Vanessa Beeley Explains What Is Really Happening In Syria

Vanessa Beeley speaks with Brian Gerrish of UK Column, whatever you think about Gerrish (who does seem to now be coming around to the idea that all roads lead to Israel) this woman at least has set foot in Syria and therefore able to shed truthful light on the atrocities being perpetrated on the Syrian people in order to create the Greater Israel, displace even more Muslims (who would most probably prefer to stay where they are if they weren’t being attacked from all angles), and ultimately fulfill the Karlegi Plan to Islamify our white nations. Thoroughly depressing news but imperative we know the truth.

They also discuss the globalist agenda behind Brexit and the unreported Turkish invasion of Syria




12 thoughts on “Vanessa Beeley Explains What Is Really Happening In Syria

  1. I’m only a few minutes into this and I’m steaming. The wonders never cease…how the collective population knows what ISIS really, yet we put up with this, I can’t believe it! Makes me ill, gives me headaches. Makes me think dangerous thoughts of what I wanna do.

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  2. I truly believe this is a land grab for Israel. “They” (US & Israel) purposely depopulating that area and sending them ALL ! to white countries. Russia the only country doing anything about it. Zionism vs Nationalisms. Rommel had a quote when inspecting the fortifications at the Western wall, “He defends all defends nothing”.

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