Eric Hunt Reviews The New Jew Hollywood Movie: “Denial”

The new Hollywood film “Denial” starring Rachel Weisz as Deborah Lipstadt is due to be released. Part 1 presents a brief introduction to Holocaust Revisionism, shows the trailer for the film “Denial” which will be analyzed closer in later parts, and includes an analysis of the casting and pre-production casting changes to the movie “Denial.” The filmmakers make Irving look like a monster and Lipstadt like an angel. Deborah Lipstadt demonizes Revisionists yet parroted bogus Soviet propaganda claim of 4 million Auschwitz dead.


6 thoughts on “Eric Hunt Reviews The New Jew Hollywood Movie: “Denial”

  1. Dear me! (((Deborah Lipstadt))) …the” mouth who didn’t know anything” as she was called by someone of her entourage, (((Raul Hilberg)))..

    A porno star sounding name doesn’t help her in resembling a woman:


    Check the sources of the article about the real trial, just below the shown pic


  2. I remember about 4 1/2 yrs ago I watched T.G.S.E.T. and I told certain family members about the Holahoax. They said nothing and just stared at me. Lol !


  3. The holoHoax is the filthy, ludicrous scam on which the NWO, or better, the NJO is funded.

    Though we find the numerous tales absolutely hilarious and even entertaining in some way, we have to remember the sheeple has been deeply braiwashed by that Capital Fraud.

    It has become a new age religion, with its ministers, high priest, pope and altar goys.

    A zio-faith which is actively protected by agents, govts, ‘law’ enforcing agencies, terroristic zio groups and worms of JIDF.
    The msm, the ‘education’ system, holly-jew entertaining industry, fiction prize winning novels, ‘history’ chans: everything is centered on that Lie in order to keep the grip tight on the carotid artery of the goys.


  4. Another ‘strike’ at the legendary David Irving. Poor man, like they haven’t shred him up enough already. We can only hope this pathetic propaganda will bring more traffic to who he really is and what he has accomplished in Historical Revision. I bet the film does not recount the fact that an American bookseller of Irving’s books got killed for selling his books, or the fact that the Austrian prison guards smuggled to him writing materials when he was incarcerated – not only that but his favorite ink for his fountain pens (a condition of his imprisonment was he was not allowed to write).

    I have met him twice and he is an honorable English gentleman with a wry sense of humor. His books are outstanding to read, not a dull moment even when the subject matter is sometimes dull. ‘In Search of the Desert Fox’, wow, unputdownable! What a man Rommel was, Aryan hero to the end.

    The shit house rat (((Rachel Weiss))) obviously took on this role to apologize for her criticism of jewish lead Hollywood.

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