How to Confront People With an Anti-White Mindset

A video from This Is Europa about how to confront anti-Whites about the ongoing genocide against White people, without being overly aggressive, yet still remaining on the offensive.


8 thoughts on “How to Confront People With an Anti-White Mindset

  1. Very shareable points.
    A couple lines, just to stress my opinion:
    – time frame 4.40: you nail it. No political party of the demo-cratic system will ever address the issue correctly.
    This, for many a reason it’d be long to examine here. Lets just say they are simply built amd incistated in it to draft consensus from hot topics and ‘dangerous’ social-political’ drifts which would kill the system itself.
    Brexit should be enhanced in one year since the vote did take place. Nonetheless, 3 months after the expressed will of the Brits, no leaf moves.
    – as exposed in the vid, the libtards & cucks are not attacling you to argue. They are everyday’d trolls. Thus, instead of confronting them online, you’ll have to face the enemy by staring at his offending eyeballs.
    This implies a few corollaria:
    -the event where you can publicily meet them and bash, er, discuss with them.

    – an audience which is able to discriminate between lies/propaganda and truth.

    – a cop/judge eager to let you go back home unrestrained.

    Lets focalize the point: the whole thing is made for the sake of the people or sheeple. To have some effect it shoud be repeated ad Libitum…over and over. So to steer as many as possible away from the zio system’s spell. Not an easy task unless you have to deal with a few persons you want to take care of.

    You can criticize my opinion, but I state that in the CURRENT SERIOUS SITUATION we can save the words for those able to comprehend their sense.
    No discussion with terminal braiwashed bubbas will ever lead anywhere. The time for mere words has gone since long, in a rotten society where the gullible individual has been listening to any song and its topic opposite. Everything is show biz today.

    – I would shift the term: from offensive passivity to offensive assertivity

    – year 2756 ab Urbe condita (1993 Era Vulgaris) : a contemporary thinker and political soldier was sent under democratic trial as he had exposed the perils of the mass immigration zio doctrine.
    His Cultural association has been shoah’d.

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  2. If I think to times where I have had a change of opinion, it’s often been the result of a question being asked of me that caused me to evaluate my logic. This video makes that point excellently. You can’t be told what you should think or what is right without being put in a defensive state. I’ve been a salesman my whole working life, and we salesman all know that this is how you successfully maneuver people to change their way of thinking, with questions.


  3. That’s what generally a sales agent has to do.
    Tradesmen do know it perfectly.

    Yet, you’d agree with me, you need some counterpart to deliver your Cause-state enhancing blow (Cause-state being the spiritual and factual behaviour driving you to be the ‘one causing an effect’ to the other person, which would be in ‘Effect state’ -a defensive state provoked by your prior action)

    The link below will show the words Sinead use do perfectly fit the job.

    It’s Self-Defence jargon:


  4. This vid. might have been somewhat effective in the early 80’s when there were enough young White race people to separate from the White race genocide causes and establish All White race communities with patrolled borders . But now today, the message of separating from the causes of White race genocide is so inhibited & INFESTED with Anti-White race infiltrators disinformation & BRAINWASHING messages to muddy & or water down the message & make it seem not that important that most White race young people really don’t care even though they will tell you they do care . IMO, the ONLY way to get young White race people to separate into All White race communities is to pay them enough money to make them want to do it , so until, 1. Until money is no longer used as currency or has no value it will be up to RICH WHITE RACE PEOPLE TO GIVE ENOUGH MONEY TO MIDDLE & POOR WHITE RACE PEOPLE TO MOVE TO ALL WHITE RACE COMMUNITIES & SEPARATE FROM THECAUSES OF WHITE RACE GENOCIDE . Or 2. White race people that are already awake just meet other White race awake people and form smaller White race communities & don’t think about the other unawake ones if they have not figured it out by now they never will until its too late to stop the White race genocide leading to White race extinction .


    1. You make a good point.

      Solidarity with your own people is very important. The more wealthy ones must help the lesser economically fortunate.
      No zio fake charities here. someone will be eager to accept. (But how many real wealthy middle class individuals (Bourgeois) will be eager to give away their ‘fortune’ they have gained following the jewish consumeristic trade rules? They have made the buck because thay have been in the bed with the zio. Make no mistake here)

      Communities: fund cooperatives. Enable the extensive use of barter as a mean of exchange. Create your own currency which is able to represent/impersonate the wealth of the community. Make people sensitive to the issues we are living. Train people to defend themselves. Reject the fake culture of the zio system. Educate the kids to traditional values and respect to mankind and nature.

      The bell has been ringing since long. Those who don’t want to hear it, would better be yanking their chain.


  5. Ask yourself . When was the last time I even checked the local store / town notice board ? Maybe you already MISSED the chance to meet other White race people to form small All White race communities in your local area you live in . You could have been living a higher end life style for the last 10 years if you just checked the boards . I suggest you just make it a habit to check the notice boards when you go shopping who knows there might be someone like you but RICH just within 5 miles of your location that wants to help the White race people that are awake . look for WRG on the notice or post your own.


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