Reminder To Us All – Bolshevik/Allied Mass Rape of Germans, WWII

American Dissident Voices Broadcast, 1995. History will repeat itself under another guise as the speaker chillingly points out – this will happen to our white nations unless they are stopped:


19 thoughts on “Reminder To Us All – Bolshevik/Allied Mass Rape of Germans, WWII

  1. The commie-soviet-kike Ehrenberg has been pushing all soldiers of the red army to slaughter, maime, kill and rape more and more Germans. ‘A good German is a dead German’ he kept saying in his pamphlet, which was distributed to the invading mass.

    You know the same kike was behing the enactment of the holoHoax in Poland.

    you can see a pic of him with ‘Hemingway’ the arch-celebrated commie-novelist who fought in Spain alongside the communist mercenaries. Lately, at the end of the war, he would murder a few German prisoners by shooting in the stomach of surrendered Soldiers.

    He ended up his days in a hut in Key West embracing his bottle. He perhaps realized whom had he been playing for?

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  2. In Italy, after the defensive Gustav line was finally overwhelmed by aussies, amerikans, english-indians, new zealanders and moroccan troops (battle of Montecassino & destruction of the ancient Abbey by zio-US bombers) who then did spread northwards. The zone was completely occupied by the ‘allies’ meanwhile murder and rape reached their apex. Men and women, priests and secular citizens, elderly and young ones, were murdered, raped and sodomized by the hundred, by the muddy scum at the french renegades’s orders.

    Later, after the war had ended, a large zone as wide as three counties was occupied by the black US soldiers who established their own govt: prostitution, trafficking of weapons and goods, black market, assassinations and violence. The zone lies near Livorno, on the Mediterranean (Thyrrenian) sea. Its a beautiful place yet, where pine woods extend for miles.

    The MP themselves didn’t adventure in the law-free zone. The whole matter lasted for years.

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    1. After the war many members of the NSB were shot and their property confiscated. Recently a Dutch teacher was fired because he had sympathy for the NSB. Its a mad world and it makes me so angry.

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  3. The place is named (the pinewood of ) Tombolo. One of the many places where the zio destructive machine has used to run flat-out mode.

    They have even dedicated a movie to celebrate the ‘facts’…

    Below, soldiers of the ‘Buffalo division’ with local sluts:

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      1. A zio cucked ONG working for aliens’ invasion has compelled one of its female members to keep silent on the fact she’d been raped by those she was helping…

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  4. I am having trouble holding back the tears. This is so disgusting it is beyond human and the soldiers involved were subhuman animals. The Americans in charge should be so embarrassed they couldn’t sleep at night. This should be taught in history class at every school in America and Europe but you know it never will be because all the governments want to cover up their wrongdoings. All we can do is stand on supreme guard and never let this happen to our folk and family. Thank God for the 2nd amendment in America where we can still protect ourselves and our families under force of arms. This was so evil and disgusting to listen to I hope I can sleep tonight. Remember all men and women if left to follow satan/zionists will commit to thoughts and deeds below animals.

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    1. After my tears came anger and vengeance. This is why they made up the Holohoax to cover up the horrible truth of the world wars. You will never see a true movie about the horrors of communism or the real holocaust in Dresden and the Holodomor in the Ukraine. Purge and A Woman in Berlin are the only films I know about this… Fat rat Abe Foxman even told the Ukraine to forget the Holodomor because it never happened… almost 10 million Ukrainians buried and forgotten by the lies of kikes.

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  5. I have been a curious person all my life and one thing I have noticed here is when typing the word zionist. The system in place here automatically capitalizes zionist and I have to go back at least twice to correct and return to the lower case because I refuse to respect them by capitalizing. Just curious that the masters of WordPress force the capitalizing of zionists. Small point and I am not paranoid, I just chuckle at the crazy world we live in.
    Always wishing you all the very best,
    Howard Alexander Stafford

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    1. I do the same. I generally leave ‘zionists’ devoid of capital letters.

      Also, names I despise, get often typed in lower cases and somethimes, even tampered.

      You probably do know (internet news site). In their chat there sits a omni-present, poweful moderation which is operated via ‘Taboola’ software, the same used by the Daily Fail, er, Mail-if I don’t go wrong. I have the feeling they are pre-moderating the words you type BEFORE you post it..
      I think now the robotized dictionary for unfair terms’ vocabulary must have been limited to maybe, 100 words..

      The same type of software are well established in any platform. Fact is, we shouldn’t be using (((their))) software, which is way too complicated. We just can skip the worst.

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      1. Same here, it says something about the ones in control. I always thought it was odd that Pagan is never capitalized like its not a valid religion? From now on I will always capitalize Pagan, Heathen, European and White. Just to annoy the zios, joos, muslims and xtians.

        There are departments in turd world countries monitoring social media, just like hasbarats. I’ve seen the guidelines of Fb and Google and its completely bonkers.

        Xenophobia (islamophobia and antisemitism) and even racism are considered to be terrorism according to Interpol, Europol and the UN. Big brother is watching you.

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      2. The always sing and play for themselves. All the jazz you hear about oscars, nobels, academy awards, scientific studies etc. , all the ”outstanding” politicos of the past and recent years who get celebrated nowadays..- It’s all rubbish coming from the same zio-butt.

        They have modified many terms to fit their agenda by working thru massive doses of linguistic manipulation.

        Jewrban dictionary accepts any kind of pollutive term. It must only be ‘politically correct’ enough to pass the zio net customs.

        They can’t ban the entire net, but they can litter counter-sites and prevent us from acting freely on ((their)) platforms. They can invent a flying list and criminalize historic research. But can’t hide the feeling of the people and the truth for more.


    1. White Raven, you made an excellent comment and was so interested they don’t capitalize Pagan but they do zionist which I am right now backing up to change as usual to lower case. It is so wonderful that by working together all over the vast internet and other media we can keep all of us well informed. As long as we share the truth with our folk and family we can never be defeated by all the scum that sadly permeates this world. I may be 67 but still a lifetime optimist and still believe someday we will eliminate all the evil/satanic people from our planet. God bless you and always wishing you the very best,
      Howard Alexander Stafford

      N.B. The reason I always sign my posts with my full name is to show everyone not to be afraid of evil. I have no secrets, I speak the truth.

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