How To Identify a Cuck


7 thoughts on “How To Identify a Cuck

  1. Ive been emailed a banter today on cucks

    The cartoon image shows a cucked european applying black moulage on his face.

    Below, two lines read:

    Europeans get smarter:
    ‘Once my make up is over, they’ll give me money and a free home’…


  2. Rudolf Friedrich 01 (Gassin’ Showerz Chief Plumber)
    September 27, 2016 at 12:39 pm

    News from the zio establishment:

    the local zio-cucked, anti-church spokesman:

    Archbishop Justin Welby has admitted Britain has a “deeply entrenched” anti-Semitism problem made worse over time by Christianity.

    “The Church of England’s highest cleric called Christianity’s treatment of Jews “shameful” and said society is still struggling with the consequences of its “history of denial and complicity.”

    Welby called anti-Semitism a nationwide problem which is not limited to one political group.

    In an essay for the Holocaust Educational Trust, the archbishop said: “Anti-Semitism is at the heart of racism. Yet, because it is so deeply entrenched in our thought and culture, it is often ignored and dismissed.”

    This piece of crap is an evident criminal lier on zio-payroll.

    But for the Catholic Traditionalists it’s the anti-church’ mouthpiece.
    A masonic, crypto jew praising his masters.

    In a simple word, it means there is no religion today, according to the main faiths we are used to know. Just a sincretic machine of faith aiming at the JWO.
    Is it news?


    1. Welby has Jewish ancestry from Germany.
      NOTE: the ‘warning’ that Jews may be forced to leave Europe in 30 years is probably a coded message. Jews have not generally been forced to leave areas they have polluted: generally they collect their loot, move, then complain to their new parasitisable hosts that they were badly treated. In times gone by, and because they previously swung their absurd stories about ‘Yeshua Christ’ on the gullible, they often got away with this. The 30 year message means that the invader nonwhites now at school will be 35-40 and Europe will be ruined, as they obviously want.
      However, there are problems: [1] Information is now more freely available, at least if Internet survives, and hosts will be aware of their activities. [2] They do in fact have Birobidjhan as a homeland. [3] Their paper currency and emoney may be so worthless they can’t carry assets with them, and probably will have to buy up land and rely on legalities being honoured.
      I suspect they will try to have some area built for them, particularly if Israel and Greater Israel prove unviable.


      1. Good point the one regarding Birobidjhan.

        A region for the jews: the aims of the Endlösung der Judenfrage were focalized on this specific effort. Find a place, devoid of humans where the talmudists could settle ‘in peace’…


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