How The Alt Right Promotes Hatred of White Women and Eurasianism

Your worst enemy is not Jews, White Man, but your own females.” ~ Andrew Anglin, publisher of the #1 Alt Right website

gjko_y8tRecently (((Russia Today))) released this ridiculous article, based on no evidence whatsoever, reporting that allegedly White women are not only having sex with men in the Calais jungle, but also are raping young brown boys. Do people seriously buy this garbage? Unfortunately I know a large amount of the alt right would lap this up like their lives depended on it. “See! See guys! White women are disgusting whores that essentially want to be raped by brown invaders so we should just hang back and continue to make excuses for our complete lack of action and failure as men to protect our people’s most important resource – our women!”

I am finally starting to see the real purpose of the alt right and its connections to Russia. I know what some of you are thinking. “That’s what Hillary said! See! Sinead is like the next Hitlery!” In my estimation the overall agenda of the alt right is to push Eurasianism onto our folk. Richard Spencer is married to a Eurasian woman who tries to silence the mass killings of Whites at the hands of Stalin and praises anti-Western Alexander Dugin, FOUNDER of the National Bolshevik Party. The Eurasian agenda appears to simply be the Kalergi plan of the East.




Not only is Nina a Bolshevik apologist and anti-White, her Grandfather looks like a sephardic jew.  She certainly favors his looks.


Nina is responsible for translating all of Dugin’s work for her beloved Dicky. Let’s read some heart warming quotes from this supposed “White ally” Alexander Dugin.

I am a supporter of blacks. White civilization; their cultural values, false, dehumanizing model of the world, built by them – did not pay off. Everything goes to the beginning of the anti-white pogroms on a planetary scale. Russia saved only by the fact that we are not pure white. Predatory multinational corporations, oppression and suppression of all others, MTV, gays and lesbians – this is the fruit of white civilization, from which it is necessary to get rid of. So I am for reds, yellows, greens, blacks – but not for whites. I wholeheartedly on the side of the people of Zimbabwe.

An important aspect of the Eurasian worldview is an absolute denial of Western civilization. In the opinion of the Eurasians, the West with its ideology of liberalism is an absolute evil. (source)


Dugin is embraced by outlets like The Traditionalist Workers Party, which uses the “chaos symbol”.  Sounds kind of communist, no?

Just being a pro White man here with my hammer and sickle!


He’s also been a guest on Red Ice Radio.

I have also noticed that the lovely Lana, has been pushing the idea that “Western women” have the highest standards in the world and that apparently Western women are embracing their own genocide because they are inherently flawed. Hmm. Interesting that she never seems to condemn the Eastern European or Russian women who are acting the same exact way as modern Western women thanks to jewish mind viruses. As a Russian woman, wouldn’t she be more inclined to advocate for what Eastern women should do?  She goes on and on about feminism but never seems to tell you that these PR stunts like the women giving roses to invaders, FEMEN and other feminist initiatives are funded by jews to take attention away from jewish crimes and use women as a scapegoat. The same goes for the pointless, counter productive and illogical argument for repealing the 19th amendment. This, once again diverts blame from organized jewry, convinces people that voting will actually make a difference and that women are incapable of logical thought, therefore they shouldn’t be able to have their own independent vote. For a woman who claims to be “Heathen” it seems quite strange that she would advocate for a patriarchy along with Christians.

Here Lana talks to a gay man, Greg Johnson, who promotes people like Jame’s O’Meara on his site. James O’Meara wrote The Homo and the Negro and runs a blog called “Where the Wild Boys Are” which reads:

“pitiless hordes of adolescent warriors in rainbow thongs”

Being tied up and spanked is a kind of last stand of implicit White identity.


He is a homosexual man pushing for pitiless hordes of adolescent warriors in rainbow thongs. Pederast much? Oh wait! That’s right, according to Milo Yiannapolous, grown men having sex with teenage boys is a normal, healthy,coming of age event! During the cringetastic show between Lana and Grindr Greggy, they mention how I am a feminist for calling out the fact that the alt right is pushing faggotry and having openly homosexual degenerates like Jack Donavon lecture young impressionable White males about “masculinity”.

Here they are pictured together at the last National Pozzing Institute conference.


