system acts against those believed to be dangerous:

        a) 1946: at the end of the war many Fascist veterans were eager to work hard to mantain at least the higher conquests Fascism had obtained in the legal & social sector.

        A party was created under the hidden umbrella of the ‘liberators’ . Soon most Veterans signed in. The OSS had managed to cage all ‘dangerous Fascists’ into a political cage; the neo-fascist party. Jib,-jab, jizz-jazz at will, but no action nor social reforms. ‘Betrayal’ is how it should have been named.

        b) In the 60s an engineer stated to build a little island offshore on the ADRIATIC COASTS of the Med Sea. It was a big floating scuffold and was located a few miles beyond the domestic waters.
        It was supposed to be an independent state where people could ask to become citizens.
        It minted its own currency! A member of the German Diplomacy of WWII was nominated as Ambassador

        All this just happened a few weeks before the colonial navy and puppet state police pulled in and broke everything apart.

        A ‘threat to democracy’, they said….

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