Evalion is back!


12 thoughts on “Evalion is back!

  1. Ive been among those supporting the gal.
    Nonetheless on YT a big battle has been fought among those claiming she’s a troll vs the ones praising the content of her interventions.
    Moreover, whilst is obvious her reference target is represented by very young guys, the content and editing of her vids suggest someone aware his mentoring her.


  2. I remember when I first saw her video’s on you tube – yes the content was right on – but most of all I couldn’t believe how young she was and fully aware of her surroundings. This is what we need, this is the future. Also seen the interview with Lana on Red ice. Good one. This is how it’s going to happen. It’s going to be totally unexpected and out of no where. Never heard of her until you tube.


    1. Wanted to watch the vid back to take note of that suggested site highlighting and reporting specific terms used on the net. Seemingly a version of the shoah’d echobusting software.


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