Tila Tequila will be a guest speaker at the upcoming conference. No. I’m not joking. I wish I was.

Also, Lana will be having “Electre” whose real name is Catherine Zatulovsky, model for her clothing line soon. Interesting how Zatulovsky claims to be French but has a jewish surname that certainly doesn’t sound French.


From the jewish surname database.

Electre sure is one classy lady, isn’t she? A great role model for young White girls all around the world!


Lana’s family is also behind “Word To Russia”.


Apparently israel took in a bunch of “Christian” refugees and now Michael Lokteff and crew have dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel to those “Christians” in the jewish state. I also wonder why Ms. Lokteff, who advocates for a patriarchy and is vehemently anti-feminist, would not only not take her husband’s last name in marriage, as a real “traditionalist” would, but also used her rights as a woman in the West to sue for sexual harassment.  Among Lokteff’s ‘Prayer for Relief’, she asked for Non-Economic Damages of $300,000, and Punitive Damages in the amount of $1,000,000. It appears to have been settled out of court.


Maybe this is where Lokteff got the capitol to start her overpriced clothing line that neglects to even let the consumer know where her super duper organic fibers are sourced from or who is manufacturing these garments. I’m sure it’s White people, right Lana? Seems a bit hypocritical, no? She also is quoted as saying that women who don’t have children should have no say in society, yet this childless woman who is almost 40 can have her own radio show, clothing line and TV show that tells Western people what to do. Hmmmm.

She also loves to talk about how awful the “West” is, but no mention of the East and how both are controlled by jews.  I’ve also noticed how it is no longer “White genocide” according to the leaders  shills of the alt right. It is apparently “White replacement” now. screen-shot-2016-09-25-at-8-25-57-am

Fed Lice, as they should be referred to from here on out, also love to bring on Matt Forney.

Forney is the untermensch who writes books encouraging White men to engage in sex tourism in the Philippines. If you’re a fat, bald, autistic loser with nothing to offer, you’ll be able to get laid three times in a day, according to Forney’s vlogs.  Can you imagine if I was writing books encouraging White women to engage in sex tourism in Africa? I’d be literally crucified and never asked to be on any pro White networks ever again. Why the double standard Fed Lice?


Fed Lice recently did a video condemning Milo for “infiltrating” the alt right, which to me just seems like damage control and a desperate attempt to remain relevant. The masses are slowly realizing the alt right is a joke. If one has a “big tent” with “no bouncers” then how can it be “infiltrated”?


Also, according to Lana, White women who are gang raped by invaders must have actually wanted it because they didn’t say, “No.” (As if they would magically stop raping this woman after she said no). I’m sure Lana was there so she knows exactly what went down. How can anyone support this vile cretin who spouts such nonsense? This woman is not on our side. In my estimation, she is a subversive mossad or Russian agent, along with her pathetically weak and spineless husband.


Here, one of Lana’s guests from her radio program, an Asian woman married to a White man with a Happa baby, has this to say:


And apparnetly it’s super hard being a race traitor.  Look lady, you are not White, you will never be White, your child will never be White and you have betrayed your people. Good job!


Some of us remember how Lokteff reacted to two Western women showing her proof of Roosh’s sexual exploits in White countries in which she responded to by calling us “creepy”.  A non White raping and taking advantage of White women isn’t creepy though, is it Lana?


The alt right and its leaders agents are nothing more than a jewish created, controlled and perpetuated controlled opposition movement, designed to destabilize the West, create tension between Western men and women, push faggotry and degeneracy, to deflect blame from the jew, justify mass rapes of Western women and rope Whites back into dead end, jewish controlled party politics. If you still can’t see the forest for the trees then good riddance because you are actively working against my people and you are traitors.

For more on the alt right watch these videos:



36 thoughts on “How The Alt Right Promotes Hatred of White Women and Eurasianism

      1. Daily Fail is the same toilet paper chanting the ‘Laude’ to the holo$cam…
        Not to mention the genderistic, cross dressing material they are pushing full steam on their zio-Tadzebaho.

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    1. She actually looks scared and unhappy and it does sound like Stockholm syndrome or a fake “love” story. She’s probably terrified that her husband will throw acid in her face if she doesn’t obey. The truth is that female volunteers are brutally gang raped in the jungle of Calais and reporters are being mugged. They should throw napalm on the jungle to get rid of the rapefugees.

