Militia Responds To Govt Staged Charlotte Chaos


3 thoughts on “Militia Responds To Govt Staged Charlotte Chaos

  1. Busted another arch zionist, heinous scam involving the black butts matter!

    It’s a race war they want to instigate. Then, while the sheeple is busy with the fake match performing Killary-the-crapper-dyke vs the Orange Gorillion, they’ll grab all your guns.


  2. “They” would have to change the face of our Police forces and Military to come grab our guns away then it’s war. Then and only then will they come to their senses and realize (European types) their murdering there own family members.


  3. That ‘face’ has already changed. TSA, CIA, DHS, FBI are today controlled by the cabal.
    Many state troopers have also been added to the zionist payroll.

    It means, as an officer you make career if you follow their orders.

    Self defence, training and organized resistance are the ways to oppose this globo tyranny.

    Don’t rely on the system to defend you. If there is somebody joining the Militians, tha will be a welcome gift.


    Just remember as they went home by home sizing Molossoid dogs in Colorado, as the politically correct regime stated they are unfeasible with an (((open society))).

    Would you offer your animals and guns to your slaughterer?


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