The White Indians of Nivaria Part 1


2 thoughts on “The White Indians of Nivaria Part 1

  1. Never believed even before the revisionist stuff I know now. The people who live in Egypt today built those pyramids, no way it had to be Europeans. Even in South America. No way did the Indians build all those precise stones and fit them all together like that, and keyed them together. Similar place where they built the same way is Greece. Look at these places today they never advanced like Europe.


  2. Its hard to ignore all the evidence of white native Americans.

    Cocaine has been found in Egyptian mummy wrappings. Mummies found in South America have European dna. Many hieroglyphs found in America are the same as in Egypt and Greece. The architecture is the same as monuments found around the Mediterranean coast. There’s also a new theory that the Sea People migrated to America in antiquity. Its now called the lost Luwian civilization and the similarities are remarkable and no mere coincidence.

    In the Wild West there were stories of white “Indians” who were massacred by the oh so peaceful “native Americans”, this is so confusing… However there were expeditions to meet and save these white “Indians”. There’s also the controversial Kennewick Man who was first Caucasoid, but might now be related to the Ainu who are Mongoloids.


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