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      1. I agree with you . . . Stockholm syndrome. More than likely grew up with no role models in her life. Nothing to go by. Then by adulthood very impressionable. Who’s fault is this ? The blame goes in different directions. I hate this – it makes me mad !

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    2. Discover the blog.
      Good article. Same problem here in France. Huge and new influence of your Alt-Right on a young generation. “Right” for them, seems just the best way to be “Alt” (What they really crave for.). Just the second sides of the same coin.
      They don’t realize that what they promote, participates in the general big “upheaval” of our civilisations.
      On Eurasianism, russians use a misunderstanding. Many people in Europe understand it as “continental alliance of white european”. While for the Russians it’s a way to say they are different from the other west.


  1. Right on, Sinead. I can’t believe what a fucking bitch Lana is. And to think I actually thought she was cool at one point. That twitter shot from her blaming that girl for being gang raped is disgusting. Hmmm…. no empathy, a huge ego, causing more divide by blaming everything on white women, are we sure she’s not a Jew? 🙂 If the shoe fits….

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    1. Gods, I wish I would have started screen-shotting everything 3 years ago like I do now. I’ve missed catching so much crap on my old FB account from like 2014-2015 I wish I had it. I can’t even remember any of it but I know it’d be good to have now!

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  2. Cuckteff and her pussified husband just get more obvious each day.

    This (((French))) pornstar modelling for her clothing line is a LOLocaust! Bitch is really driving the last nail in.

    Keep shining the light on these vampires until they shrink away.

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  3. That was hard to read because its so true and disgusting. That Dugin dude really belongs in a gulag, because he’s clearly insane, only a kike vomits so much evil lies. Lana looks like a transgender, 40 and childless… The whole alt-right degeneracy makes me sick.

    The alt-right is promoting white genocide:
    Their mission is to convert white males into gay submission, hating white women and race mixing with Asians? White guys don’t fancy black women so the kikes are promoting sex with white boys, Asians and Latinas instead? WTF is happening!?

    I’ve beaten up a white nationalist a couple of years ago; because he converted to Islam and he also visited the Philippines for sex. I’m not proud of it but he deserved it, he was a real psycho.

    To be honest Russia is a lost cause, its run by jewish mobsters, the rats are eating the mighty bear alive. Russian women are treated as sex slaves and Putin is a kosher rat glorified by the alt-right. The red horror of the East is coming to the West.

    I’m so angry now, what can we do to stop this madness?

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      1. Latina is generally intended to identify mixed south american individuals. Often referred to as ‘mexicans’, although we all know there are many racial components in each people.


      2. A Latina would be a female from Latin America (Mexico, Central and South America, Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and maybe (not sure) Dominica. Where Latino can be used on male or female, Latina is used for women only. Why do you ask?

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    1. Did he? Hmm. Last thing I know he was calling me a fed since I was calling out the alt right lol He did their graphics? So your’e telling me all Lana and Henrik do are a few interviews a week and comment on jewish media? Must be a sweet gig!

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      1. The simple way they act is a crystal-clear symptome of their nature: stance on the holohoax, Hoaxes, judaism. You can’t fail on that Litmus test..


  4. If ever something utterly depressing was brilliant, it is this article, Sinead. Over here in Germany things are shaping up in a way that sort of fits the overall line drawn in this article. We are sort of awaiting the “Endlösung” of the German-question by the hands of our lovely invaders. Once we’re gone, in scoop the Russians (and God knows who else), get rid of the muslims and the negros. Voilà there’s a nice new country for whoever (Jews? Russians? someone even suggested the Chinese), a bit dusty, but nice and empty. (BPS stuff is stil in the making, but coming soon)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Germany is not going to the waste side. Patience is virtue. The time will be right. And when it happens it will be unexpected. The unknown is our ally I know it !

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  5. The article is brilliant and hammers it.

