Whites Have No Claim to The United States?


6 thoughts on “Whites Have No Claim to The United States?

  1. O’Calf is controlled op.
    He’ the mericanish dteam come true: the melting pot.

    There are so many points you touch in simply 6 mins of conv, it’d take en entire thread to stress them as needed.
    Jewish slave trade, zio puppet italo-spaniard Colombo, the murder of Amerindian people, the jewish fomented Civil war etc.
    Nevertheless, NO ONE of the above mentioned points can be invoked to support the criminal claim: ‘Whites dont have the right to live in America’.
    This provocation is a crime itself as it leads & provide grounds for white genocide and further misgenetion.
    These sikkos acting as truthers manipulate the reality. They must be kicked off.
    Zios claimed their Break Even Point on whiteness has been recently reached, meaning whites are still a minority in their US. I doubt its true. But this is an example of the violence of the zionist propaganda and of the tools & shill they use to break the community up.
    I personally stand for the Palestinians and Syrians fighting the enemy in first person. But I advice to stand firmly for the whites who are currently genocided in South Africa, Europe and America, first. This matter should always be located on top of our ‘to do’ list.


  2. Ok, we need to stop calling it ‘multiculturalism’ and start calling it ‘mongralization’. When we mix breeds or races, we create mongrels. A mongrel is a mixed breed of unknown or unprovable origin. It is true with dogs, horses, ducks, etc. And with people. If we use the term ‘mongrel’ then what is occurring will be correctly expressed. Mongrelization destroys diversity.
    Remember America and Australia were English colonies. South Africa, Hong Kong, India, and most others were Crown colonies. English colonies were for expansion of England, culture and population. Crown colonies were colonies of economic exploitation. The Crown was the government of “The City’. And was ruled by a panel of 10 men who represented the export and financial industries of Britain. Neither the Queen of England, nor the Parliament ruled The City. The Crown ruled The City. The City was international, Masonic and very, very Jewish. And all the dark skinned colonies were Crown colonies. So blaming the English is not all that accurate. Anyway the point is that these late 1800 colonial movements were mostly done through international finance. I have to wonder if before King ‘whoever’ built a colony, he had to have been bankrupted by international Jewish finance, and so they could rape and pillage in his name. Using his army, because he owed the bank and so he was the slave of the bank and the Jews..

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    1. Indeed, multiculturalism is a modern futuristic culture of mongrel slaves. Real culture and diversity can only be preserved with separatism and traditionalism.

      There are more Masonic states within states like in Paris, the Vatican and even the UN. Hong Kong is the Special Administrative Region of China and who controls high finance controls China. It became a crown colony after the first opium war and the Joowish Sassoon family controlled that trade. Most royalty is either Joowish or Masonic so they’re in cahoots.

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  3. All kinds of people “CLAIM” all kinds of stuff It’s great FUN! The real question is are they going to act or not to control or not control their “CLAIM” /s . People don’t understand that they don’t own anything unless they CONTROL IT . This of course includes their life. You might think you are not controlled now that you are awake but look closer .Is the controllers medias still influencing you & upsetting you ?


  4. I’m not personally influenced since I accurately skip ANY msm zio production.
    This, long since the only newspaper where I happened to send a few articles was shoadh’d here.
    Thus, I get the info from the counter-msm sites where I use to post or re-post.

    Even the weather forecast on Tv & net are aired following orders from the cabal’s controlled air force, due to the ludicrous geo-engineering program.

    So what do we control? Good question.
    We control our destiny. That’s the simplest answer I can offer.


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