    That said——> (adding that the logic in it is absolutely clear & shareable),

    I’d add a couple consideration on the Teminology:

    the term ‘Eurasia’ is generally used to identify the outfit of a geo-political program. That is Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok. A white one, Paneuropean (and christian). The statement has been used by many of those who correctly support a federalized Europe respecting Nations and Peoples.
    In the most recent time, the concept comes from many different researchers and opinionists of the Extreme Right, Fascism, Red-Fascists, Left wing Fascists, Read/Brown Shirts, Socialists (of the Nation= Fascists). In the 40s it was A. Hitler’s vision. Dugin and Putin have followed the bandwagon, for mere self-interests . Many right wingers are flirting with both of the latter-

    Eurasian has never meant to frame a woman or man who happens to a half european, half asian mongrel.
    It has no somatic significance. Maybe the zio-chick Sinead talks about has a reason to use that term

    Nonetheless, Dugin, despite the fact he’s said a few shareable things on money and sovereignity, does come out very bad from this thread. He’s been pinned. What he said, It is unexcusable under any circustance . Whether those words about the Whites are confirmed, he comes out politically and socially dead. A sell out.
    And I would explain to myself how he can count on the protection of several anti-riot cops during his happenings
    Or why he does speak advanced local language in any country he goes in Europe…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Note: ‘Maybe the zio-chick Sinead talks about ‘… = Electra.

      I wonder if that zio chick has any idea of what she’s talking about


      Georgia is the nest of Nato occupation ops in southern Russia

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    2. In Canada there is Topham, the team at Yourwardnews, and anti-zionist Canada group.

      The second has been unleashing an anti-troll campaign on the net with the help of readers and supporters.
      On the other hand, a few of us have sent hundreds emails in Europe to the MPs involved in the stinking, idiotic and criminal laws pro (((hate-crimes))) & against free speech.


  6. World zionism is working with the zio US regime, its colonies & Putin. Each one enacts its part of zio character and plays on the big zio-stage which is common man’ politics’ cabaret. The laugh is always on the people.

    ‘Never put your hope in another Country to save you’

    Alt Right’ is now institute for damage control. No one in fact could imagine a movement of traditionalist, white WN patriots unite & tight under the flag of the Orange Gorillion..and his butt buddies.

    No ONE can imagine a Real, anti-systemic white-movement grabbing the titles on the msm, being discussed daily in any chat/news portal or being left untouched by the zio system. It’s part of the game. An important part now.


  7. A curiosity: I report here excerpts from an anarchist point of view. You’ll appreciate how the ‘opposites’ have sometimes similar agenda

    Alt Left Support of Men’s Liberation – the Left Wing of the Men’s Movement

    Note: the article is by Robert Lindsay

    ‘Men’s Liberation was sort of the left wing of the MRA movement. Warren Farrell was pretty much a Men’s Lib type. Men’s Libbers and feminists started fighting pretty quickly because the feminists were so insane. Also because a lot of Men’s Libbers realized that feminism was a war against men. Men’s Libbers who wanted to go to women’s groups’ meetings and ally with them were banned as the feminists pushed “women-only fora” and “only a woman can comment on the problems of women.” In particular, gay men were some of the first to break off from Men’s Liberation.

    Men’s Lib had a reputation for being a bunch of faggots, but that while there was some truth to this, that was not really true as most Men’s Libbers were straight’….omissis…


  8. I didn’t think of Lana as being a very strong women type. But I have notice quite a bit of guys they interview seem gayish. I thought maybe just clean cut. But now I realize after this article they are gay. It kinda sets a tone for the show. Wow ! I don’t know . . .

    Liked by 3 people

    1. The rare species is called “fagalaidea hagalusticus” very peculiar creature. Enjoys socializing with non-white, humanoid deviants and metrosexual, even homosexual/bisexual Judaic crypto-communists. Mating habits unknown as specimen exhibits traits of possible reproductive defects.

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Good article Sinead!

    This is like one of those dreams where you think you woke up but you are really just dreaming that you just woke up. How far down the Rabbit Hole do we go before we actually get to the truth?

    The Subversives get subverted by subversion. Is there no way to form a Pro-White group so we can have a form of community and internal support.

    I am getting so infuriated by Jewish Subversion that I am willing to go to jail. I am thinking of making up Posters and fliers and since I am from Canada it will probably land me in jail.

    I should also sometime write up my story on being married to a Marxist Subverted Wife for 25 years and the effects it has on the husband and raising 2 boys.

    If you make another Cover Song think about “Band on the Run” changing words to “Jew’s on the Run”.

    Liked by 1 person

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